513 – You Can’t Go Back: 20



It’s barely news anymore when a Democrat is caught cheating on his wife with some younger woman, (unless she’s seriously hot) just as it barely catches our attention when some Republican is caught cheating on his wife with a younger man. It happens all the time. People who are attracted to power frequently consider themselves above the rules and cheat. On spouses, taxes, Othello, what have you.

The wrinkle is when gay men who were brought up in “morally upright” homes turn their self-loathing into law. This seems wrong to me. It ain’t my fault you were taught to hate instead of accepting and loving yourself. And it ain’t the fault of the people you would choose to victimize with your self-flagellation. (There’s a fellatio joke in there somewhere.)

Along comes Outrage. This is a film by some angry gays that are sick and tired of being persecuted by men pretending so hard not to be in their number that they would seek to deny them basic constitutional rights and create a second class citizenry… and all because they can’t come to terms with their own sexuality.

Of interest to me, the apparent “star of the show,” is my governor, Republican Charlie Crist. Crist is (or maybe I should say was) the lead contender for senator from Florida, and had already announced that he would be laying aside his responsibilities as governor to run his senatorial election. This seemed to be part of a strategy to carry him into the White House in 2012 or 2016.

I’m thinking he shouldn’t have quit his day job.

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  1. Another good example of the sorts of undesirable characters that politics attracts and/or bends people to.
    Have you come up with any better answers for how to deal with the overall systemic problem I reduced this to the last time one of these examples came up, or instead found a more solvable restatement of the problem? I still haven’t figured a better answer than attempting to lessen the pile of disagreements that these folks exploit in their efforts to achieve and remain in power.

  2. Whoop! Grab that titty! That’s what I would have done.

    Enkidu is one of those pig-guys from Star Wars now? Lame.

  3. I see I have influenced you a tad and there’s a tiny nip-slip I see. We’re such dirty old men… well, I’m old, you’re just dirty!

  4. Whoohoo, Circe strikes again!
    Things must be grim when she’s working as a barmaid, but in today’s economy, even alluring witches with a shred of self-respect left have to accept low-paying jobs. (Otherwise she’s have a job that pays by the hour.) She probably had to sell her island after the housing market crash, too, and now it’s full of shopping centres, sorry, shopping malls.

    I hardly dare imagine what happened to all those other Heroes of antiquity. Those Greek sailors looking for the Golden Fleece (they asked for their names to be kept anonymous) now probably work nightshift as Cancan dancers in a Music Hall.
    Ohlalala! *throws some gold coins on stage* :mrgreen:

    post-scriptum: The “golden Fleece”?? Damn this innuendo!

  5. So, Enkidu is now the love-child of Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog?
    I love it! 😈

    On a related note, I saw you changed the H.O.L.E. cast page, Kevin, with updated pictures and descriptions of the characters. Nice. Now finally Martin is “out” about having being evil (an not just misunderstood) all along. Heheheh.

    But now I’m kicking myself for not saving the previous cast page to my harddrive, for archive purposes. Perhaps you could put up both on the site, Kevin, and all future ones to come, so readers can see the evolution the characters have gone through, both artistically and storywise.

    • Hunh. I didn’t think about that. I’m sure it’s web archived somewhere, but I’m not sure if I have it myself. It didn’t occur to me that anyone would want to see the old stuff.

  6. I kinda long for the days when some people could be gay, some people could hate gays (note that these groups are not mutually exclusive), and they mostly ignored each other. Or at least didn’t try to pass laws trying to enforce their point of view to the other group.

    To be clearer, I disagree with those trying to pass a law limiting the term “marriage” to opposite-gender cases, and I also disagree with those who wish to enforce upon everyone the idea that same-gender couples are automatically entitled to all the privileges of married couples. I call them “privileges” instead of “rights”, because none of those phrases in the Constitution + Amendments say ANYTHING about married couples having any special rights. Now you know how I feel about statements such as “right to health care” too… if it is really such a universal thing that “everyone” would agree then you should have no trouble amending the Constitution.

    • For Alan Turing

      Maybe you don’t know this… you’re asking for a nonexistent time when homosexuality was still underground, repressed and illegal but the laws were unenforced. Even if such could happen there are problems with laws like that and one is that they mold at least some their enforcers, which wield wide discretionary power, to be corrupt and arrogant. Another, better reason is that when people are legally guilty yet go free they are oppressed by the terror that they may be punished at any time at the whim of the enforcers or the design of others who influence them: I don’t know how you can justify either the terror or the punishment when the harm in the crime is only explainable in religious doctrine (which is not a source of legitimacy in American law, nor should be).
      The moment homosexuality is no longer illegal it’s entirely reasonable and predictable that homosexuals will seek to go further and acquire all the same rights and privileges as others have for their own formalized and informal relations–and you’ve raised no relevant, supportable reasons why they shouldn’t get them let alone be stopped from trying (which is a constitutional right already).
      Please don’t misunderstand my last paragraph: I’m not saying that it can’t be justified to deny further expansion of the rights for homosexuality beyond, “You’re not stealing anything, cheating anybody, terrorizing anybody or putting anybody in the hospital so it’s not our business to tell you not to do that,” but I haven’t heard or seen such an argument which is complete, well-supported and credible from you or anybody else.
      As regards my own opinions… I only have sub-issues to add to this debate which I think all the significantly supported public positions are irresponsibly ignoring. However, that’s further afield than I expect to go when the topics seem to be persecution, political hypocrisy and the specific example of Mr. Crist.

