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I have been reading quite a bit recently about the new Heath Ledger movie coming out soon, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. What I’ve seen of it so far looks pretty good, and with Terry Gilliam at the helm it promises to be a wild ride. Also recently (fairly) announced is the upcoming World of Warcraft movie, Rise of the Lich King. Sam Raimi is scheduled to direct, and I’m expecting it to be a Star Wars-ish type story of a good kid turned black armor-wearing villain.

Thor is still underway, (set as a LotR style epic fantasy) as is Spiderman 4, (with Lizards!) Venom in his own spin-off movie, (with extra anger!) Iron Man 2, (with alcoholism!) The Hobbit, (Peter Jackson producing and Guillermo del Toro directing) Where the Wild Things Are, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, The Men Who Stare at Goats, Sex in the City 2, (sue me) Jonah Hex, The Green Hornet, Green Lantern, (isn’t everyone going green?) … and I haven’t even seen Zombieland yet!

I don’t know what I’m looking forward to most, though I know that it’s likely I’ll only be watching the new Harry Potter (July 15, 2011!) in the theaters. Lena and I have Netflix and an embarrassment of other movie watching riches at home, and we tend to eschew $10 movie tickets and $6 bottles of water as a result.

But what are you guys excited about? What will plant your butt in a movie theater seat, or at least make it into your DVD queue? I know there’s much more than I’ve mentioned out there. What do you want to see?

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  1. Have seen: The original The Producers.
    Intend to see: Cross of Iron.

    If a movie doesn’t rate as having been good enough that serious enthusiasts and professionals remember and compliment a minimum of a decade later, it probably isn’t worth watching. This is how I avoid Adam Sandler movies and such (with the sole exception of Happy Gilmore, which was funny despite its stupidity).

    • So you have a ten-year delay on watching anything just in case it’s not good enough to have spent your time on?

      That’s awesome!

      (And I speak entirely from a “you posted first on today’s comic” perspective.)

      • I don’t know what your bracket set-aside means, I hereby tempt fate and sarcasm and ask:
        What does, “And I speak entirely from a ‘you posted first on today’s comic’ perspective,” mean?

        • You would wait ten years to look at anything that comes out of Hollywood just to give that long for opinions on the subject to mature, (on the chance that it might not be worth your time) yet you are willing to be the first among us to consume the media that I provide here.

          Whether intended or not, I take that as a huge compliment.

    • I try to avoid anything with Adam Sandler in it on principle. He’s one of those actors I just cannot stand. Like Tim Allen. Or Jack Nicholson. Or Julie Benz. Or Calista Flockhart. For years I thought Calista Flockhart wasn’t even a real person but a character from Harry Potter. Imagine my surprise.

      • On principle? The only principles involved in movies are the economics of who gets paid for it, if it’s worth the time and effort, and if you are willing to admit having seen it. Is there anything else notable to watching a movie? It is passive entertainment.
        As far as Sandler goes: Granted, Adam Sandler is pretty much an avatar of fratboyism but even so good things can come from unlikely sources, and the fight with Bob Barker remains memorable. If the idea of Bob Barker in a fight with Adam Sandler doesn’t intrigue or interest you at all then continue avoiding it, the rest of the movie is similarly lowbrow.
        The rest of your list of detestable actors and actresses just strike me as unworthy of paying attention to except one: Calista Flockhart. My opinion on that (can’t be female, too emaciated to have sexual function I hypothesize) is that it’s amazing they’re able to get as much expression and movement out of a starvation patient as they are, isn’t that thing worth freak and shock value? I dunno about other value or if that’s made up for by other faults since I haven’t watched anything with it in it.

      • I don’t like Calista Flockheart either, but Julie Benz? I love Julie Benz! Like, Gillian Anderson or Allison Mack love!

        I have decided not to hold your obviously alien implanted opinions against you, since you cannot be said to be truly responsible for them.

  2. Looking forward to Daybreakers, Avatar, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The Hobbit, Iron Man 2, Surrogates, The Wolf Man.

    Mixed feelings about the planned Wolverine sequel.
    More mixed feelings about the next Star Trek sequel (Star Trek XII). Could be great, could be horrible. I mean they haven’t even decided on a script yet, so it’s too early to tell, and the movie probably won’t be out before 2012 or something…

    Not so much looking forward to The Last Airbender (the movie adaption of the animated TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender, which was brilliant – but the fact the “Avatar” bit was dropped from the title to avoid confusion with James Cameron’s scifi movie might be a dire foreboding). I mean, why does the world need a live-action remake of a series that isn’t that old yet (it ran from 2005-2007), and how do you fit 3 seasons worth of plot and character development into a single movie without reducing it to a mess made of too many CGI explosions and character clichés?

