519 – As the Larva Turns: 01


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The other day Byron over at 1977 The Comic made an offer on his site for $20 sketches. Now since I A) love doing anything I reasonably can to help out fellow web comic artists, B) really enjoy 1977, and C) like Byron personally, this seemed a cinch. I told Byron that I wanted a sketch of Bud (his main character) and Bunker together.

1977 is about a quartet of characters in the year (ready for it?) 1977. Bud is Byron’s primary mouthpiece, being loosely based on himself, and the four friends are in a band named Plan 9. (Bud is on bass.) I think that for a younger reader the comic is just funny, while for those of us who were around back then, it’s also kind of wistful and reminiscent.

Anyway… the only reason I bring this up is that Byron has given me the first pass and I really wanted to share. (Plus several folks who are mutual fans have asked me about it!) When he gets the final done I’ll be sure to let you guys see that too, so be sure to keep in mind that this is a rough. (Which I say entirely for Byron’s benefit. I love it as is.)

Guitarist Sketch

13 Responses to 519 – As the Larva Turns: 01

  1. Holy haberdashery

    You probly not notice yet but i am not native english speeker, yes it is so
    But i still can teech new word to you

    i admit i sometime have problem understandening what the comic or many words under say but this is not problem for me because i make up what i not understanding myself

    • Well. It IS extraordinarily cool.

      Gibson Flying-V’s one of my all time favorites, as well.

  2. I might’ve thought he’d be a drummer… because Bunker doesn’t seem to be able to go an entire hour without getting new motivation to hit things.

    • Hi

      Oooh… that’s almost good enough to make me GLAD I was up all night, sick!

      Not quite, but almost. It gave me something to laugh about between coughing bouts. 😕

      (I think I used to date Troubles…. Na. My ’70s weren’t that cool.)

  3. Randy mosquitoes. Eeeeeww. So now I have a new webcomic to go catch up on. Yay! I dig the scooby doo van that Bud’s all messed up in Byron. Very classy.

  4. Thanks! The Mystery Machine was a cool little van and you know they were doin’ it in the back the whole time too… 🙂