      Regarding your side-point of healthcare being written into the constitution, I think that a constitutional amendment may not be the best way for handling it but that people who don’t support better government intervention in American healthcare either are people who either unduly profit from the current situation or people who haven’t fully understood and applied the lessons of the California energy crisis to their own opinions.
      I would like to be polite and wait until the next time Kevin brings up that topic to treat it in detail here though.

      *If we get into non-specific taxation irregularity and fairness quibbles we’ll lose any possibility of making progress on this topic. I will admit it is fair to wonder what progress is instead of isn’t though. I certainly don’t expect we’ll be changing many people’s minds in these posts and I haven’t fully asserted the animating core of my philosophy here either. Don’t have time for my own blog or vanity-published book though. 🙁

      • Frankly, I think MARRIAGE shouldn’t necessarily be entitled to the rights and privileges that they currently seem to do. So it’s not so much a matter that I don’t think homosexual couples should have certain rights/privileges, but that I don’t think heterosexual couples should have them either. The very instituion is a mixing of church and state, so the government should stay out of it entirely as much as possible! A naive and perhaps “non-credible” view, perhaps, but it’s mine and I’ll stick to it!

        I agree to disagree about the health care mess. I feel the more centralized the solution, the more likely some bozo will come along and mess up the whole thing.

        • We’re in agreement that the current and proposed definitions of marriage all are lacking? Okay then, I find it interesting to see someone else who has similar lack of faith in that system. I am intrigued that your solution seems to be to just disestablish public legal marriage and insist on it being purely a religious thing; I’m inclined to believe that may be a good first step.

          Centralization isn’t the word for what I had in mind regarding health care. If I’m reading the trends in your beliefs correctly though it would seem that you’re generally advocating libertarianism; I’ll treat the fundamental failures of that belief system elsewhere.

          • While I agree that taking government out of marriage would be a whole lot more “equalizing,” (after all, if married couples are paying less, the unmarried singles are paying more… and the inability to find someone to marry you shouldn’t be punishable through taxes) there really is a state interest in seeing people paired off and committed. (To one another.)

  7. I hate to say it, but Enkidu DOES look like a Gammorean. Being a Star Wars fan though, I really have no issue at all with that. Weren’t orcs originally supp0sed to be pig snouted brutes anyway though? At least in old school D&D? So no real harm, other than the fat chick thing.

  8. Hi everybody! I just finished reading ALL the archives. WOW! 😯 I have been playing Vampire and D&D for a long time now and I love that there are comics too! I haven’t read all the blogs but I want to. Anyway, I just wanted to tell everybody hi and say I’m glad to be here!

    Hi! :mrgreen:

    PS I love the new Fleece!

    • Welcome to the readership! YAY!

      And, might I add – you have stamina. Whew. How long did it take you to read all the archives?

      • A few weeks. I started out reading all the blogs too, then decided to go back and read them the next time.

        Thanks for welcoming me! :mrgreen:

    • The witch you see and the witch that be may not be the same, says me.
      When do we (the people reading) roll a will save Kev?

      • Wait a minute… the witch we see isn’t the one with… bees… something that isn’t… what?

        Um… I’ll get back to you.

        • Okay, okay, I admit it was harder to read than most of Robert Burns’ work. Mea culpa, I followed substandard inspiration and made a mess.
          I’m suggesting that our tavern witch doesn’t actually look anything like that and instead some sort of illusion, mindwarping, shapeshifting or other form of alteration or misrepresentation is at work here.

          • I figured, heh. It’s just so easy to get you to backtrack. LOL!

            I think that Rose is a master of transmogrification, not illusion, and even if she isn’t supposed to look anything like this… well… she does now.

          • I can’t help it, my parents were murdered during the fall of Troy and I was floated down a river in a bassinet. Unlike my brothers Romulus and Remus who got raised by a feral she-wolf and got to found Rome, I fell through a timewarp and got raised by feral Canadians instead–I have to suppress the urge to apologize when someone takes a swing at me.
            No rape, murder, plunder and conquest for me. *sigh*

  9. well now endiku looks like the orcs im used to (pig faced brutes like tim said) as for the witch working as a barmaid well thats just her day job (obviously she knows polymorph other [oh and nice nipple slip thats awesome woooo nudity]) the great thing about 1st edition orcs is they were not that powerful but they had numbers. i dont know how many times i hurt (or even killed) a high lvl party with a few hundred of them.i killed a 9-11 lvl party of about 10 chars plus about 250 dwarves in a mountain stronghold with 5000 orcs (it was an invasion scenario using the original greyhawk maps {think helms deep on a smaller scale}) mind you they did good taking out more than half but the orcs eventually won. it was an awesome fight

    • Yeah, you’re going to start seeing a bit more adult language and occasional nudity in the strip. This isn’t because I’m pandering to any particular fan base, but because I like cussing and naked people, and I’m trying to make the strip more about what I like rather than what’s “safe.” I think it should actually improve the quality of what’s here instead of cheapening it… but I could be deluding myself.

      • Well, if marvel can go away with the cover for Heroes for Hire #13, you should have absolutely no problem at all. Or not, censorship being what it is

      • “Yeah, you’re going to start seeing a bit more adult language and occasional nudity in the strip.”

        Great. Just what everyone wants to see – Morty naked. 😉

  10. Well, it’s about time someone produced some rule 34 on your stuff. Way to carpe that diem!

  11. Well, he’s technically still an orc (never used this politacally corrects humanoids orcs you have today. Pig orcs looked more dangerous).