521 – As the Larva Turns: 03


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Saw this on Attack of the Show, and thought it was worth the repost. Mostly, this is a good thing to send to any parents that are hassling you about living with someone before you get married to them.

10 Responses to 521 – As the Larva Turns: 03

  1. What the…? 😕
    Are the BBC programmers on drugs now?

    In 4E terms, this can only mean one thing. Two words: Dragonborn porn.
    *twitch* 😯

  2. Na na na na.

    That’s me and the last girl I dated. Kind of.

    She wasn’t as good looking, and I wasn’t… QUITE… as tyrannosaurus…ey.

    More green SKINNED monster than green EYED monster…. :mrgreen: 😯 😳

    Oh! AND!! Check out my brand new Gravatar!!! YAY!!!!
    ( http://en.gravatar.com/ )

    • That’s funny! 😆

      And EW! That comic was GROSS! To mosquitoes really do that? YUCK! 😯

      The video was really funny. My boyfriend is EXACTLY like that too. 🙄

      • Kevin shared the entire mosquito mating habits with me while making this comic. I can assure you that it is SO much worse than the comic portrays. Yuck.

  3. Your mosquito comics have given me an idea of a parody which I shall commence work tonight on said spoof… you will enjoy it! Well, 50% of the world will…

    Those folks over in the UK are a bit nutty… in a good way most times, but that video was… well, it was. Though the tossing of the bicyclist was funny to me… 🙂

  4. I really don’t find the connection of the video with something about living with someone before marriage