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I’ve started playing DDO recently. (D&D Online for the uninitiated.) It’s free and I figured, “What the hell? It’s got to be worth at least that much.” I love my WoW but Lena and I like to play together and she doesn’t like to play as much as I do and I get ahead and it’s a problem… Anyway I figured it’d be cool if I had something to play while she was watching America’s Next Top Model or something totally girly like that. (They always send home the ones I like.)

The weird thing for me is that I don’t hate this game at all. I tried Champions Online, City of Heroes, (I dig me some superheroes) and Lord of the Rings Online, but I never really got into any of them. Either they seemed too confusing, made me wander all over the place like a crazy person, all looked the same, or punished me for wanting to solo. So far anyway, (I’m all of second level) DDO mostly seems interested in letting me play the game any way I like. The quest system isn’t quite as clear as WoW, but it ain’t bad, and the quests themselves are straightforward and interesting and seem infinitely repeatable. Also, I’m finding it much easier to keep up with the storyline in DDO than in WoW, which makes me pretty happy.

Now the “free” play angle is an interesting approach, since you can still spend real money on your character. The game allows you to purchase “Turbo Points” for actual money, which you can spend in the in-game store on level appropriate gear and fun stuff, as well as new classes and races. I haven’t done this yet, but I might just to dip my toe in.

I’m liking the differences between DDO and WoW, though it’ll never replace gaming with Lena in that world. I was wondering though, what else might be out there. What free or inexpensive games are you guys playing? What’s fun and what’s to be avoided?

What do YOU like?

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  1. Bunker fall down go boom! Well, splat actually. Pretty sweet way to net some XP for taking out a beholder though.

    I don’t play MMOs for the simple reason that I can’t win. And I don’t mean I’m not able to complete quests or beat the bad guys. I mean there’s no winning in those games. I come across a damsel in distress whose children have been stolen by Grognar the Troll and taken to his cave to be turned into stew, and like the hero I am I rush off to Grognar’s cave, kill all his goblin minions and finally find, fight and kill Grognar himself, thus saving the innocent children and earning my measly earring of +1hp reward, only to have three other guys tell me they’re off to kill Grognar AGAIN so they can get some more earrings to sell to noobs for petty cash. WTF is that? In real D&D my GM tells me Grognar is stealing and eating children and we go smite his ass and get our MONETARY reward from the hapless mother (and the dwarf grabs her ample backside for good measure) and we’re then hailed as heroes every time we cruise through this village in the future. Cause we killed Grognar, the child eating troll. US. Not….everybody. As it is though, I’m looking forward to The Old Republic, the next Star Wars MMO. Cause I’m a sucker for Star Wars and my wife said she’ll play it with me. Otherwise I play my Xbox 360, currently playing Mini Ninjas, which is both adorable and really really fun. And it has ninjas. Can’t go wrong there.

    • Mini Ninjas sounds sweet, but I tend to look at WoW like a game that I am constantly winning at. I beat this guy, I explore the continent, I get a ton of pets, there’s always some new way for the game to tell me I am a success. (Yes, I see the dark, dark irony.)

      But I’m not just looking for MMO games… hell, I’d be glad to find an awesome new iPhone game for me to play while I’m on the crapper.

      • Yeah, I know. Like the hypocrite that I am I immediately went and started downloading DDO after leaving that comment. I do enjoy the exploration aspect of MMOs. As for free games though, my nephews like to play flash based games on websites like crazymonkey.com and armorgames. They have some pretty decent stuff. I especially like the last stand. It’s a zombie game.

  2. I was going to ask on here if anyone has tried that out. I’ve been thinking on giving it a shot. I need a MMO I can solo without too much hassle as I never seem to get many friends that can do anything.

    My cousin and his friend played over 2000 hours (!) of a game called requiem: bloodymare and it was a gore-fest (though it isn’t that bad) I started to get into the game to try to have something to play with someone I KNOW and who HAS SKILL (without being a total asshole about it) but they ended up getting tired of the game soon after, and I really hate running around endlessly grinding monster after monster, hour after hour so I quit.

