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I wish I had caught this earlier, but since I just got around to watching it I figured better late than never. In any case, as previously mentioned, my birthday was last month. This year however, my birthday became known for something else… something both appropriate and joyful.

9/12, the day after 9/11.

Here’s a link in case the YouTubes be hasslin’ ya!

Lena’s birthday is on New Year’s Eve, and now my birthday is on National Masturbation Day. I feel so special.

But it got me to wondering… if you could have any national day on your birthday, what would it be? National Barefoot at Work Day? National Get Stoned Before Going Out to Eat With Your Parents Day? How about National Get Touched by a Strange Girl on the Bottom in the Grocery Store Day? National Settle a Long-Standing Argument With Violence Day? National Make a Ten-Year-Old Drink Beer Till He Pukes Day? Maybe National Wear a Pornographic Hat Day? The possibilities are endless.

So what should your birthday be?

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  1. My birthday already is a holiday (Memorial Day — the official one; we just observe it on the last Monday in May). Which works out nice in that I usually get a 3 day weekend right around my birthday……

    But I’d like it to be “National Give the Birthday Boy a Million Dollars Day”. 😀

  2. My Birthday is also 9/12. It was kinda depressing when 9/11 happened, it put such a killjoy on my Bday.

  3. National Nude Day, according to the aforementioned site. My birthday is on the french national day, and since I’m part french, we usually went to the reception at the french embassy and ate canapés and whatnot. Rather boring, though.

    I always liked the date I was born, since it was more or less in the dead centre of the summer and I marked it by doing nothing except enjoying the season even more so during that day.

    As for what I would like to have as a general holiday, I’ld go for Global Introspection Day.

    PS. Damn you! You’ve made me hooked on DDO now.

  4. My birthday…
    National Cake Tasting Day – pies too.
    I know simple and not so inventive but come on who doesn’t like cake! …and pies!

    Love the under liners

    “Total f—ing meathead dresses similarily to You!”

    “Ep-pee Pen totally tantalizing!”

    Cracks me up 😆

  5. According to the website, My B-day was on Labratory Test Animal day. I don’t know if that’s supposed to mean “for” or “against” Lab Animals, or if it’s just some wierd “be aware of” holiday, but it’s still kinda creepy.
    I’d prefer “National Go Naked Day”. Everyone spend the day buck-ass nekkid. I guess a fanny pack would be allowed for keys and wallet and stuff- kind of hard to carry that stuff if you’re naked. And maybe a towel for sitting on in public places. This holiday would, of course, be preceded immediately by “National Take a Bath With Soap Day”.

  6. October 10 is . . . . National Angel Food Cake Day….

    if I was only born 1 day sooner then

    October 9 is . . . . . Moldy Cheese Day…,

    • Some… people… like angel food cake.

      But you know, this wasn’t really supposed to be about what day your birthday was, but rather what day you wished it could be.

      • Heh. I guess that would be my fault for starting off the replies with that link.

        Too bad it’s not my birthday, then at least I wouldn’t have to own up to it. 8)

  7. I’m not telling about my actual birthday but I might suggest an international, “We’re Not so Different,” day to help stubbornly single-minded people realize that they ought to appreciate others’ points of view, rights, and perhaps give out more dignity and respect.
    I know it’s a lost cause amongst anybody such a day should be targeting but it’s not like the world is gonna suck less if we all just give up and act selfish to everybody not designated as part of our tribe.

  8. February 20 is . . . . Hoodie Hoo Day More Info on Hoodie Hoo Day

    This holiday is celebrated in an interesting way. At high noon everyone yells “Hoodie-Hoo” to chase away winter and make way for spring.


    Ok, I’d like my day to be National Bikini Day. Some people will look awesome in bikinis, so we can oogle them. Everyone else will look like total shmucks, so we can make fun of each other! Everyone’s on a level playing field, so it’s a fun day for all! (Of course, might be a bit cold up in the Northern hemi-sphere; in that case, come down to New Zealand and live on a beach for the day.)

  9. I already sounded off, but after the day I’ve had, I wish it were “National Bitch Slap Someone Who Really Needs It Day”. The only rule, no slap-backs. Gotta pay it forward.

    • That’d be a great day! Especially if you had to slap someone else. Then you could walk around all day slapping people and just say “Sorry, someone else slapped me and you were the first person I saw.”

    • Forgive me if I’m being too realistic here but this sounds like the day should really be titled, “Get Arrested For Something Really Stupid Day.” That’s an interesting concept of its own, but you probably were thinking of assault without being arrested in the creation of this day; if you want to imagine something that’s unfeasible I might suggest something else like, “Free Sex With Whoever You Want Day,” or, “Free Beer Day.”

  10. My birthday is Martin Luther King’s birthday. They usually don’t celebrate MLK day on the same day though, usually monday. If I could have it be a holiday though it would be everybody gets the day off of work day. EVERYBODY! Cause as it stands the only holiday I get off is xmas.

  11. Me and my father both share november 11th as a birthday.

    I’d like to see my birthday become “get paid triple-time” day. And if you don’t happen to work that day, it would apply to the last day you worked and its wage. 🙂

  12. My birthday is Groundhog’s Day. Yes, that wonderful day that they decide by making a rodent come out of its den and with all the flashing lights, see if it sees its shadow. I dislike this day only because everyone asks “Did you see your shadow?” I usually spend this day inside and only party after the sun has set. So no, I rarely see my shadow. Lol
    I would prefer to have a non holiday day. Just a blank space in the calendar where no one has to feel compelled to do anything. muhahaha

  13. “National Settle a Long-Standing Argument With Violence Day?”
    We actually had this one once in an RPG session. It was called “National Homicide Day” in the continuum we were visiting (we were playing Time Lords, an RPG where you bopped around through alternate timelines pretty much at the whim of the GM).

      • The disturbing part is just how much detail the GM put into that one – why the holiday in the first place (overpopulation , economic stimulus, fewer “murders” committed the other 364 days per year), automatically assumed participation in said holiday which granted a $3000 tax exemption, conscientious objectors could file a form with the government for non-participation (which would make you “safe” from being killed that day, but you lost the tax break). It was kind of creepy.

  14. INTERnational “Get Educated About Your Local Politician’s Slimy Policies” Day.

    I learned a few things about my government that made me very disillusioned in the democratic process.

  15. I swear I must come off as a total naive, altruistic sap in your blog sometimes, but I would really love for my birthday to be Global Anonymous Good Deed Day. 🙂

  16. Holocaust Remembrance Day

    as well as

    Rabbit Hole Day (the birthday of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) )