587 – Da Boss • 02 (Happy Thanksgiving!)


It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s video time! This week’s video is sort of a G.I. Joe vs Transformers, with a bit of Japanese feeling creative splash to it. Strap in, it gets stranger as it goes. (Sorry for nothing here having anything to do with Thanksgiving… oh well!)

27 Responses to 587 – Da Boss • 02 (Happy Thanksgiving!)

  1. Enkidu reminds me more and more of an ugly, stumpy, grunting little dog of a boxerlike appearance that tries to sniff your crotch and humps you leg while you desperately try to make polite noises to the owner and resist the urge to kick the dog across the room.

    Mind you, I love dogs. And I know most small dogs don’t do the above. But Enkidu is like an accident of human nature in whatever form.

  2. WTF!? Seriously, I’ve had fever induced hallucinations that were less disturbing than that. Anyway, I like Violet as a character and hope that Bunker can’t get rid of her for a while. What I’m not sure of is Martin messing with Violet or is she messing with him? She’s obviously smarter that she lets on.

  3. Can anyone say Homoerotic? I couldn’t figure out if they were racing, or chasing one another. And when he pulled his drawers down and there was a baby’s head, I mean, sheer genius. Creepy, creepy genius.

    As for the comic, I just really love the look on Bunker’s face in that last panel. It’s like, “I don’t approve, but I’m hardly surprised. At all.”

    • If the baby’s head is a stand-in for his penis, then is the sun also a penis? Should everyone with a suntan end up pregnant?

      No, Bunker wouldn’t be surprised, but his level of disgust may be rising precipitously.

  4. It’s like SNL’s Ambiguously Gay Duo turned racing team. It seems like there was probably a lot more to it, but got chopped down to just the wierdest part. Would be interesting to see the rest of it.

  5. I’ve seen that video before. Some of those sound effects and possibly the music were taken from the F-ZERO series I’d swear. The graphic style really reminds me of the one used on F-Zero GX. I don’t know who made this but it sure seems it was at least inspired by F-Zero.

    And there is just something about that smile at 1:03 its so weird but I just can’t help but stare at it…