    I just read there are plans to remake Highlander. Highlander! What? Are they nuts? That’s as stupid as remaking Buffy The Vampire Slayer (especially without Joss Whedon involved).

    Don’t care about Where the Wild Things Are.

    Movies I would have loved to see but probably won’t ever get made and which used to have a page on IMDB but were dropped again:
    A Live-action adaption of The Last Unicorn, with Christopher Lee reprising his role as King Haggard (but they missed their chance, and now Lee is too old).
    A movie adaption of Lovecraft’s famous novel At The Mountains of Madness, with Guillermo del Toro as director and producer. Del Toro has said in interviews that he has wanted to film that story for more than 10 years now, he even wrote a script years ago .He was really enthusiastic and determined to do it. Originally the movie was sheduled for 2012, then for 2015… then the page disappeared altogether. Apparently no-one wanted to give del Toro enough money – probably because, as he mentioned in those interviews he had put his foot down and told studio execs that no, he could NOT be persuaded to add a female character to the movie for the sake of shoehorning in a stupid love-story and there would be no tacked-on happy ending either. Dammit. It’s so hard to find non-sucking adaptions of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu-Mythos stories.

    As for DVD vs watching a movie in theaters: It’s nice to have DVDs, but I cannot fathom why people would forego seeing a movie like i.e. Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson’s King Kong, Batman Begins, or Hellboy in a big movie theater on the big screen but instead “wait for the DVD” so they can watch it on their crappy TV screens. Unless you can afford a wall-to-wall flatscreen TV with a sound-system as good as that in theaters, you’re losing out on all the details and atmosphere. If it’s just some kid’s movie or a comedy, sure, I wait until I can rent the DVD, too.

    P.S. I heard about The Men Who Stare at Goats but read that the movie is totally different from the TV documentary which was about post-WWII CIA pet projects like Project Bluebird, Project Artichoke, Project MK-ULTRA and MK-SEARCH and similar crazy shit, back when both the Americans and Soviets were secretly experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs, mind control and the idea of harnessing, or rather trying to harness, psionic powers for military intelligence and assassination purposes. The movie in contrast invents some fictional characters for a modern day story about former psychic soldiers.

    • As I just remembered, the title of the TV documentary from 2004 was “Crazy Rulers of the World”, it was the accompanying book that was titled The Men Who Stare at Goats. (With the intent to kill those goats by psychic mind powers.)

      Today it’s DARPA that’s all about the crazy research in brain implants, supersoldiers and whatnot. No kidding. Read their own website.

    • I usually rank movies based on a loose scale that goes:

      Must see in theaters
      I want the movie experience, but it will suck. Probably wait for the bargain theater. (Think “The Transporter 28”)
      I won’t be able to get anyone else to go or I’m only mildy interested….I’ll wait for DVD.
      Oh, what’s this? I wanted to see that movie. Now it’s on Netflix streaming.
      I must be totally bored to be watching this on TNT.

      (There used to be a rank above TNT that included Showtime/Cinemax/HBO, but I quit subscribing to those. Netflix replaced them.)

      As the only guy, I don’t get to see a lot of the action movies that I would like in either of the top two categories…..Just to give you an idea, I’m still waiting to see Star Trek and Wolverine. I’ll eventually see all of the movies Kevin listed……eventually.

    • “…The Hobbit…”

      They are making a movie about this now? Hmm… I don’t know how I feel about that, this book was basically my first experience into abstract creative fiction… (with dragons!).

      … well they better do a superior job over Lord of The Rings… or hells gonna pay.
      I love this book.

      • I have a similar ranking system, Layne. It goes something like this:
        Theater (Harry Potter, Iron Man, New Star Trek)
        Rent (Anything between Theater and Everything Else)
        Everything Else (Will only watch this when the Wife says I’m gonna watch it)

        I am very much looking forward to the Hobbit, Chris. I trust Jackson on this, even though the book was also my very first foray into the world of fantasy fiction. They’ll do a good job.

        • I hated that book. Hated the first LOTR book too. Wasn’t until the two towers and Return that I got interested. Liked the movies though. Then again I’d been reading a lot of D&D fiction and Warhammer books by then so my fantasy worlds usually involved a lot more violence.

