524 – Walk on the Wild Side: 01


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As promised, here is the final of Byron’s great pic of Bud and Bunker playing guitar. I hope you like it! (‘Cause I do!)


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  1. Her sister is going to play Zobbie? I got an even better idea! 😈 Give her the new Fleece to play. 😈 I’m sure Freya’s and Martin’s players will love it. *whistles innocently*
    (That is, unless Freya’s sister falls for Martin’s player. 🙄 I have this sneaking suspicion he’s to young for her. But then again we don’t know yet if she’s Freya’s younger or older sister.)

    As for the character of Zobbie now being played by a woman, I have a bad feeling about it but I’ll wait and see. As a female gamer myself who plays male characters 90% of the time (counting only those characters that are recognizably humanoid and have a gender) and prefers it that way, I’ve often cringed when cross-gender roleplaying comes up in webcomics or gamer movies, as most authors tend to milk the common prejudices for all that’s worth, with the fictional female gamer who turns her male character into a girlyman who goes shopping for pink shoes, and the male gamer who plays either a double-D-cup slutty sorceress or a double-D-cup chainmail bikini-wearing slutty barbarian… or a catgirl. Something he wants to bone, anyway.

    I have to admit that yes, sadly, some of these clichés are based on truth. I have personally witnessed examples of embarrasing cross-gender play, also for some reason always of the “male gamer/female character” kind. On the other hand I have also seen seen male gamers play completely normal, realistic female characters, or deliberately hilariously over-the-top ditzes for satirical purposes (usually in a Pulp Action setting). Make of that what you will. 😐

    Once or twice I have met gamemasters or whole groups that categorically forbid any crossgender play at all. At that point I got up and left the group. *shrug* So what, GM, you have no problem with someone wanting to play a winged, half-dragon weretiger….or a living robot… or a Trill host/symbiont with the memories of 10 lifetimes… but you think I cannot manage to convincingly play a member of the other sex? Yeah right. 🙄

    • Cross-gender roleplay is something that doesn’t come up much anymore. Must be an age thing. When I was in my late teens and early twenties it was probably about 10% likely I would create a female character. Back in those days we were all about putting character concept first, and if the concept worked best with breasts then so be it. Most of my female characters, however, were pre-gens.

      When I did play them they were not slutty. In fact they were usually kind of prude-ish.

    • She’s a younger sister, and there are no plans for her to become any kind of super-slut any time soon. She does however, have history with the entire group, as this gang has been together for a long time.

      I have also witnessed some appalling role-play by guys playing their fantasy women. My favorite example of this was a female player, playing a female character, who had to miss a week of gaming for a family trip. Her character, not sexless but also not a tramp, she left in the care of the GM. (Whom we no longer game with.) We never saw the character the whole night that the player missed, though the GM was writing and note-taking the whole time… something he normally did not do. The next week, we found out that while we were scooting around town solving mysteries and getting into fights, the character had been kidnapped by a street gang of vampires (that had not, up until this point, been introduced to the game in any fashion) and hauled off to their biker bar for about three days worth of continuous rape. The cherry on top of the entire affair was as the GM finished relating the horrifying story to the player, she asked him if her character had even tried to escape. “No.” he replied, smiling wide, “You enjoyed it!”

      To this day whenever things get stupid or frustrating overwhelming in any kind of RPG we might be playing, someone will always pop up with “And you enjoyed it!”

      • I have also witnessed some appalling role-play by guys playing their fantasy women.

        I find that these guys are almost always single. And virgins.

  2. There is a guy some friends of mine used to run with all the time. I never really got in on his sessions much, but I frequently heard horror stories about how playing female characters tended to work out for you, regardless of your own gender. Frequent stories of seduction, incubii, rape and pregnancy, regardless of whether or not it fit the tone of the game, or whether or not your character was trying to become a mommy. My one friend tried to beat it by rolling up an old woman who had a bunch of children, and could no longer have children. NOPE! Fountain of Youth. You’re so horny you sleep with half the tavern and are pregnant with triplets. You can adventure for 4 months or so, then you’ll be useless while the men adventure.
    However, our girl gamer didn’t do a lot to dispel his sexist stereotypes and ways.
    She flashed him to get the entire party bonus ability score points at character creation. He took pictures. I couldn’t watch. CREEPY!

    • She flashed him to get the entire party bonus ability score points at character creation.

      Brilliant! Why don’t I encourage this kind of behavior in the games I run?

      Oh. Right. Because I’m not creepy (well, I try not to be anyway).

    • Wow, whoring yourself for fantasy stat points, way to go for those moral paragons. Am I the only person who finds this incredibly sad in multiple ways? I.E. she was a ridiculous munchkin on top of well, yeah….

      • No one said she was a paladin.

        If you had asked me how I felt about this before I got married, I imagine I would have thought it was funny and something to be encouraged. Now of course it is nothing but the worst sort of turpitude, ranking up there with murder and sex with gerbils.

        Unless it’s your wife’s boobies. Then it’s all fine.

        • It doesn’t rank up there with murder, theft or rape since there’s no apparent victim. But the collective stupidity here makes my teeth itch.
          If you want to go expose yourself, at least don’t involve the unwilling or tie prostitution into it. If you want to see in-person boobies go visit a strip-club or get a girlfriend. No pets or people were injured but corrupting the game session by an apparent trade of sexual favours for …statpoints? I mean seriously….

  3. Yeah. I have always been asked why I run a female character (I am guy and run a female char about 75%) and my response is “Someone has to keep the testosterone of the group from taking over.” I grew up with strong women and men in my life , to me it makes no difference what sex you play. I have a very poor opinion of DMs who exploit female characters and the few times it has happened to mine. I get even. I like to DM too so the next time I would DM, poof your character is now a female and very seductive. I never forced anything on them, but they had to make saving rolls for come-ons and such. That usually stopped that type of behavior. Now when it comes to computer gaming I will say that I would rather watch the backside of a lady than the backside of a guy all the time.

  4. Well, I happen to think the drawing of Bud and Bunker ROCKS man… but then I may be slightly prejudice!

    “Sister! So, you have a sister! If you won’t turn to the Dark Side, then perhaps she WILL!”
    And we know how that turned out… Luke Frenched his sister in Empire… EWWW!! Nice parenting Darth Vader…

  5. What kind of armor is Bunker wearing? Always kinda looked like a furry coat to me, but I think it’s supposed to be scale maybe? First character I ever made was female. Attractive red headed warrior lady. Only attractive cause I had a 14 charisma anyway. Only time I exploited her was I flashed a bar full of angry goons who were looking to put the hurt on her for cheating at cards, then scarpered before they could close their mouths and put their eyes back in their heads. Otherwise it was business as usual for a warrior. Kill this guy, smash that thing. Good times.

    • Yeah, it’s scale mail. Gold dragon scale, in particular. (He got it in #275.)

      For a comic you need something that’s quick and easy to reproduce a million times in a row that won’t leave you drooling in a corner. Drawing all the individual scales (plus shading and highlighting them) might have looked great, but Bunker wouldn’t have lived past the first strip.