590 – Da Boss • 05


It’s Wednesday again, and that means it’s video day! Today’s video came from Cleveland, Ohio, and is a cautionary tale of what to do if confronted by a bear in your back yard… and possibly how not to make a news segment of a bear in a woman’s back yard.

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  1. If you’re that interested in bears, try a visit to one of Canada’s many, many national parks?

    Frig, for my ecology class last year I had to do this huge time-consuming report on bear attack statistical analysis. I learned the worst thing to do when confronted with a bear was ride a bike, though!

  2. I like how Wartington is using baby-talk on Bunker, I guess because he thinks humans are stupid. Most likely, Bunker thinks trolls are stupid, because they can only do baby talk. If this is the human-troll communication norm, I wonder how long that’s been going on! LOL A pointed commentary on cultural misunderstanding….

  3. So I guess we should watch out for cardboard bears if we go to Cleveland. Might give you a nasty papercut.

  4. What gets me is that they are frikking serious. The cardboard bear is bad enough (no access to stock footage I guess) but dude in the bunny suit going “Nah, I’m good.” I can’t believe that they aired that or that the reporter kept his job. That is a whole new level of incompetence. 🙄 So is Violet some kind of mutant or a half troll? She’s not all warty and is far more intelligent than the rest of them. Maybe she was human and was spelled like Morty. I dunno but she is a fascinating character.

    • I don’t think we have any evidence that the reporter did keep his job.

      Strip #582. Violet tells Bunker that she’s a half-troll, but won’t tell him what the other half is.

      (My favorite is him “climbing” the bear up the tree.)

    • Obviously, they’re not serious. I thought the cardboard bear was amusing. This was clearly a filler story, and not breaking, headline-worthy news. It’s not like the bear mauled anyone.

      • How do you know they’re not serious? This doesnt have the ring of a satire. It’s not over-the-top enough. It’s just…. sad and lame. Come on.

        Even if it is meant as filler (it’s not like there are more important things going on right now WORLD WIDE that Fox News could report about, aren’t there? (sarcasm!) 🙄 ), it’s the lamest filler I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen something like that on a German news channel.

        The only saving grace is that they allowed a naturalist to have airtime to assure people that, no, black bears are not vicious man-eating killing machines, and that there’s no need to shoot the animal.

        • How do I know they’re not serious? Hmm. I dunno. Maybe the cardboard frikkin’ bear and the guy in the bunny suit tipped me off. 🙄

          I admit it’s not great comedy, but clearly these guys were simply trying to have some fun with this bit of fluff journalism. Nothing to be upset over, and not worth firing a reporter over, either. Well, in my opinion anyways. Obviously others think this a much more serious offense.

          • I totally think this guy was just bored and maybe vaguely resentful at having to cover anther stupid fluff piece, and so he thought he’d have a little fun. I imagine that this did go out on the “serious” news, but that the reporter just thought he was being funny.

            However… this is not a live piece, and an editor would have seen it before it aired. (Hopefully…) If the commentators introduced it as being silly, the whole thing could have played just fine. If the editor did NOT look at it and the commentators introduced it as a serious piece, that could have been a fired reporter.

            Given the constraints that the guy was working under, (time, money, and actually having to report the story) I thought he was pretty funny.

  5. Lol. It’s like that reporter just couldn’t take his assignment seriously at all so decided to just fuck around and do whatever her wanted. That was retarded. It deserves to be on failblog.org. Which, by they way, if you haven’t checked out do so. It’s totally worth it.

    • He’s probably the new guy on the news team, and gets stuck with all the crappy assignments. “Aw, come one guys! Let me do the murder story, or the robbery story!”

      “Nope, sorry newbie – you get the bear. Enjoy!”

      “I’ll show those guys …”

  6. I love the “re-enactment” of how the bear escaped… I wonder if it hovered and wiggled from side to side like that, too.