548 – Hat Trick • 05


(Lena finally convinced me to start playing the Vampires Live game on the iPhone/iPod Touch. If you’re playing too, invite us at 2RUAHG and AXR4JQ and we’ll join you in your vampirey battles!)

Sometimes I post things on here that aren’t exactly work-safe. Either there’s too much obscenity, or there’s loud music that could give you away, or maybe there are overt sexual or religious tones that co-workers might not appreciate. This video passes all of those safety tests cleanly.

Still, I can’t shake the feeling that perhaps it should simply never be viewed by anyone. Anywhere. Ever.

Follow your passion.

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  1. Insane people should have thier vocal chords removed. The notion began while watching “town hall meetings” and this video just hammers it home. Maybe we can start a petition. The petition for “insane people to permanently shut the f**k up”. I’m thinking of inventing an aerosol called “Instant Laryngitis”. If some idiot blabbermouth won’t shut up, just spray into the air and enjoy the blessed silence for up to 4 hours. I’m tellin ya, I’b be an instant millionaire. Would also work great for calling in sick.

    • Trouble with THAT idea is it is all too easy to simply think of someone who merely disagrees with you strongly as ‘insane’.
      I was having a discussion on a forum and the topic was could the Star Trek Borg beat the United Nations Space Command of the Halo. I am not here to discuss that, but I would like to say I was getting rather hot under the coller. I was mentally @$%!*% my head off, I thought the other side fools and idiots for not agreeing with me, boggled how they did not agree with my position. And this was a forum discussion on fictional entities from seperate fictional ‘verses. Freedom of speech is far too special, too precious, to be thrown away because of the ‘insane’.
      Good day.

      • Respectfully, there’s a big difference between buggy-eyed, drooling, oops-i-forgot-my-meds craaaazeeee, and someone who has philosophical differences of opinion. Actually talking to a bona-fide insane person is a very creepy feeling- which is what I got from the video. After a minute of listening to her I would be backing away slowly and looking for an escape route. She scares me

      • “The Occupant” raises a good point, even if you had a method for quieting down those who are unwilling or unable to shut up when it’s generally agreed that they should this probably wouldn’t do much about people prone to blathering asinine opinions on the internet.

        • Agreed. When I go into the street to warn people that The End is Near, they all think I’m insane, yet I know I’m right. The End is near. The end of the month, at least 😆

      • I think it was early 90’s that Marvel had a cross-over of their X-Men and Star Trek comic books.
        Best quote ever by Kirk after Gladiator strikes Enterprise’s shields: “Did he.. just punch.. my ship?!”

  2. I have to say, I just noticed the poll, but felt really compelled to vote no….but by voting no, I was in effect voting yes…..and then there was other, but no check box for it. In the end, I voted no just to be a contrarian.

    The video lady gets *really* into her song at one point. The worst part about it is that you can see the edits (they weren’t hidden). Could you imagine being the camera man for that interview? He had to sit there and listen to the whole (uneditted) thing while holding a rather large and bulky camera…..or with any luck, he had a tripod. But still, he got the uneditted version of that interview.

  3. Holy crap. Yeah, that video makes me want to go to the Mall real early just to walk with HER! Maybe she’ll get stuck in the escalator or something. Crazy lady for sure.

    I think Bunker may have something else sticking out from behind the mast pretty soon… 🙂

    • People who seem irrational and unpredictable wig me out. I expect that if this lady walked up to me in the mall, I’d be sidling around to make certain she wasn’t between me and the exit.

  4. Wow….. just…. wow. Know some people who are into their excersize, but that’s a bit much….

  5. I love how she starts pseudo-hyperventilating and then talks

    “..it really gets the blood flowing to my……brain”

    Only way it could have been funnier was if she had passed out right then.

  6. I wanna be a happy walking girl too! If just for the pith helmet. 😆
    Gotta admire her spirit – even if she’s a little on the loony side.

  7. Congratulations, you posted something more mentally scarring to watch through than lemonparty or 2girls1cup. Still think being more afraid of videos of religious nuts than disgusting fetishes is contrary?

  8. Re: the comic
    Too bad for Bunker that a hat of disguise does not actually transform the wearer’s body and clothes, but only cloaks it in an illusion. 😉 (Unless WotC changed that in 4E.) If Freya throws him off the mast, Bunker didn’t even get his hands on anything substantial before he dies.

    I salute you, though, Kevin, that you didn’t succumb to the temptation to draw female Zobbie with huge breasts, as many male artists might have done. Because after all Zobbie’s player is a woman, not a horny guy, and her fantasy obviously isn’t to look like a Japanese anime doll with blow-up boobs.

  9. I have to say, for me at least, that I would prefer it if you went back to NSFW or semi NSFW videos, seeing as how I read from home and all. That was just…disturbing.

    As to the comic. Why doesn’t bunker just remove the hat and end the illusion? Oh wait, that wouldn’t look good would it? what would he be doing alone with a guy up there then?