569 – Bearly Dressed• 02


Lena sent this to me. I don’t know where she found it… and I didn’t ask.

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    • I would like to add that in the tags, “Wrong Hole” is listed immediately after your name. I’m not sure what the exact significance of that might be.

      • I think my favorite part of this is watching the expressions on Scott Baio’s face… especially towards the end when we get the girlfriend’s “confession.” Priceless.

        I am the Wrong Hole.

        P.S. And Lena, I only blame you in the sense that you sending me an email screaming “OMG! This is SO funny… you HAVE to put it in your blog!” would make it your fault.

        I may have gotten the exact wording a little off.

  1. Ha! that was hysterical!

    Quote Kevin:
    “And for the record, that’s also why I never let no bitches smell my dick.”

    – Why do I picture a fine young woman “smelling” like a cigar dealer would inspect a newly un-wrapped cigar?

  2. Hey Kevin, I took a half hour or so to scan through all 569 strips and there are four more that I found missing. They are strips 256, 262, 327 and 334. Thanks for taking the time to reply and especially thanks for fixing them. I figured out what’s up with Zobbie being Freya’s little sister. Now that he’s a player character of the Ranger variety, someone has to play him, right? It was like 2:30 am and I wasn’t thinking. I’ve seen absurd, cool, funny, interesting and thought provoking stuff in H.O.L.E. but my absolute favorite (damn near died laughing) was when Bill the Cathulu awoke and went on a rampage. As long as you keep up that kinda thing, I couldn’t care less about your art style. I’ve noticed that you’ve taken to using profanities in H.O.L.E. Please don’t overdo it as I’ve seen this happen before. The first season of Code Monkeys on Tech TV was hilarious but subsequent seasons left out the funny because it descended to potty mouth humor. It would be like letting PlayaKilla take over writing duties for H.O.L.E. I have no problem with the use of profanity as I use it a lot when talking to friends, but they don’t like hearing the word “fuck” used as verbal punctuation and I don’t blame them. It gets old, fast. But still “Here’s your fucking money.” is probably exactly how I would have put it if I was Bunker. I almost never put my opinions in a public forum, but I care enough for H.O.L.E. to make an exception. Thanks again for listening and keep ’em coming. 8)

  3. You are both sick and twisted people… which is why I love you both… 🙂

    Yes, Baio’s expressions are priceless… that’s why he’s a professional… 😉

  4. Check out the college humor website. There is an animated video for a song called “The Anatomically Correct Love Song.” I still can’t stop laughing when I think of it. This is one of the reasons that I love hanging with geeks and nerds. We take the time to pursue an idea to it’s conclusion no matter how much time or work is involved. It’s usually worth it.

  5. What, no one thought Lena was hinting at something? or am I gonna get banned now?

    Anyway, funny video, and man, is bunker pissed there

    • Very often Kevin and I have conversations that go like this:

      “You posted WHAT? And you mentioned my name?!?!?!?”
      “OMG! How could you do that?”
      “What do you mean?”
      “Well, when you say XYZ people are just going to assume ABC!”
      “No they won’t”
      “Yes they will!”
      “Well, I can go back and explain [XYZ] and make sure to tell them that [ABC] isn’t true by explaining [DEF].”
      “Goddammit! You are just going to draw attention to it. Forget it. I’ll just stay quiet and hope no one notices. Sigh”.