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Just as a point of clarification, a Justice of the Peace does not issue marriage licenses, the reporter misspoke. Bardwell refused to marry the couple after they already had a license.

Okay, so Keith Bardwell has decided not to marry interracial couples because he feels that the families will not love the children produced from such a union, leading them to further disadvantages and misery in their lives. (Perhaps he is afraid they will grow up to become President.) He says that he is within his rights because he did not in any fashion prevent the couple from getting married, and that he is not a racist. (He said that this is the only reason he would deny a marriage to any couple. He wouldn’t marry anyone while they were drunk or doing drugs… but they could come back later. One assumes it might also be possible for an interracial couple to come back when they’re both white.)

Where do I start here?

Oh wait, I know. Bardwell’s opinion about whether or not families will accept a child is completely irrelevant. I wasn’t accepted by my grandfather for months after I was born because he didn’t approve of my natural father, and I wasn’t accepted by my adopted father because he is a douche-bag. (Objectively speaking.) Maybe Bardwell should start testing for douche-baggery amongst the nuptually hopeful. But an elected official doesn’t get to decide who he wants to conduct his lawfully mandated services for and who he does not any more than do the police. Imagine if the police only had to uphold the law when and where it seemed to them like it was a “good idea”. (At least the donut shops would be safe.)

Bardwell says he defines a racist as someone who hates blacks… and he has “piles” of black friends. I’d like to expand his definition to a person who restricts the rights of a group of persons based on their ethnicity. You know, like him. Racists have almost always felt that they were simply upholding the truth, mere realists in an unfortunate world of hate and inequality.

I wonder how it got that way.

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  1. My grandfather didn’t accept my mother’s marriage to a “common man” (My mother’s side is old nobility/burgesse thingies), and my mother was barred from her father’ house for that misalliance.
    BUT, as she was pregnant with me, they still HAD to marry, even though she wasn’t in love, while, in fact, it would probably had been better if she had aborted (which was, in fact, unthinkable. Christian thinking and all that).

    No official ever said no to this (maybe because my father was mostly white^^) or suggested her to abort.

    So this moron? At least, we can suppose this man and woman love each other and want to marry, raise children and love them. This is already way enough for me. Or it would be, of course, if they weren’t polluting the purity of the black race (Yeah, you all misunderstood, he doesn’t hate african, he’s in fact racist… against the whites! 😆 ).
    This man can NOT predict what’ll happen to this couple’s child, but they’ll all have their chance to some hapiness. He can only add more sadness and rejection to their life.

  2. In one article I read about this topic, it was reported that Bardwell had claimed the he didn’t want to marry an interracial couple because “such marriages nearly always end in divorce” (statistics, please?) and he was merely thinking about the poor children ( yeah right) affected by the divorce, and so on. Bigots always find some excuse, don’t they? And they often believe their own brainfarts.

    • I see a pattern here, where the MOST bigoted believe they aren’t bigots at all, but merely seeing the world as it really is. What they fail to perceive is that the world is what it is BECAUSE of individuals such as them.

      You just want to shake some people, y’know?

      • Careful, they think the same thing about those pursuing their unrealistic civil rights expectations against the majority culture. As someone who has had the concept of pedophile rights personally pitched to him I must say that the more I consider these issues the less I’m certain of anything other than, “First, do no harm.”
        I still agree with the proposition that restricting pederasty through criminal prosecution is necessary (since even in the absence of tangible harm there’s always statutory rape considerations), but I am not at all certain what rights and protections such people perhaps should have in an ideal world.

        • I really don’t believe that there can ever be an “ideal world”. At least not given the materials we have to work with today. However, that does not mean that striving towards an ideal is a bad thing, or that settling for a violent, predatory world is a good thing.

          The struggle to make ourselves better is a very human trait. Why would anyone want to give that up?

        • That’s easy. A person’s rights end where they infringe on the rights of someone else, or on the functioning of the community. The rapist’s opinion on rape being ok if he does it doesn’t matter, because his victim sure as hell doesn’t want to be raped.

    • 1) the statistics don’t really matter since “nearly always” is a subjective measure. Bardwell could contend that anything greater than “one in ten” is “almost always”.

