602 – Chorka • 11

The Wednesday Video

I doubt that there is anyone who reads this blog who hasn’t seen Chad Vader before, but I thought that for the one or two of you who might have missed it, I’d start you off from the beginning. If you have seen them before, well, they’re still funny.

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  1. Dear DM,
    What’s up with the navigation buttons for the comic at the end of all the posts? It’s a tad annoying.

    • They are there if you go to the entry page. Not sure they have ever been here on the archive pages. But, I’ll put it on my to-do list and add them. Does anyone know if they have always been missing? Or perhaps an upgrade “lost” them?

  2. Apologies for not checking in earlier when this advice would be topical to the discussion but if your backups of HoLE aren’t deadly-secret you might want to invest in a third-party storage location service to back shit up somewhere outside your house. If it doesn’t come to too many gigs it should cost much less than a hundred bucks a year and can be a good place to toss the more embarrassing pornographic art reference material you’ve got. (It’s the internet and the internet is for porn afterall.)

    On topic though, I found Chad Vader just too sad, I feel bad about laughing at stupidity that deep even if it’s fictional. For The Meatballs’ sake he draws a fucking light sabre and still gets beat up by a retail employee! Does it get less exaggerated later on in the series?

    • I think that one pretty well sets the tone, but what it does do is get deeper into Chad. He’s NOT Darth Vader, I think he’s his younger brother or something like that. He’s actually just a guy (in black armor with a passing familiarity of the Force) trying to get along as a grocery store assistant manager. It gets better as it goes because you become more familiar with the characters, but if you hated the first one, you aren’t likely to love the series.

  3. I loved chad vader when I first found the shows. really great mixture of just the right amounts of noire and sillyness.

    I think I can see where you’re going with the story now. I just hope it’ll match the vision in my head

  4. Well I don’t watch You Tube much, so I didn’t know about this series and I am rather enjoying it so far.

    Thanks for pointing out Chad Vader and The Guild. I’d be interested if you had any other web series to recommend as well.