557 – The Council of Erias • 08


Well it’s September now, and in six days (as of this posting) summer will officially be over. I’m sure we all know what that means… that it’s time now for stores to start decorating for Christmas, and for the Christians to start complaining that they aren’t allowed to celebrate it!

In this spirit I am posting this delightful Daniel Tosh Christmas short, Treevenge.

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  1. We saw Treevenge at SXSW in a midnight shorts program – it was funny, clever and well done. Nice parody of everything you’ve seen in a “rampage / revenge” horror flick…

  2. Fire resistant breadcrumbs….. I’m going to have to remember that for the next party member who fails to recall that ‘fireball’ is an area effect.

  3. That short was pretty good. I like the star. I love when the bad-guys start planning to off the heroes. I had a Gangbusters game going with my nephews once where they beat up and shot a gang boss’s brother. When they went home a few days later they got a knock on the door and my nephew says he stands in front of it and says “Who is it?” Suddenly a tommy gun opens up from the other side and perforates his ass, also hitting his brother who was sitting on the bed behind him. He was shocked to find out that when you beat up and shoot a gangster’s bro, they tend to send people after you. Also he was shocked that he was dead.

      • Stand out of the way for one. I asked him three times where he was standing in relation to the door (hint hint) but he said he was standing right in front of it. Then there’s the blind fire negative, plus the fact that a burst from a tommy gun gives you -30 to hit (it’s a percentile based game) so the shooter was shooting at like -50% to hit. But, he hit. It was the will of the dice gods.

        • Yup. Sadly, if you want your world to be credible, sometimes, your surprise attacks have to be real ones. If the PCs are the only ones to shoot blindly through doors, you easily get the kind of attitude described before, where PCs expect to do anything they want, yet are surprised when the worlds strikes back.

  4. You have to love villain thinking! Even the best and greatest plans made by the evil characters always end in eliminating one of their own. If this trend keeps up our heroes wont have anyone to fight except an empty castle…

    …new ghost hunters episode?

  5. Terrible video. Nice suprise with the attack of the tree, but everything else… ugh. Cute in it’s own way I suppose. Mercifully short. Was far more amused by the comic. Bread crumbs, lol. I’d have gone with beer batter.