    When I was younger, and there was no WoW, no Guildwars, no big name super MMORPGs, I played a game called Conquer Online. That game is so broken, and pretty much IS nothing but grinding monsters but it was my online crack for well over a year. I must have put well over 1000 hours on that game. This was on DIALUP and I was about 13. SO you can bet how happy that made my parents to have the phone line tied up all all afternoon.

    I’d even sneak back up after I was supposed to go to bed and play until the wee hours and go to school all zombified. I hated that games really broken class blanaces. There were only 4 classes (5 technically) Warrior, Trojan, Archer and Taoist. Warriors were the bitch of the game, but a better PvE, but archer was arguably the best class for PvE, and decent PvP.

    Warriors were just a joke. The ONLY redeeming qualities were cheap gear (since NO ONE played warrior) and a skill to raise your attack by 10x (yes 10 times) to any NPC creature for 30 seconds. (1.5 to PCs)

    Trojans were the powerhouse class, but ended up being able to tank better than Warriors (who were supposed to be the tank class) and Taoist were the magic users, who could branch off to water Taoist, the healing, resurrecting people from the dead, buffing people, etc, or Fire Taoist, the 1 man army.

    Baciscally, if you wanted to have ANY chance of being ANY good at PvP, you were a Trojan or Fire Taoist, with archer being a decent choice for being able to quickly level through PvE and still stand a chance against PvP douchebags.

    The game had a pretty much free PK system. You only earned PK points by killing players who don’t attack you. But it had a twist, you get 30 pointsand your name turns red, and if you die you can drop your gear. Get 100 or more and your name goes black, at which point all guards and patrols will kill you on sight and you get thrown in jail. (but you could bribe the warden by mining gold ores and get out, but doesn’t lower your PK points)

    But the WORST thing about the game was the movement and attack system. You run way too slowly, but you could jump like crazy and with no penalty whatsoever. So everyone had to hold down ctrl to jump to get where they were going. And to attack a player, everyone would jump around and use any type of range attack. All classes get at least 1 but to hit a PC with a melee class’ ranged attack next to impossible. That’s why archers and taoists dominated PvP since its just point and click, no evading can happen. The exception was that trojans got a AoE attack if they used 2 of the same weapon, which they’d jump around spamming to kill you pretty easily. (warriors had no such attack)

    But I met alot of nice people and used the game as basically a chat line with monsters to kill so I didn’t mind it.

    By the way guess who picked warrior the first time? After that crap I went water taoist and suddenly I was really popular.

    • I’ve decided to give DDO a try. If you say its an OK solo game (though I am in no way AGAINST groups at all) then I might enjoy it. The combat system sold it for me. I like games where you have to TRY to fight, where you block, dodge, attack and all that yourself instead of 2 people click each other and whoever has the higher stats (and luck) wins.

      If anyone else plays this, let me know the server. Personally I wouldn’t mind a game with Kevin at some point 😉

      • Conquer Online sounds pretty typical of the early forays into this kind of gaming.

        You do seem to be a little more involved with the combat in DDO than WoW, and that isn’t a bad thing. I have no idea how the PvP works, or even if there is one, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I find out.

    • Heeey, Conquer Online! Water Taoist reborn Fire Taoist myself. 😀

      So anyways, I play WoW (RP Server Feathermoon) and DDO, though I had put more game hours into DDO during Beta than I have since it’s official release. It’s pretty nifty, truly based on D&D and quite simple to play. You can solo as well as group though naturally the biggest rewards come from grouping rather than soloing.

      Oh well, since WoW 3.2 I’m still updating all my gear so I’ve been pretty active there lately. Can’t wait to see if they’ll actually make something useful of Cataclysm other than letting us use our freaking flying mounts in Azeroth. 😐

  3. I considered going to WoW when it first came out (lots of my guildies in EQ went there because their computers couldn’t handle EQ2) but instead I went to everquest 2 and haven’t regretted it since. It is one of the new age MMO’s where you can solo whenever you want and there are plenty of things to do if you cant get a group, but the playerbase is much more mature in general vs. WoW. In WoW you get many characters such as the one presented in your comic some strips ago, and while eq2 is by no means immune to this, the occurances are much lower.