        • You know the weird part is I really like that old animated Hobbit movie. Just couldn’t get into that book.

  3. Wait, they’re doing Spiderman 4, with Venom again? Wasn’t Venom destroyed in the third movie? 😐 Ah well, I’m not a big superhero comics fan, so I don’t care about Thor, Green Lantern etc. Especially Thor, because all excerpts I’ve seen online from various Thor comics through the decades totally screw over the characters I know from The Edda… you know, actual Scandinavian mythology? Hercules: The Legendary Journeys was bad enough… 🙄

    • That does look cute. It’s interesting to track Dwayne Johnson’s career with this too. He’s behaving just like a real actor would. And he sounds very credible as the main character in this.

  4. We just saw Zombieland this past Saturday. I loved it. Ron said it wasn’t as funny as Shaun of the Dead. I’m always excited about new movies, but haven’t been getting out to see them very often. So excited that I can’t even think of a single one right at this moment.

    In other Netflix news, I just started watching Californication last night. LOVE IT!!! Since you guys love Weeds, I’d highly recommend this one as another Showtime gem. 🙂 Season 1 is available on Instant Watch.

    • Just to clarify a tad – just because I didn’t think it was as funny as Shaun of the Dead doesn’t mean it isn’t funny. It is funny, and it’s a fun movie to watch. In some ways, it’s better than Shaun of the Dead. Just not in the funny way. 🙂

      • Y’know Ron, sometimes it seems like the only thing you want to avoid more than not being curmudgeonly is the perception of being a curmudgeon.

        Thanks for the heads up on Californication, Tonya. Weeds was a great recommendation, so we’ll be sure to look at this one too!

        • Californication and Weeds have both been on our queue for months. We have then instant queued through the xbox too, just haven’t gotten around to watching them. Then again with the kids around all the time it’s hard to watch a show like Californication without locking them in their room for an hour.

  5. Well, I watch a lot of movies. I do some ghost writing for a few critics that don’t have time to see every movie. So I have a press pass and see them for free most of the time. Of course that also means I have to watch movies I wouldn’t ever watch, but hey, could be worse. I think the only movies that are worth watching if I am paying is ones with Great background shots or Major CGI effects.
    I mean most home theaters can equal the sound quality of a theater and it’s nice having a pause button so you can go to the bathroom.

    • It’s not just the sound. And I’m not sure what you define as a “home theater” but I doubt everyone has sound comparable to a good movie theater.

      It’s totally different experience watching something with landscapes or large space battle on a TV screen or on a movie screen. Like i.e. the feature length versions of those BBC nature documentaries with Alastair Fothergill, “The Blue Planet” and “Planet Earth”.

      • I agree Christina. The theater experience is special… but when you balance the amenities of home against two $10 tickets and a half-hour drive, that special experience becomes less and less important.

      • Hence my other comment about watching movies that had Great backgrounds or Major CGI effects are worth going to the theater.
        I mean, I thought Angels and Demons would be a sucky movie to see at the theater but there are some awsome background shots that were worth it.

  6. I love the comic-book based movies, as long as the CGI is up to snuff. I recall with horror the early attempts at making movies of Spiderman and Superman that were just plain BAD. At least modern effects bring them up to “what I see in my imagination” level, sometimes better, which is fantastic!

    Spiderman 4 (whether with Venom, the crocodile dude, Rhino, or whoever- will be great)- gotta see it
    Iron Man 2 (which I never got into as a comic, but is bangin as a movie)- Gotta see it multiple times
    Green Lantern (which was a doofy comic, but maybe great as a movie)- Will wait to see if comic fans like it
    Thor (Don’t know how they can do Thor justice- I hope it ain’t lame)- definitely wait for reviews
    Green Hornet (Huh? wasn’t that an old 30’s comic?)- might rent it on DVD
    Hobbit (although not a comic, should be as awesome as LOTR)- Multiple viewings, plus will buy DVD
    Harry Potter (Getting eviler all the time! Yay!)- worth one viewing at the theatre

    The other stuff I might go see if there’s nothing better on at the time. Times is tough, and the jacked up ticket prices don’t help when you can rent the things a month later for one dollar! Some things you just got to have the “Theatre Experience” for, whatever the cost- but not all of them.

    • We’re in more-or-less agreement there, Jesse, Except for the Green Hornet. It was a radio program in the 30s, two movie serials in the 40s, a TV show in the 60s, and soon to be a Seth Rogan movie. Most notable (thus far) amongst all of that was Bruce Lee as Kato in the 60s TV program. (Kato was the Hornet’s driver, sidekick, and general all-purpose ass-kicker.)

