530 – Getting on with It: 02


I don’t really know why… I usually don’t dig this sort of thing, but this just makes me laugh.

I think it’s all the pretty lights. (Hope you had a happy and safe 4th!)

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  1. I think you have to die from your own stupidity to get in the Darwin awards. It could be on that show jackass though.

    I wish kung fo did that in real life.

    • Nope. Self-inflicted sterility or castration counts too, provided the person didn’t already have children. For a Darwin Award, you have to be an adult, technically sane (at least on paper), to have not yet spread your DNA around, and to have removed yourself from the future gene pool in some way. Death is merely the most common way for those morons to leave the species.

  2. Well I think he still counts if he had removed himself from the gene pool by actually destroying his genitals.

  3. I see Freya has learned that nifty monk feat, “Flaming Fists” or whatever it’s called. Oh wait, they’re playing 4E by now, nevermind. 😆

  4. Just a nagging detail from someone who studied wushu, but the strongest hits run along a your body line. Aside from the flaming fist, Freya’s attack wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good from her stance. In addition, she’s off-balance and overreaching.

    Using her current attacking hand, best position would be left foot forward, feet shoulder width apart. Step into the strike and use the force of both a straight line attack (rather than an arc) and her momentum.

    • Hah hah hah hah!

      (Edit) Sorry, you were just trying to be helpful…but Freya’s martial arts don’t even follow proper D&D rules, much less those of the real world.

      Hey, do you know the Wushu finger hold?

      • Heh, love that movie. I believe they say “wuxi”, though… Wushu simply means (lit.) martial art, and usually refers to any Chinese martial art.

        I’m a student of Seven-Stars Mantis Fist, so… no. I don’t know any finger holds. Just a lot of vector forces (yes, I did well in physics, too).

        • Lena and I watched it on the Blu-Ray, and kept getting distracted by how beautiful it was, so we had to watch it a second time.


    • Raw power can be canceled by technique, technique can only be canceled by technique.

      Use your enemies strength against them.

      The best form is no form at all… but first you must master all forms.

  5. These guys just try to their pals… Who didn’t in their teenies?

    Ever tried batting off firework missiles fired at you? (At least I wore welding goggles to protect my eyes)
    Never walked through a wall of fire? (Used almost pure alcohol, not even hot enough to burn hair)
    Or shorting out a powerline? (Now, THAT was an accident. 😉

    Hmm, how about using a full Coke can as an improvised rifle grenade? (Nice explosion and you should have seen the facial expression of the “enemy”. Nah, this doesn’t count. I was already a soldier at that point.)

    • Well my friends and I did used to have Roman Candle wars from time to time (we too used protective clothing), but I can’t say I ever tried to bat the fireworks away before.

      I have never walked through fire, but back when I was still living in San Antonio (I now am back in Canada where I am from, my sis still lives down there though) a bunch of my friends and I were skateboarding outsid eof my house and thought it would be a good idea to set the funbox (a big wooden box we did tricks onto and off of) on fire and film us skating it. That turned out to not be the best idea we had ever had. It ruined by funbox, my skateboard, my shoes, and most of us had no hair left on our legs. Luckily none of us were hurt.

  6. That video ranks right up there with the story my dad told me of a buddy of his who tried to quick-draw a pistol out of his waistband and blew his nuts off. Or the time my friend’s Dad’s drunk buddy tried to throw a lit M-80 out the window of his car, but the window was up. It landed in his lap so he grabbed it and started rolling down the window. And it went off. Lost three fingers. I guess some people just deserve what they get.

    Wushu or otherwise I think Freya earned that Kung Fu power. And apparently she’s putting it to good use.

    • My friend has a similar story. Him and his 2 cousins driving down back-roads lighting off firecrackers. The “dumb friend” lit the first one and tossed it out the window. Window was up. Buddy grabbed it and tossed it out his side before anything bad happened though. Pretty sure they didn’t let him light any more after that.

  7. Unbelievable o_O How can people be so stupid??? Well, then, I guess firearms are good for your health ^^

  8. In the day before good medicines or hospitals, people like that didn’t make it to adulthood due to poor judgment, etc. It was nature’s way of “thinning” the human “herd” so to speak. Now thanks to modern medicine and having all these “stupid signs” around warning morons of danger, we have to put up with our gene pool getting ever so much shallower as years go by. Soon, we’ll be as dumb as sloths and just fade away as the dolphins or cockroaches take over the world.

    Just saying…

    KUNG FU! Why do I think of David Carradine?