      2) the U.S. divorce rate is quite high. I suspect that due to additional stresses inter-racial marriages have an even higher divorce rate; so a fair interpretation might support his claim. However, unless there is some obscure clause in Louisiana law, this is not grounds for refusing to marry the couple.

      • Louisiana law says that a couple may not be denied the right to marriage on the grounds of race. Bardwell felt that denying to marry them was not in violation since it did not stop them from seeking out someone else to perform the ceremony. And because he’s stupid.

  3. As for the comic:
    😯 Holy hot troll mama, Batman!
    “You betcha!” :mrgreen:

    You know, Morty still has that Hat of Disguise, doesn’t he…? This calls for the old “switch the bridegroom with his stand-in during nuptial night” trick. Hey, it worked for Uther Pendragon taking Gorlois’ place in Lady Igraine’s bed. And for Siegfried the Dragonslayer who used magic to disguise himself as Gunnar to win Brynhild for Gunnar, although… actually that one went pretty badly for everyone involved, now that I think about it.

    Perhaps Morty should keep in mind Kipling’s word of advice, “…for the female of the species is more deadly than the male.” 8)

    • He does indeed have the Hat… we can presume he isn’t wearing it in Gallumphing because there is yet no need. I’m not sure that using it to cuckold Bunker would be up Morty’s alley though.

      I’m fairly certain we can all be glad that Enkidu has never had the Hat.

  4. This sorry piece of feculence is trying to justify his own bigotry.
    If this were the 1950s or ’60s, then maybe the ‘reality’ thing might fly with more people; there were more clearly defined lines of racial inequity back then, and mixed-race relationships did have a harder time of it.

    Personal gripe: rampant and ill-defined use of the word ‘racism’ instead of ‘bigotry’, ‘prejudice’, or even ‘don’t like rap’.

    • Minority relationships have fluctuated back and forth, but the problems never go away completely. People just aren’t wired that way. What we CAN do though is set forth laws and boundaries of acceptable behavior that create an environment of respect and tolerance regardless of anyone’s prejudices.

      “Racism” is hardly ill-defined, though it is misused, since we are all one race whatever color we may be. (As are the terms “racial inequity” and “mixed-race relationships”.) Really it would be more accurate to say “colorism” or even “hueism”. I guess bigotry works too. 😆

    • Have you been to Louisiana? I haven’t but business partners and other acquaintances who either live there or have visited report that both pre- and post-Katrina New Orleans has severe racism issues. The judge refusing to do his public duty is unjustifiable but his stated excuse holds water as a description of the disgusting practical civil rights situation there.

  5. “Pinky and Violet make the sex now!”


    Bunker looks like he’s about to have a stroke. :mrgreen:

  6. YOWSA! All Bunker needs now is a magic bag of face-hiding +4 and he’ll be good to go. Trolls regenerate, so that means every time is the first time? He just needs to keep an open mind, eh? Once you go Troll, the rest are quite dull.

    As to the judge, there are just waaay too many people stuck in the 1950’s. Sad.

    • “Trolls regenerate, so that means every time is the first time?”

      Hard to say for sure, but I would tend to say yes. Normal mammals heal without replacing the hymen, but a normal mammal also won’t regrow a leg or an arm.

      The Justice is a turd. And yes, it is sad.

  7. I can’t decide whats worse:

    Marrying a troll based on candy selection.

    Or Bigots in power who won’t marry people based on racial premises.

    They are really both pretty awful. 😉

  8. Kevin, even using your extension the JP isn’t shown to be racist – he is not denying rights to an ethnic group, but to couples based on non-shared ethnicity. While I also consider his action racist, the definition needs be edited in some other way. Perhaps “racism is deciding to act primarily based upon the ethnicity, or ethnicities, of the person or persons the action is directed toward.” Awkward but it seems to include this case.

    • The definition I* tend to use of racism is power + prejudice.

      If you are ‘just’ prejudiced, then there is nothing you can actually do. If you have power as well, you can alter someone’s life based on your prejudiced decisions, even if it’s a relatively small alteration like making them go to find a different JP.

      * I: me when being precise on the subject, as opposed to me talking generally, when I often equate racism and prejudice, because I see a lot of the use of power, but hardly ever get to notice someone prejudiced not using power, for obvious reasons.

