539 – Hunting the Hunter: 06


You know, I’m really getting tired of the stereotype that says the Philippines can’t make a good Batman and Robin inspired Christian 50’s musical.

Some people can be so bigoted.

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  1. I’m still waiting to find out that Martin and Swillsberne are related. It’s uncanny how alike they look, esp their long pointy noses. The rest of Martin’s family didn’t have noses like that. Perhaps Martin is adopted; although, Martin fits in perfectly with that crazy and evil vampire family of his we saw on the island. Perhaps Swillsberne was the oldest son, the one given up for adoption who grew up on the streets, while Martin is the spoiled little kid who pulled the legs off of spiders…

  2. Um… they’re all gay right? Just like the original Batman series? Where’s the Joker’s makeup? Not to rip on the original series too hard. Catwoman (the Eartha Kitt one) was the first TV star to teach me about sex (sort of – I knew there was SOMETHING going on between her and Batman). Putting a Marvel char in a bastardization of DC tho, that’s just wrong.

  3. Got half way through. Bout the point dancin’ midget spider-man showed up. That’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and I saw a picture of a cab driver who’s passenger shot him in the head with a sawed off shotgun from the back seat. That was pretty bad. This is worse.

  4. The English-subtitled Bollywood version of a Thriller video?
    I’m just throwing out a suggestion for something else awful but perhaps at least more funny.

    As far as the knife wound went, where’d she get ‘im? I guess not in a lung because he still has breath to respond stupidly.

  5. Holy Bat-Crap! I think Danny and the Juniors, the original group that did “At the Hop” (or as some call it: Let’s Go To The Hop), just rolled over in their collective graves.

    Now, this video is a perfect example of what drugs can do to perfectly reasonable minds. Good for them! 🙂

    I love pencil drawings, so I’m getting use to the “new” format. I wanted to give a bit before reaching an opinion, and like my opinion moves the world, but I’m liking the new format. As much as I’m into colorized comics, you style shows through more now. Have you tried any drawing software like Manga Studio or others? Of course, if you’re already using one, then I just stuck my foot in my mouth… which I’m very good at.