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As my Romanian friend next door likes to say, this video “has my heart.” Now I know that many of you are cute-o-phobes, and I’d suggest that you just skip this one. It is endearing and uplifting, and you likely won’t want to watch. I, on the other hand, got almost ten seconds into it before I knew I was going to have to share.

For those of you unafraid to smile, and those of you brave enough to look anyway even though you will lie to me and swear that you were sour throughout, here is the The Orangutan and the Hound.

EDIT: If Youtube tells you that your country is a bastard, you can try this link instead.

For my own curiosity, does anyone out there know how things like this happen? The video makes it seem pretty spontaneous, and I am intensely curious. I know many of you are way smarter than I am about this kind of thing, so… any opinions?

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    • “This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.”
      WTF? What does me looking at something have to do with copyright?

      Seriously, this… latest “fashion” of segregation, this Internet tribalisation, to use IP adresses to restrict online content to certain groups or nationalities is pissing me off. Hulu for US-Americans only… can’t watch Doctor Who episodes on BBC Online which BBC puts up there for FREE but only if you’re in the UK…. following a link to a video on MTV gets me slapped in the virtual face and told to sod off and clink on the link to MTV Europe because that’s where us dirty Europeans have to do to look at things.

      • On the other hand, you’ve got Aniplex producing episodes of FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and putting them online for free, but in japanese (of course). And what does the french company holding the rights (Dybex) do? They subtitle it for free and put them online on dailymotion 😀

        Otherwise, I agree, I was just told the other day to sod off while trying to listen some Hegemon on Deezer 🙄
        But well, rejoice, at least, you don’t have (yet) Hadopi 1, 2 (soon 3) and other bullshit.

        • I’m Canadian. I don’t know if I have access to US only or UK only material but I would guess not. Usually from what I’ve seen before I used to be able to access both of those. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention or maybe something changed.

          But yeah. This is BS and always pissed me right off from the very first day it happened to me.

          • My favourite ‘internet segregation’ story was when I was told I wasn’t allowed to watch Rush play their song on Rockband. Because I’m Canadian.


            Isn’t Rush Canadian?

            Yes, yes they are.

            Thanks, internets.

      • It’s not a “latest fashion” thing to the people who own the content, grants or sales of rights that license content is usually geographically, time and media limited. Youtube is just at last being slightly compliant with the contracts this stuff is all tossed back and forth between media companies under.
        Yes, this makes very little practical sense in an age where protected content is routinely stripped of DRM and distributed for free. No, telling the media companies that won’t make them change their minds. They get paid to live in a byzantine maze of lawyerspeak and “ownership” of content that they must enforce through lawyer threats against each other. This world was designed around the reality of the French Revolution printing press and previous royal-privilege grant systems for handling rights to publish–and their reality is utterly incapable of swallowing a world where anybody can copy and send anything to anyone for nearly free.

          • Kevin, relax… I’m explaining it for the people who aren’t aware of just how screwy copyright law is. I’ve had to deal with this stuff on the other side of the looking glass so I’m fully resigned to their stupidity.

      • Oh, if you want a practical answer to my rhetorical question, “How could you know?” I suggest opening it through a couple different foreign proxy servers and trying to access the content through that. Finding public proxy servers that will give you adequate bandwidth and allow you to stream video from youtube is hard, and I wouldn’t expect it of anyone. Private ones cost money.

        • I have an app that searches the world for proxy servers, but I paid for it. There are clearing house style sites for proxies as well, but I’ve found it all to be hit or miss. Still, if it was something I wanted to view, I’d be thrilled to ignore the geographical boundary limitations imposed by these numbskulls.

          • I think a better idea would be to just crack it, people who abuse technology to inconvenience others in pursuit of an absurd goal they don’t even reach do not deserve respect. Of course this is very bad legal advice on my part so be sure to inform yourself of the risks and mitigating factors before doing so.

            Related note: You’re better off being summarily judged against in an RIAA suit than trying to defend yourself on a dollar-cost basis. Cutting a deal is slightly better, but requires you to admit you’re guilty and that their case and the supporting laws involved are valid. Anybody interested in an online article link about that? Here: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2009/09/ignoring-riaa-lawsuits-cheaper-than-going-to-trial.ars

  1. contrary to popular opinion not all animals eat each other, many actually (gasp) get along!
    my cat loves to play with dogs for example, permitting the dog isn’t a jerk and trys to eat her that is. I also used to have a guinea pig that would frolic with my cat.
    I have heard of people with pet wolves that would play with there other pets like dogs and cats, its amazing what happens when a animal is educated and under human supervision.

