545 – Hat Trick • 02


This is my favorite song… ever. (Well maybe second favorite. The Breakfast Song is right up there too!) Of course this one had to be cleaned up a bit to make it work safe, but I’m sure you’ll get the idea!

And a late-arriving bonus video, for fans of The Guild, here is the gang’s new music video… Do Ya Wanna Date My Avatar?

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  1. The swearing song would probably be funny if the beeps didn’t break up the rhythm so much. I could only listen to about 10-20 bleep s before I had to shut it off. It was just too annoying.

    The second video was an eye opener to me though. I was quite struck by the lyrics so I checked out the website for it. Turns out it’s an actual show. I never heard of this web series before. I watched 3 episodes. It’s pretty darn good. It’s really interesting to see a whole show that revolves around the MMO theme.

    • Oh yeah. The Guild is awesome. They are starting their 3rd season soon. It’s really funny. I need to pick up the DVDs so I can have them all in their high quality goodness. I love Felicia Day. She is so funny in the video as her character in The Guild is really nerdy and insecure. Pure win. I shouldn’t just give her compliments. The entire cast is hysterical. They are all wonderful. I just remember Felicia from Buffy as a really minor character, so I feel like I’ve know her longer and have gotten to watch her become more successful. She was also in “Dr. Horrible” another pure win independent web mini-movie by Joss Whedon. Definitely check that out if you haven’t.

      • I didn’t care for her in Dr. Horrible. She just didn’t seem a compelling love interest for Neil. Also, the songs were kind of forgetable to me. The whole dying thing was a downer too.

        Something about this role makes her far more appealing to me though. Plus, I like this song better then anything I heard on Dr. Horrible. In addition, that MMO outfit is super hot on her. I love the shots of her lying on the treasure.

        Anyway, I finished watching the series. I liked the first season better then the second. I really hope she doesn’t hook up with Zabbos. Seriously, the stalking stuff is funny but hardly the basis for a long term relationship. I’ll keep my eye on it though and I definitely recommend watching it.

        • The Dr. Horrible songs were more show tunes, whereas this was sort of pop-fluffy stuff. (The kind I’d likely never listen to except that it was attached to The Guild, which makes me want to listen to it at least once a day!) I happen to dig show tunes in general, but each to his own!

    • I’m not convinced that the bleeps weren’t just added for comedic effect. I would almost bet that the original song was clean and work safe. You could probably take a Presidential speech and with well placed beeps make it appear vulgar (hmmmmm…..might be an interesting experiment).

      Edit: P.S. I agree with Lena……Felicia Day is awesome (and hot, but that’s a side benefit).

      • Pointless experiment really, let me hack up your last message I’m responding to accordingly.

        “I’m not convinced that the (censored) weren’t just added for (censored). I would almost bet that the original song was (censored) and (censored). You could probably take a (censored) and with well placed (censored) make it (censored) vulgar ({censored}).

        Edit: P.S. I (censored) with Lena……(censored) is awesome (and hot, but that’s {censored}).”

      • It was just for effect, Layne. I think that was intended to be part of the joke, that a “clean” god-song could be made to sound like it’s horrible and vulgar just by censoring it.

        • I was pretty sure it was added for comedic effect too. That wasn’t my issue because doing that can be really funny sometimes.

          I just think they made the beeps too often, loud and long. Worst of all, they completely cut out the music background. It could have been done better and been funnier as a result with a smoother touch, I think.

          It’s also funny to let the swears hang in the air while avoiding them altogether. Ever heard of “the Clean Song”? They do this perfectly. God this was so funny the first few times I heard it. They keep setting up words and then suprise you. It’s just a great song. It does have one swear word in it at the end though. Just warning.


  2. I’m scared of trying to watch these videos, I think it says something that I fear and probably am disgusted less by things like 2girls1cup than disturbing Christian rants or MMO behavioural observations.

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  4. Both of those videos were golden! The Jesus *bleeps* me song was pretty funny, and I loved the Guild video. I’ve only ever seen one of their episodes, but it intrigued me. I’ll definitely have to look those guys up.

    So what does Bunker want that hat for anyway? Is he up to some mischief?

    • His player isn’t rolling dice, killing things, eating snack food or being bored to sleep by the GM doing yet more exposition… what else could he be doing besides getting into mischief?