572 – Bearly Dressed• 05


Since no one guessed correctly, the winner of Monday’s challenge defaulted to what I arbitrarily decided was the funniest response. My pick was Eric, with his guess of “Cthlufleupagus”! Congratulations Eric, I will be in touch with you later today to get your mailing address so I can send you your artwork!

Sarah Silverman is not always my go-to person for comedy. I often enjoy things that she says, but just as often she kind of falls flat for me. However, in matters of international finance, she is an absolute genius.

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  1. Oh! Right!

    While I would have accepted the de-boned head of an elephant with elephantiasis, it was actually the de-boned head of an elephant with proteus syndrome.

    I told you it was stupid.

  2. Today’s comic was great. I kind of feel bad for Bunker though, but I guess there are worse places to be than between a trolls breasts. Like, I don’t know… in her pants?

    • Some people aren’t that discriminating as long as the parts fit appropriately.
      However, Bunker(‘s player) seems to discriminate a little more than that.

  3. Bleh. Can’t stand Sarah Silverman. I’ve seen some of her “comedy” before. Stupid bitch. Can’t stand her voice, can’t stand her manic, cutesy-aggressive right-wing “humor” or her jokes about dead Palestinians. 😡

    • I didn’t really find it funny, but she has a point.

      The catholic church teaches that you should give to the poor, and makes saints of people like mother Teresa yet if you walk into one of their cathedrals, it’s covered in gold and cost a fortune not only to build but to maintain it.

      It’s an interesting interpretation of the commandment “You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”

      • Some say that organised religion is only a tool to rule the masses and that materials can strengthen the belief.

        People seem to have more faith when the place of worship reflects the wealth and power that is granted by the masses it controls.

        • The same mother Teresa who let people suffer with no painkillers? The one who hoarded the donated millions rather than buy the food for the soup kitchens?

          When you can read, why listen to a man who tells you that a sentence means one thing when the whole context of the paragraph tells you something else

          PS a different chris

  4. Political humor from any wing is rarely funny. It’s seems to be there to make the comedians feel “socially responsible” and nothing more (like the very people cracking the jokes don’t have enough to feed a few million themselves, and collectively they could accomplish their goal without involving the Vatican).

    As for all that Vatican gold – I’m sure if you look at any government that lasts more than 1000 years and it will probably have a similarly “golden” appearance. It was always more a government building than a religious one, in my opinion.

    • Many people have pointed out that the Vatican occasionally runs a several million dollar deficit, on a year to year basis. However, this only means that on those years they take in less than they spend. It says nothing about their actual material value.

      While I am still looking myself, Bill Maher’s research estimates the value of the Vatican at 50 billion dollars, USD. I don’t want to take any single source’s word, but this seems the most reliable I’ve found so far. I just need to discover how he came by that figure.

  5. Well, not that I want to get involved in a discussion on politics or religion since all it does is turn friends into enemies. Real faith isn’t defined by how much you make, or how expensive or even how big your church is. The real faith lies in a group of 3, gathered around, in prayer, in silence, or even in loud conversations about how good God is. And Let me put it this way, I don’t tell you how to think, so don’t tell me that what I beleve is fake. K? BTW, I’m a Christian, a Cop, a Furry, and a DM. So NYAH!