      • AHA! I remember it now! It had Bruce Lee in it! Unfortunately that’s about the extent of my knowlege where it comes to Green Hornet. I hope Jackie Chan gets to play Kato this time around!

  7. Holy cow 4 great fantasy/superhero movies! Time for me to get back to the theaters soon. And yes, I counted 4. My hopes aren’t too high for DC movies (the other media forms are fine). But we’ll see. OTOH spiderman still needs to recover from spiderman 3. But I can hope.

    • So is Toby going to still play Spiderman? Last I heard he didn’t like where the movies were headed and back exited center stage. My self I will probably not see a spiderman 4 in theaters.

    • I don’t know man. I really dug the last Spiderman movie. I thought it was WAY better than the second one, though I enjoyed that one too.

      As I mentioned earlier, I miswrote when I said that Venom will be in the next Spidey flick, he’s looking at a movie of his own. (Without Topher Grace.) Toby IS in 4, as are Kirsten Dunst and J. K. Simmons. Raimi said he wanted the Lizard as the movie’s villain, though he has also talked about Vulture and Electro, as well as the whole of the Sinister Six.

      • Finally Doc Connors gets to play the bad guy. Also it would be interesting if they brought in Carnage since it was Doc Connors in one of the incarnations of the comics that experiments on the samples of the venom symbiont that brings about several different symbionts. Maybe that will be the Venom movie. Never know.

  8. As far as the Marvel movies go, I’m really looking forward to Captain America. I heard it’s going to be done during WWII and end with him getting frozen, then they’ll start up The Avengers with him getting thawed out. I love war movies, specially WWII movies so that’s right up my alley. Thor should be awesome as well. Right now I have so many movies in my queue I don’t even know what’s coming in the mail next. Though now that I think about it it’s probably sitting out in the mail box.

  9. Looking forward to all the superhero movies, to the Last Airbender too, although I fear they’ll mostly suck. I’m stupidly looking forward to Thor, which I expect to suck big time, because I wanna see some “have at thee” mjolnir epic fun 😆
    And they’re doing avatar: tla into a movie because 1) it was a great show, so fans will see it, which makes money 2) it’s easier to waste an existing story than to write a good one, 3) it’ll give an excuse to all the people who don’t watch anime because “it’s for children” to watch it and say how it was great.

    Not looking forward to the hobbit, although I’ll probably watch it. I hated what peter jackson did to lotr. I don’t like the hobbit, but should he even make it into an (IMO) better story than the original, I don’t want him to deface the story like he did with lotr, with, say, an ass-kicking bilbo using the ring left and right, gandalf throwing fireballs around, and a tragic love story between smaug and a dwarf.

    • What’s with all the Hobbit-hate? You cats know that was written as a children’s story, right?

      And no, the Jackson LotR movies weren’t completely by the book, but if you made a straight literal interpretation of those books it would be unwatchable… or at the least unmarketable. As it is, Jackson was able to make three movies that brought a MUCH wider audience to Tolkien, and largely mainstreamed fantasy as a genre.

      These are not bad things.

    • After watching so many movies made from books, I was impressed that Peter Jackson was able to keep as much of the story line as he did. I mean you can all read the differences, but I felt the main line story was there. Also Peter Jackson is Producing this one, not directing. That can make a huge difference in how the movie is made. Producers get some say, but it comes down to the director in the end. del Toro has an interesting view on the world and I think many will be pleasantly surprised about how The Hobbit will turn out.

  10. i personally dont go to movies very often because it costs me way too much to go (im married with children). after 4 tickets 4 drinks and 2 large popcorns and whatever else my family wants from the concession i usually end up spending about 75 to 100$ a trip. the last movie we saw in the theatre was harry potter 4 (just to give yall an example of how long its been since). my home system is just as good as the theatre i can watch what i want when i want and as loud as i want and i dont have to leave the couch (my system is pretty good and sounds great {twister shook the whole house}). i sincerely hope the hobbit will be good i loved the book (and the series) i thought ralph bakshi did a great job on the animated version the second one was allright (was tom bosley playing gandalf?sounded like him never got to read credits)
    return of the king was as good as the hobbit and as long as were on the subject “wizards” by bakshi was AWESOME. watched that on l.s.d. one night when i was in college in 1987 man what a ride that was………