    I should point out that primate could easily tear that dog into pieces. actually couldn’t a human do the same with some effort?

    • Despite the fact that humans and Great Apes are closely related, their muscles are much stronger than ours due to humans having a point mutation in a gene coding for a muscle protein. I remember a zookeeper telling us biology students how a 4-foot chimp female once lifted him, a grown man, out of the way as if he was a child.

      (Interestingly, we may be weaker than our ape cousins, but we have much greater stamina, and can walk or jog for hours on end because our upright stance uses up less metabolic energy than i.e. a chimp walking on all fours.)

      The mutation might have spread through the proto-hominid ape population due to the extreme reduction in population size after a genetic bottleneck, or maybe it was recessive and the disadvantages only really appeared after a few generations when due to cross-breeding most individuums had inherited two mutated alleles (gene variants). But many evoutionary biologists today think that this mutation which looks like a massive disadvantage at first is actually what set us on the path to higher intelligence, because weaker jaw muscles allowed the skull to expand and weaker muscles overall forced those “cough potato apes” to adapt, setting in motion a whole cascade of changes.

      If you cannot open a nut with your teeth, chew a tough root or rip raw meat from the bones and crush them to get to the bone marrow because your jaws are so pitifully weak, you need to find different strategies, like using tools to crack the nut and cut the meat… or find something easier to eat, like i.e. fish and shellfish, which is also high in nutrients a growing brain needs to form neurons [see the Aquatic Ape hypothesis], or an animal carcass what’s been cooked ready-to-eat by a natural wildfire. Thus you learn to harness fire to cook your food, making a whole new range of nutients available not only because you can now eat things that are poisonous while raw but because mammalian intestines can better extract nutrients from foodstuffs like meat when they’ve been cooked. (That even works for mostly carnivorous animals like wolves, dogs, hyenas etc… they love their meat cooked.)

        • Was not aware of the Protein difference, but I do understand mechanical leverage. Apes joints are spaced differently than ours giving them greater leverage abilities allowing them to lift and push with their arms larger amounts of mass with less strength required.

          Humans on the other hand have stronger leg power, also due to mechanical leverage design. Don’t pick the Ape for a soccer game, baseball however would be excellent!

      • I have my own pet theory on this, which is somewhat similar: Sloth forces us to be intelligent in order to do more things with less and less effort 😉

      • See why I love you guys?

        Though I have to say, for the benefit of our readers that don’t believe in evolution, that god made us weaker because he loves us more.

  2. I don’t know the hows or whys but that was one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in the longest time. 😀 Thanks for posting that!

  3. Maybe they knew each other in a past life? Related on a spiritual plane? Saw each other in a dream? or just plain like each other!

    I dunno. I liked the video though, as Tonya said, thanks for posting it!

  4. Like someone said, many animals get along great. And if you give them food like the orangutan did, they’ll quickly befriend anyone.

  5. Just like kids everywhere, find a dog, bring it home, feed it. Next thing you know the damn dog won’t leave. Not always a bad thing I suppose, if it’s a decent dog. And despite past posts, not all dogs are stupid I will admit that. I actually kind of like hound dogs, if they’re trained.

    Today’s strip made me laugh out loud. That hasn’t happened in a while so kudos. It was Bunker’s comment at the end that did it. I liked Enkidu’s comment about saving everyone. Again. No end of ego on that guy’s part.

    • Thanks Tim!

      BTW, Lena and I have a hound dog named Guinness, and he is by leaps and bounds the best dog I have EVER had. Some folks have called him an English Spaniel, others a Llewellyn Setter. We don’t know because we got him at the pound and they didn’t know either. All we’ve ever known is that he’s a fantastic dog.

  6. My favourite ‘Your country is banned’ message had to come from a Japanese site hosting a bootleg copy of Dexter. So, they ‘steal’ the show from America, place it on their site, then tell people their American IP is blocked? So funny! =D

  7. Cute video. The most reasonable explanation? The Orangatan thinks “Oh boy! My very own puppy dog!”. The dog is thinking “Yay, my very own pet monkey!”. Ba-da-bing, everyone’s happy. Of course, I’m sure the elephant was thinking, “Hey, I thought this film was supposed to be about ME!”