    I too was intrigued by DDO when it first came out, specifically the manual combat and dodging, parrying attacks, and etc. Let me know how it turns out in there !

    And should you ever come to everquest 2, come to Unrest server cause it’s the best

  4. A lot of decent F2P (Free to play) games out there… (note that free to play includes open source games (when there gets any good ones) as well as games where there are item malls or other ways you can spend real life money. I never pay a penny when I review the games, to give them a level playing field. I need to re-review all of these [and other games] periodically, I will just pop some quick thoughts on some of my favorites.

    Rappelz has a nice pet system and is playable solo and some real nice people. (some)

    Last Chaos is neat, I almost got sucked in to stay, it is so good, but char creation is lame. Want to use a bow? have to be a female healer that looks like a stripper… and all the pre-teen boys play titans and try to make time with you. UGH> I like using a bow, I do not like 13 yr old boys hitting on me, then acting like I am a jerk for picking the character I did. Pet system interesting also.

    Dungeon Runners: Nice for short attention span-ers. I esp like the art at the higher levels.. though your toon will look like a a cartoon version of a knight… in a cartoon spoof version of D&D. has its appeal, but not a big fan of guns in my D&D game.

    WoW: I never could get into that, until I found the private server I am on now. Awesome people, awesome staff, leveling rates a bit higher than I like, but nothing like most private servers. Enough you can play 9 classes and not be grinding too much, but not so much you can not experince the game either. PVE so not getting ganked every time you turn around, with pvp as an opt-in system. and Great people.. have I mentioned the people? (After 6 months I have one toon JUST able to tag along on raids and have first t6 gear… but took a long time to get there.. and working lately on getting a dreadsteed for my lvl 61 warlock.. but have a lot of toons who are just making their way to the mailbox cities.

    Planeshift: Pretends to be FOSS. Open source, barely… technically, but a lot of things about the license raises flags from me calling it a FOSS game. Run by a small core of insiders who seem to dislike outsiders and new people, but if you get accepted into the club, it can be addictive. Game is clunky and virtually unplayable on my machine. They tell me it must be my system (as they tell everyone) but I can play DDO, WoW, Etc with no issues.. and I have a newer machine.. so I am not buying that. They have 2 servers, a RP-server and a non_RP server. The game does well if you want to sit around and chat ingame and pretend like you are playing, so RP server does better with numbers. Last I checked they also have the non-rp server hidden so you can not find it until you already have probably been playing a while… But game also has some awesome concepts. Combat, in theory, is awesome. I used to be able to aggro a monster.. and with a flower in one hand… and a bare hand (looked like I was slapping it with a flower) I could time the attacks… start combat….pause.. run in… hit… run out… stop attack.. and mob is running to me… and repeat… avoid… hit… avoid.. hit.. and slowly take out the creature… bit by bit.. but make a mistime… and ERK!! I used to love that game. Hope to come back someday, if Talad ever lets his staff fix it and make it work. (advice Talad, open it up FOSS and let people try the dozens of variations they want, you never know which one will be the one that takes off. You are not going to make money off of this anyway… and great promise and ideas and staff in this mess)

    DDO, I have a very recent review of this on my site, Glompzilla.org, in the forums. I did not like how instead of moving towards a game you can play the character, it has kept the numbers and dice and format of a pen and paper game… without taking advantage enough, IMO of the computer. I want to play bob, the human fighting for … something… not Play the guy who is playing a character whose character sheet says his name is bob…. Could not get around that, or how combat seemed to be just swining weapon in general direction of bad guys… though I did not play it for days …

    Still keeping an eye out for FOSS games…

    • I took it (DDO) as me playing a D&D game where the computer was the DM. Combat is a little deeper than just swinging a sword. You have a variety of abilities and if you take advantage of the movement, you can run out of a lot of damage, as well as prevent bad guys from flanking. (Which gives them bonuses.)

      I’m going to look up Dungeon Runners. That sounds like my kind of game.

