560 – Monster Soup • 02


Every once in a while a video comes along that is just wrong enough to need to be shared with everyone in the whole world. I suggest watching it with a beer, for those of you who work at home.

It starts amusingly enough, but then for me quickly became so ridiculous that I couldn’t help laughing. Kind of like The Passion of the Christ, but without the snuff scene at the end.

Okay, back in business with the internets. After watching this video once again, I would like to state in the strongest terms possible that it is stupid, crass, sexist, and prurient. Anyone who thinks I am at all enlightened and would find themselves disappointed in me for posting such trash is strongly encouraged to go back and read an old post where I sound smart.

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    • You know, I was just about to post that same sentence, but with more of a 😈 emoticon at the end. Yeah, such a shame… :mrgreen:

      Ding-dong, the warlord is dead! Na, who am I kidding, he’ll probably float.

      I see Enkidu is busy putting points into his delusion skill again. (to quote Looking for Group)

        Okay, I hadn’t heard the Delusion skill reference before. And I rather liked it. :mrgreen:

        And yeah, Martin will likely find a way to frustrate the unrelenting Baddies. Poor villains. 😥

  1. As a powerful Sorcerer, sorta susprise me if didn’t have some sort of spell that could save himself with. Feather Fall, or actaully cast Fly.
    Then again, he does sorta seem the type who’d ignore a spell that doesn’t deal damage.

  2. I quote: “…and he knows stuff and all…” or something like that. Uz b smart & teh funny at teh same time, dude…

    Okay here’s my reaction to that video: “These boobs were made for bouncing, and that’s just what they’ll do. Someday these boobs are gonna bounce all over you…” With my apologies to Nancy Sinatra… (NOT Jessica Simpson…)

  3. The Japanese are just plain wierd. Not that bouncing bosoms aren’t great, it’s just kinda pervy how they fixate on them so much. And that’s pretty mild stuff considering what they consider perverted. Makes me feel downright stodgy.

    • Ah, Japanese anime breast fetishism. How I didn’t miss ya. 😉

      I read that in many cases, Europeans and American censors redraw and reduce the breast size of female anime protagonists down from balloon size to something more natural before the anime it aired over here, especially when it concerns anime series for kids.

      Seriously, watching that neo-cyberpunk Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series in Japanese (with subtitles) and at the main character’s cyborg body breasts, it makes the killer sexbots in Austin Powers look tame.

      • It just cracks me up every single time I see it. Girls who literally could not support their own weight, doing all these acrobatic (bouncy) maneuvers… and just when you think it couldn’t get any sillier, they come up with a new one that tops it!

        On the other hand, I kind of love that about the Japanese. For a “quiet and reserved” people, they really know how to go over the top like no one else on the planet.

  4. But the japanese are such a staid and stuffy people. They gotta let out their tensions somehow, so why not sexual perversion? Somebody had to have watched a loooooot of anime to get all those shots of bouncing breasts.

    I like the way that (beholder aside) the plan actually seems to be working for taking out our intrepid heroes. Looking forward to see how they get themselves out of this mess.

    • Hum… More exactly, there are 2 faces to japanese culture. People usually concentrate on the “samurai” side, with all these serious warriors and code of behaviour, while ignoring that, for exemple, Kabuki theater exists and has been very popular for centuries amon popular classes.
      These 2 faces are often seen in manga, as, for each “serious” manga, you’ve got a delirious one, with mixes in between (Look at shows like Cowboy bebop, for exemple).

      Sexual jokes, eating contests, roaring laughs are and have been as much an integral part of japanese culture than steel-faces and inscrutable men.

      • I love Cowboy Bebop. I was more thinking the serious seeming dudes running up and down the roads all business all the time in modern tokyo, not the samurai, but I see what you mean. It just seems that when they cut loose, it’s usually sexual to some extent. But maybe that’s just what we as Americans notice, cause we’re such a sexually stuffy people. Historically speaking anyway.

        • AFAK, you’re right and they cut loose in all ways possible, sexuality being just one of many, but more “shocking” and thus noticeable to our societies.
          Just look at the above-mentionned cowboy bebop show: You’ll see plenty of instances of cutting loose (even using hallucinogen mushrooms), without any sexual content, and it is just one of many shows. But this’ll probably appear in most adult manga, because it’s just part of life, but aside, you’ll have other staples of japanese humor that you won’t notice as much because it’s more acceptable and less shocking to us, like, for exemple, people’s head being drawn in a particular, parodic way (with a mouth full of pointy teeth) when they yell. Yet, while I can think of mangas without sexual content, I can’t think of one where someone gets unnerved without this being parodied.

