575 – Gorch • 02


Pixar is the movie studio responsible for bringing us such delightful fare as Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and soon to be Toy Story 3. They created A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and WALL-E. Unfortunately they were also responsible for Cars and Up.

So what’s the deal? How can you make so many wonderful, happy, uplifting movies and then make Up? (Which has been unfavorably compared to being forced to watch your favorite pet being dropped into a glass-sided trash compactor.) The indefatigable and virtuous  journalists here at HOLE have the answer.

Below, the dark side of Pixar. Be warned… it isn’t pretty.

(Disclaimer: Some or all of the above statements may be misleading, misinformative, or completely made up. Consumption of any news is at the peril of the reader. HOLE has been shown to cause sterility in mice, blindness in cattle, and obesity in deep sea sponges. You probably won’t die though. The word “probably” in the preceding sentence is not meant to indicate survivability. You definitely WILL die… it just might not be our fault.)

24 Responses to 575 – Gorch • 02

  1. Now THAT was a damn funny video!

    And Troll or not, Bunker’s new wife is HAWT! Love that fan service! Keep up the great work.

    • You know what? I think I’d have to basically agree… I mean, which one would you take if you had to make a choice? Enkidu’s new form or violet?
      Now, I’m not into trolls or anything, I’m just saying that as far as trolls go, she is higher on the looks scale.

      (at least from the trolls I’ve seen…)


  2. I wonder how she-orc-Enkidu looks in the eyes of real orcs. Hawt? Ugly? We’ve seen slender orc girls, but maybe real orcs are into heavier wives. I mean, could be worse… she-Enkidu could have warts and a hairy chest. On the other hand maybe orcs like warts?

    But given that all the orcs we’ve seen so far didn’t have pig snouts, it looks like Enkidu has been regressed back to a 1st edition orc. So the only male orc interested in “her” might be a really really old orc grandpa, who still remembers the days when Elf was a class and a race and you had to walk 10 miles uphill through the snow to get to a dungeon… and you only had 1 hp and you liked it!

    Na, whatever he looks like, he’s still Enkidu. A jerkface.

    Points to Kevin for drawing something like Violet and something like she-Enkidu in the same panel.
    and now excuse me, I have to

      • What the…? Somehow the sentence must’ve been cut off when I hit the Submit button. Weird.
        That sentence was to read, “…have to wash my eyes in bleach.” Otherwise my brain may never recover. *shudder*

        Now, if something suitably karmariffically horrible happens to Martin, too, I’ll be extra happy. 😆 Maybe Martin knocks she-Enkidu up while drunk, and they are forced to marry for the sake of the babies. All five of them. *snerk* :mrgreen: But, you know, adding babies to a series always makes it jump the shark. So (unless the shark proceeds to devour Martin alive), better don’t. 😉

        I shudder to think what might happen if Enkidu and Plose ever meet. Pray that they kill each other right away. Otherwise we might end up with “Jackass – the D&D Edition“.

  3. dude violet is smoking full frontal nudity wooooooooo.i would totally do her. the second panel is a great drawing of her. id get her a nose job (for sure) but other than that shes gotta be the hottest troll ive ever seen.as for the discalimer, how come things that are fun or cool are always bad for you?

  4. Now I have this mental image of Tyler Durden inserting that video in front of a real Pixar movie for kiddies. :mrgreen:

  5. What was wrong with Cars? And I guess I won’t ever look at trolls the same way again. Any time I’m playing D&D and we go up against a troll I’m gonna picture Violet and think “Sweet! Naked trolls!”

    • You know, there was probably nothing actually “wrong” with Cars, and if it had come out first, it would have been just amazing. But it didn’t, and whatever you might say for it, it really doesn’t stand up to it’s predecessors.

      • So did you watch Bolt then? I had heard a lot of smack-talk, and I don’t like John Travolta or Miley Cyrus, but the movie made me laugh more than twice so I’ll allow it. Haven’t seen Up yet. You have me worried.

        • I have not seen Bolt yet, though I do like John Travolta and am inclined to be forgiving towards Miley Cyrus. The previews just didn’t look interesting to me.

          Just to be clear, it was the subject matter of Up that I found so dispiriting and depressing. It was a well made movie that I would have been SO much happier never having seen. Ugh.

  6. Must say, Violet is pretty hot for a troll. I guess she’s a butterface. Will have to disagree with the “Up” comments though. Up was actually a pretty good movie, I especially liked the way they introduced the story and managed to convey a lifetime love through a series of pictures.

  7. lol, my bro feels the same way about the beginning of UP, I personally loved the whole movie and can’t wait to buy the dvd 😀
    You surely are becoming more bold with the fan service X3