  5. I don’t play (traditional) MMOs for one main reason…..the same reason why I don’t get to play much DnD, by the way. Family duties. I don’t normally get to spend hours and hours playing video games, so I can’t justify a monthy fee of $15 when I may only get about 3 hours of playing in one month and if I’m lucky 20 hours the next month. And the games I do get to play are usually ones that one of the girls (see my previous posts about being the only guy in a house of full of girls) will play with me….Rock Band, Karaoke Revolution, etc. The middle daughter has been playing Tiger Woods with me lately, so it isn’t a total music fest lately. And the youngest will play the Lego games with me (SW, IJ, and BM).

    Since DDO is free, I did download it to my laptop (really old, but really good specs for it’s day). However, it won’t install…..I might root around and try to get it going eventually, but it looks like I’m out of luck for now.

    • Nothing is better than playing with your family, but I’m really looking for the kinds of things you might use to fill those 3 hours a month. Something fun, cheap, and casual.

  6. i like it, the critical hit/fumble is a;ways fun to see,even if not to have happen to you. As for free MM
    O’s i play perfect world international, DDO, Jade Dynasty, and Runes of Magic. my faverite mmo is perfect world, then Runes. the web sight MMORPG.com has a large list of MMos free and pay to play. check it out.
    also utube has videos of PWI TWs, and TTs and maybe rebirt runs as well, and yes u can solo most do. Teaming up to take down the bosses, and twlight temple runs Territory wars give factions land and holding land give you benefits. Tws are large scale wars, the rest the team maxs out at 6. if u want more info on PWI Email me

  7. Most of the guys in our D&D group have been playing DDO since it first appeared a coupla years ago. Since play is based on 3.5 rules, same as our weekend gaming sessions, we already had a good understanding of the combat rules. It’s an awesome game, and since FtP implemented, I’ve seen a huge jump in the game population. Most of the old-timers are happy to help out and answer noob questions, and I’m seeing a lot of positive comments about both the community and the game itself.

    If you happen to log into Thelanis, look for Gossamer (me!), or any of the Earth Dogs guild; I’m on & off during the day, but most of the guys are evening players.

  8. I will admit, I started playing FreeRealms entirely because of the “you can play a pixie” aspect, but I’ve found that I actually enjoy the gameplay.

  9. Cool way to follow up on Bunker jumping from the ship! And you thought we’d forget about that! 🙂

    I like the “crunch” then the “splat” Opens up the imagination on that one! 🙂

    Oh, the hanging hat is perfect!

    • Agreed. That third panel, especially…. brilliant! 😀

      That beholder was clearly a flatfooted victim of a surprise round. So I guess falling speed movement supercedes the rule that a non-surprised combatant only gets a single standard action during a surprise round, eh? 😉 :mrgreen: Oh wait, I’m thinking in 3.5 rules…

  10. Way back, friend of mine got to Beta tset Ultima Online. A bunch of us jumped in we we could, and enjoyed running around and advanceing…. for about a week. Then we stopped drooling over the pretty graphics and wanted to get in some RP and charecter development. And while there’s some, that’s really not how MMOs are set up. So we went back to TT with a local GM who’d make plots based on things WE gave a damn about
    Too cheap to buy WoW, but did give MMOs another try with RuneScape. Bascially same cycle as before.

    MUSH and MUDs on the other hand, I find are usually small enoug that if you have an idea the game designer hadn’t thought of, you can actaully get ahold of him and at least get a responce. Sadly, if is small enough to get a decent responce, can be hard to find someone to play with.

    Right now I’m trying to back into Emblem of Ea again, after a multi-year haitus to PSX and TT. I like the game world, and the people are pretty cool. Only drawback is they’re about to switch to PathFinder, which I’m not versed in, and switching editions always causes troubles.

    • Mostly why I don’t play MMO. It may be very fun for a while, but, in the end, it’s mostly “go there, kill, take treasure”, which gets pretty boring pretty fast. Also, like tim, I like to be The Guy who beat up THat Monster, not “one of the guys who just beat today”.
      In short, MMOs don’t feel like real worlds to me.