          • I think that Akira had scenes where the reactions were played totally straight. Of course there were also scenes where it wasn’t, it just depended on the mood the creators were aiming for at that moment.

            But now I’m inspired! HOLE: The Mushroom Years begins now!

  5. Breasts are mighty fine, but that is a bit of an overload.
    Like drinking a bottle of very fine pinot noir, all at once, straight from the bottle, it is a wasteful travesty.

  6. I laughed. It’s that simple. First at the comic because of Enkidu’s assumption that it was his/her stench that caused Marting to take a dive and then at the bouncing boobies.

    Thank you, Kevin.

  7. LOLZ the DM nerfed Martin now he’s out for the party killing battle:) Brilliant. Didn’t post for your question about your D&D char but I made a Hackmaster pixie with two double barreled crossbows and god-level dex bonus. The group voted a house rule next session that to-hit bonus no longer modified criticals. I argued that watching the text of a crit happen is one of the most fun things in the game but no dice. Guess they didn’t want the big boss to get his head exploded by a faerie.
    It is ironic to me that Japanese culture generally has small breasts yet has a big-boob fetish, but then I guess humanity’s been going that way since prehistory. Just think in five thousand years every woman will need a wheelbarrow. Also Kudos to Japan for buying & reading like 100x as many comics as the US. I figure boobs get to be the point man for the media because they’re the one part of anatomy that actually has nothing to do with sex.
    Plus I’m a man so I get to show mine as much as I want. I’m gonna walk down the street right now with no shirt and yell: “Look at my tits! I can do this!”

  8. I’m glad I get in the office at 6am and was watching that then. Not that I’m offended, but you never know who’s shoulder surfing at any point during the day. I only went a few seconds in, but that was a tad overboard.

    On an unrelated note, I got DnD Online working on my laptop (a Windows Update had jacked with my nVidia drivers). I created a human paladin (for the soloing ability mostly) named Graecin Aevilbane if anyone happens to run accross me in the wilds. I’ve only done the intro quest and made it to town before I had to go, but I’ll probably start poking around tonight.

      • I’ve got a 3rd level paladin on khyber. Satarnas. I haven’t sailed to stormreach yet though. Been mostly helping people with hard/elite quests. I’ve already had some fun adventures already. Like killing this skeletal mage that makes stompsauce out of you unless you manage to run up to him and use lay on hands followed by 2 smite evils… 🙂

        And reviving a comrade who somehow wandered off a cliff… that was funny… he was cursing so bad thinking he screwed us over until I got to him before he bled out and used heal then lay on hands. (god I love that ability)

        I’ve been really tempted to try multiclassing in that game. It seems you are only playing half the game if you adventure without a rogue. (and from what I have seen, paly/rogue seems to work well somehow…)

        I personally would like more healing spells. I haven’t played any form of D&D in years so I don’t know how good paladins make as healers. I built mine to be pretty well balanced in everything not requiring constitution so I may have the wisdom and intellegence stats to add cleric as a second class later… I don’t know. I’d need to consult more experienced D&D’rs to figure out the most useful build I can make.

        I’d make another character altogether to group with if I had a reliable means of finding a group consistently.

        • I started a rogue, but I’m not much of a grouper so he was hard as hell to solo with. I deleted him (sigh) and started a paly to check it out, but I also have a fighter. I like the fighter. So far I’ve killed everything I’ve swung my axe at with one to two hits, taking very very minimal damage in the act. Also on Khyber. His name is Garald McFeargus if anyone sees me running around. I’m always up for a group, and more than willing to go back and remake a rogue. The paly can probably be killed off.

          • I knew there was going to be a million and one paladins but I didn’t expect to actually find groups with people with intelligence. I do still have 1 character slot left so if a few of us managed to meet up we could put together a wicked awesome group and stomp stuff.

          • That would be fun Erin. Unfortunately I am extremely sporadic with my playing times… an hour here, a half-hour there, and I never know ahead of time when that will be… so I would be completely unreliable in a game.

            Even when I played 3.5 at the table we never really played Eberron. Are the Dragonmarks worth the trouble? And if I take one, which one should I go with?

  9. In fairness they had to pause, zoom in and extract all of the 2 seconds to get bouncy shots from some animes. At least the 1-2 shows I can recognize. Others have more fanservice though.

  10. Yup. Some are clearly designed that way, either for fan service or as a parody (it even seems there’s 1-2 porn anime here), but bouncing shots from winry??? I didn’t even noticed she had breasts before 😆

  11. Man, there are probably people on the Internet masturbating to this right now.


    I could even be one of them.