  9. Anyone else notice that the JP’s arms were kinda short and stubby? Weird lookin’ bastard. Anyway, I’m just curious if he’d have the same problem if a mexican guy and a black lady came in. Or if a white dude brought in an asian gal. Is he prejudiced against all mixed marriages, or just a black guy with a white gal? That seems to be the one most bigots have the biggest problem with.

    As for the comic it looks like Bunker has a trophy wife. It’s just not first place.

  10. Did he not marry them because one was black or did he not marry them because one was white? MMM, now that is a poser. Soon as I work out that “What is the sound of one hand clapping,” I’ll tackle it.

    As for your statement of “Imagine if the police only had to uphold the law when and where it seemed to them like it was a “good idea”. ” I have to tell you, they already do that. Had one tell me one time he had discretion on which laws to enforce. This was after I had issued warning to a person in FRONT of the police not to trespass on my property, and 30 minutes later I look out, they are on my land again. One of the cops was still in his car in front of my house. I came out,told him the man was trespassing after warning, he called his superior who was the one told me he wouldn’t arrest the man. (oh, and just because they were cutting down a tree next door, and the trunk of my car mysteriously had a large dent in it didn’t mean they dropped a limb on it either because I didn’t SEE it happen and they were professionals, the same professionals who then managed to ACCIDENTLY drop a limb across my power lines TWICE.)

    • In other interviews Bardwell has stated that he would continue to “recuse” himself from officiating at any “mixed race” marriage. One presumes that since he does not consider himself to be a bigot, that would extend to persons of any differing ethnicities. I wonder if he would marry a Chinese person to a Japanese person?

      Recuse BTW, means that a judge or prosecutor removes themselves from a case because of conflict of interest or impartiality. In this instance there is no “recuse” since there is no case, and partiality is irrelevant. It also means that Bardwell is a douche canoe.

      As for the cops, I’m sorry about your incident, (I knew that someone was going to have a story like this) and whether or not this is generally true, it only serves to underscore my point. Inconstant justice is maddening and unfair, and we shouldn’t have to suffer it.

  11. Wow Violet is … eager. I wonder how popular are troll women in this world ? They lose no time but … also seem quite possessive 😉

  12. This comic is creepy. Violet looks like a caricatures of a women I know in RL. An attractive woman, actually, but…. this is creepy. 🙂

    There are pockets of progressive, cosmopolitan views on interpersonal relationships all over the former Confederacy. Like everything else in “The South” it just moves slowly. 🙂
    Actually, “The South” starts in Maryland, which was not part of the Confederacy, as they weren’t even allowed to vote on the matter. However, the number of people South of the Mason/Dixon line who use the expression “Yankee” and have no idea the location of said line are well represented by the man in this video.

    We now return you to much cooler responses, already in progress.

  13. Wow…now I feel bad for living in the South……thanks…..*cough*Texas*cough*
    The state of Louisana has always been a bit out of itself, which got worse after the hurricane. I’ve been all over the south, TX, AR, LA, OK, TN, MS, GA. The rest don’t count……too weird. Anyway, most of us have Southern Hospitality drove into our brains from our parents, and we live it, or die trying. So don’t assume we’re all KKK members trying to repress people.

    On a more positive note.
    To quote from a person from Persona 4 “I’d hit it.” ~in reference to Teddie during the crossdressing beauty pagent.

    • I am a southern liberal myself, and believe strongly in driving monster trucks over KKK rallies. (In a completely non-violent way. We must not become our own monsters.) Being a liberal here, I have always felt a bit outnumbered, and considerably outcrazied. Sorry to say, but many southerners are deeply stupid people. I expect that’s mostly true anywhere though.

  14. I don’t assume that everyone in “the South” are all KKK members. Then I’d be condemning an entire group of people based on geographic location. Which would be like judging an entire group of people on skin colour, religion, sex or some other characteristic that ignores their worth as an individual.

    I grew up with folks like that man in the video… and it hacks me off. Pushes one of my major buttons.
    Quote from my stepfather back when I was in high school three decades back about one of my closest friends (to this day): “That Gordon is all right for a black boy.”


  15. I find his words offensive, because I am part White and part American Indian, my problems had nothing to do with my ancestry.