  11. “Now the “free” play angle is an interesting approach, since you can still spend real money on your character. The game allows you to purchase “Turbo Points” for actual money, which you can spend in the in-game store on level appropriate gear and fun stuff, as well as new classes and races.”

    Bleh, I’ve seen that exploitation attempt in too many MMOs and browser-based flash games… they hook you with the promise that playing is free, but to get access to anything worthwhile you are required to shell out real money. If you start down that slippery slope, I estimate you will easily spent a lot more than if they’d charge a monthly fee but give you access to everything.

    D&D Online, a solo-friendly game?? 😕 That’s odd, because it’s a direct contradiction of what I had heard. I admit, I don’t play MMORPGs at all (for several reasons, chiefly because the game being a huge time-sink, and also because I hate PvPers, and grinding bores me to tears), but I have plenty of friends who do or did play Guild Wars or WoW. One of them worked a freelance computer game reviewer while he was a student, and the things he told me about DDO were consistent with every complaint I had heard online. (Admittedly, it was still the Beta version back then, I think.) Namely, that the quest system in DDO was designed towards four-member adventuring parties, and to level up the game required you to become part of a group of similar level characters. Soloing was described as next to impossible. And because the people who had created characters when DDO Beta first came out had already leveled up, any newcomer starting out as a 1st level character found no other 1st level characters to group with even if he wanted. And certain races could only be “unlocked” at higher levels and with certain rewards or something. *shrug* I dunno, maybe they changed the game so that soloing is now posible.

    Just wondering, did they change the DDO rules from 3.5 to 4E? I mean, the pen-n-paper D&D 4E is already so blatantly reminiscent of both anime and WoW, that seems like a logical step. 😐

    • No, DDO has no plans to go to 4e rules at all.
      It’s a LOT more solo-friendly now, especially at lower levels, because of the new system of dungeon-scaling. One- or two-member parties get a scaled-back dungeon, while larger parties get a harder run. And you can buy hirelings if you need some extra muscle or heals or even spellcasters.
      There’s very little PvP; some of the bars have PvP areas set up, but it’s just for bragging rights, no awards system in place.
      Theoretically, it’s possible to get to level 20 (highest level) without spending a cent; you earn ‘turbine points’ by gaining faction favor, and you can spend them on the higher level quest packs. It’s not a ‘bait & switch’ scam. Playing IS free. But the company won’t be around for very long if they don’t have some way of bringing in some $$. So, of course, you get more and better gameplay when you give them money.
      I’ve tried out a few FtP games that were too lame to consider going further by spending money on them, but I’m seeing lots of folks become subscribers after trying out DDO.

      • From my experience in free to play games, there are more than enough players who will buy the special points or shop money or whatever they call it from game to game to make a very good profit.

        Another interesting thing about this system that is unique, and has me interested is that you can actually earn these special shop points through gameplay.

        I wonder if they mean you can make enough points to actually buy something or if it is like maple story where you can buy a 12 dollar card to get 20,000 “nexon cash” (most items cost at very least 1,000, most common is 2,000) but you were still able to earn “maple points” through special events, but the reward was such a joke.
        Like I’ve seen kids spend days doing these special events for chances at “maple points” just to get like, 200 maple points when finished.

    • It’s still 3.5, but I like the pen and paper feel, which to me the game has in spades.

      The website says that the best items in the game are gotten from raiding and crafting, which so far seems consistent with what I’ve seen. The Turbo Store looks most useful for filling holes in your equipment or as a short cut. The exception is character races and classes that must be purchased through the store… but even then you are occasionally awarded Turbo Points for quests so the contents are not locked from you even if you never spend a dime.

  12. I just recently got Champions Online and it is responsible for the allnighter I just pulled, as well as going to bed every day at 4am last week.

    I need to go to classes now. Bye.

