526 – Walk on the Wild Side: 03


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I’m a Disney guy. I dig the Magic Kingdom and the hotels and the rides and even the cartoons… as inferior as they are to Warner Brothers. But man, I wish I’d been there to see this.

I smell fired.

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  1. Ohdearmercifulgod, female Enkidu in a push-up bra! I’m blind! Make the image go away! 😯

  2. Ugh, kids, he should’ve bashed the little bugger’s head on the sidewalk, you can SEE he started it!

    • And then beat up some other guest and left him in a back alley behind Mama Mias wearing the costume so he could point the finger at someone else.

    • That little creep! He totally started it, and that poor person in the costume is going to pay for it! 🙁

    • Don’t know for sure and a quick search online didn’t reveal much more, but if I had to guess, the kid was probably the eleventy-billionth spoiled brat that day to kick her (I’ve heard the full-costumed characters like this are usually female actors) in the shins (or something equally obnoxious). I guess Pluto had enough.

      • That’s my read as well, Ron.

        One Disney trip, when I was about twelve, I decided I was going to sneak up behind Chip (of Chip ‘n Dale, not the teacup from Beauty and the Beast) and pick her up and walk off with her. I was a pretty obnoxious kid and it seemed really funny in my head. I stood there for several minutes trying to work up the courage to make my move… but I never did.

        For years as a kid I kicked myself over not having the “guts” to rodent-nap Chip. As an adult, I can only look back in mild horror over the near miss with yet another very public display of juvenile stupidity. Still, I do understand the impulse that would make that kid do whatever it was he did.

    • Yeah… I don’t think so. I am curious as to what the kid did though.

      There’s supposed to be one “handler” for every costumed character, to keep them from stepping on anyone and to keep them safe from things they can’t see. No matter what that kid did Disney is never going to see clear to okaying Pluto chasing down guests in the park, and I can’t imagine it isn’t an immediately firable offense. Still, I’m guessing that Pluto isn’t the only one under the gun here.

  3. Random question, but isn’t Freya still a vampire? I just remembered that whole arc…

    • Nope. She became human again in #273, but no one knew why. (I know why, but I ain’t tellin!)

      Curiously though, this will become relevant in the next month or so.

  4. it was the magic of the island! (or rather when they left the range of it)

    That’s my best guess anyway.

  5. I am going to be very disappointed when Enkidu is restored to his normal appearance. Just sayin’.

  6. One fine night on the orc-pole! Classy. That video made me laugh, though I feel bad for the poor sod wearing the suit. I remember there was a big stink a few years back about someone in a costume getting in a fight with some 17 year old kid. I think the kid tripped him or something and the guy snapped. Serves the shit right to be popped one by Goofy.