  13. first comment long time reader
    i started playing DDO love it ..but atm i’m completely addicted to star pirates http://www.starpirates.net/index.php

    its text based space game its complete crack and the gm’s actually listen to the community how odd 8)

    if yah join gimme a hollaer 🙂 be glad to help noobs out
    names dying_inxs

  14. Roguelikes, if you know what they are and are interested in trying a current one that’s in development and fairly popular I suggest Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup.
    Seriously though, asking about free games is kinda… uh… well… try this: http://adrianwerner.wordpress.com/freeware/
    I think that we are currently at a point that an order of magnitude more games are being created than there is time for them to be played at least five hours each in a given year. I count my blessings that I don’t play them much anymore because if I did I’d never get anything done.

  15. I just started playing DDO this weekend because 1) I’m a big D&D fan & have been so since the early 80’s and 2) it’s free. The free part was a big reason I started, seeing as the wife won’t let me pay $15/month to play other games. I’m really liking DDO, but I don’t seem to get as much done around the house….hmmm.

  16. I never liked the concept of paying repeatedly for a game you have already bought. If i wanted to rent a game, the local video stores usually have a decent selection.

    I haven’t tried DDO yet, but a free, online D&D game makes me drool at the thought. I purchased Guild Wars a coupla years ago, but the interaction is limited and the people in-game seem really clique-ish.

    This may sound ridiculous at first, but hear me out. I am a big fan of Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates by Three Rings. I know it seems like a kiddie game at first glance, but the puzzles are engaging, the in-game interaction is much simpler, and the other players are, for the most, really fun to deal with. The game moderators are easily approached and do everything possible to resolve problems quickly and to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

    I can easily eat several hours playing the game and feel like I accomplished something, be it earning in-game money, improving my standings/stats on a particular puzzle, making Australian friends, improving the standing of my crew/flag or just humiliating a flametard at the poker table and making everyone else laugh their virtual arses off.

    (William Shakespeare has such great insults and most morons won’t even understand what you are saying. Heh heh heh)

    The cost of the game itself is free for most of the “oceans” (servers), but there are two subscription oceans. There are two “foreign language” oceans, one for Spanish and one for German. and they have recently added a “family” ocean with a few of the more adult games (poker and drinking) removed and a stronger language filter protocol (the filter on the main oceans replaces curses with pirate-themed comments instead). THere is a boxed edition available, mostly through eBay anymore, which is supposed to give off-line play (can’t get it to work on my machine) and options for some other-wise non-obtainable items.

    The other way to spend money on the game is to buy doubloons which are used to purchase things in-game. They are also available in-game buy spending money earned in the game. Lazy people like me spend RL money. But spending 20 a month at my discretion versus paying for the right to continue playing a game I paid 50-100 dollars for is a fair trade.

    If anyone wants to try it out:

    Thanks for reading me ramblin’s

  17. Oh, have you ever heard of Dwarf Fortress?

    It’s not online, but by golly it is the best free game I’ve ever played.

    And that’s including a, ahem, somewhat ‘loose’ definition of ‘free’ if you ‘know what I mean’ with a ‘wink wink nudge nudge.’

    It has a steep learning curve, though, so I suggest you go read the Let’s Play: Boatmurdered before you try it. It should tell you if you MUST play this game or not. (Keep in mind that was an old build, though, and many things have changed.)

      • Try it, seriously. It is incredibly deep, and the amazing amount of complex happenings in the game play off eachother for absolutely HILARIOUS occurrences.

        Words cannot describe. Let’s use the Legendary ‘Woodworker’ who “likes tentacle demons for their corrupt intentions” and whose EVERY SINGLE FRIEND was a CHILD. And he refused to work, and instead hung out with all of said children.

        That? You just can’t buy entertainment like that.

  18. i live in a house full of girls also so i get singstar,guitar hero,and lots of other girly games i have to play with the kids( Bratz? cmon). when i can finally get to my comp i play diablo 2, and runescape (its cheap and fun). i was able to get a membership when runescape was 5$ it has gone up since then. but they continue to make new content and constantly upgrade features. i also like the old-school games like arcade, nes, snes, which i have downloaded.

      • Wahahhahaha oh man. Runescape…. I played that before I even played conquer and it was lousy 2d but still entertaining. I think they moved to 3d in recent years but I haven’t played that since I was a wee lass…

  19. One game I downloaded for free was Mount and Blade. It’s free to download, but if you want the complete version you have to pay like $20. At least, that’s about what I payed. Maybe $25. I downloaded it when it was in version .903 I think. Now it’s finalized they may have upped the price a few bucks. Either way it’s pretty sick, it’s all medieval combat, mostly riding around on your horse chopping dudes down with your sword/axe/spear, whatever. When you download the free bit you can play up to level six before you cap then just run around at level six fighting roving bands of marauders or joining a faction and fighting for a king. You get to have your own army that all fight independently as well as hero characters that you can upgrade and outfit as you see fit. It’s really fun and I would suggest checking it out. Plus they have a huge modding community so the game stays fairly fresh when native starts to get boring. http://www.taleworlds.com if you’re interested.

  20. Oh goawds… I went through this phase while I was in college. I tried numerous ‘Free’ MMO style games and I found them to be fun for the first couple of days then not worth the time of day. To me they are all the same, and mostly a rip-off.

    I do have one weakness… I did play Ultima Online way back when I was in Middle School and through high school for a short duration, and it was brilliant. At that time the world was very hard to live in, none of the crap that resembles everyday WoW style comparisons, or rather Diablo style leveling, is more like it. Anyways… I did find a community and adventure in that game.

    So now I actually use the RunUO (free) software to run my own little playground of fun. I even played on a RP free server that was probably the best damned gameplay and story I have ever in my life been a part of. It was like writing a book, the people were engaging, and due to the infinite ability to script new behaviors into the game an unmatched number of unique things to do, and you could build your own world (yes buildings and mountains). Sadly that server was forced to shut down, it was much like watching your favourite book catch on fire after only reading a third the way through.

    So now I have moved on to games like Oblivion (which I got a couple of days ago), STALKER, Fallout series, X3 Terran Conflict. These games offer a generally better game for me. I have the power to mod the hell out of the game so its exactly like the adventure I want to take. If I want some multiplayer action I got the basic FPS and RTS games for some destructive action.

    What I am finding out though is that a Book usually offers me the best adventure, I am just a Technology Nut and love to build and tweak computers so I will probably always be looking for new games to play.

    Currently as a fun thing to do at work I am playing Urban Dead, a low tech browser Zombie horror survival game, its great to pass a few minutes out of every day.

    • Guess I’m just bringing up the rear in gaming maturity, eh, Chris? 😉

      A few days of fun and then putting it down to move on to something else is more or less exactly what I’m after though. I already have my “committed relationship” game in WoW, and now I’m looking to play the field a bit and see what other kinds of things are out there… which really incentivizes the pursuit of the free games.

      I generally read 2-3 books a month, which ain’t a lot. However, playing a game is not the same experience. They are both recreation, but it’s like suggesting to someone at the end of a meal that they have another steak for dessert.

      (And now I’m off to check out Urban Dead! Thanks! 😀 )

  21. My current game is envy, a zombie game where you can turn into zombie and back to human, and even turn others when you attack them. I’ts all browser based, with no graphics, but the community is excellent, and there are always new things being added. signup is free, and you can easily get a lot out of it without paying money, because there are a lot of small rewards for little things you can do in the game. If don’t have much time to play, this one only requires a few minutes to do some basic stuff to keep up in the game, and you don’t need to be logged on continually, you can just come in for a few minutes every once in a while, so you can easily use it to fill up those few minutes you have free every day.
    You can donate to the game for items and equipment, which are often sold to other players for in-game money, so you don’t have to donate to get nice equipment or other goodies. There are also competitions where such goodies are given out as prizes.
    All in all, I find this an easy and fun game, that doesn’t require too much from you, neither in time nor effort, but it’s mostly fun for the community. There is an active chat with it, where a lot of fun people hang. If you are interested, please take my referral as follows(I get a small prize for each one I bring in, and a bigger if I can win a monthly contest to bring in the most people): http://www.envythegame.com/register.php?REF=20764