512 – You Can’t Go Back: 19


Behaving Like a Sim3pleton

Lena bought the Sims 3 for us to play on her iPhone and my iPod Touch a few days ago. I figured what the hell, it’s something to do while she’s in the bathroom at Zaxby’s, and I’ll be back to Solitaire soon enough.

I am afraid that I severely misjudged my threshold for spending my real life playing my fake one.

Sims 3 for the iPhone is a solid game, and an awesome deal for $10. The iPhone version kicks the pants off of Sims 2 for the computer. (For me anyway. Sims 2 never caught me at all. I tried to play it, but it seemed too technical somehow. Not as much fun.) I’ve only been playing intermittently for a few days, but I’m already a master fisherman, City Councilman, and am sleeping with my boss… which helps you get promotions!

The game is simplified considerably for the iPhone, but it is still more than deep enough to keep someone like me plenty occupied. The skill-ups in the game come with cute little mini game style challenges for the player, like swinging your lure around to catch fish, shaking pots back and forth on the stove to cook, and replacing circuitry to repair. They aren’t exactly challenging, but they make pursuing the skills a lot more interesting than watching your sim read a book.

Mostly I think what I love is the thought of a portable Sims game. I probably would have put up with a few faults in the gameplay to have that. Happily I didn’t have to!

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  1. Hi Kevin, welcome to computer addicts anonymous.
    I am an anonymous coward and my addiction is my job.
    Since I’m a longtime member let’s not bore all the regulars with my problems–there’s nothing new to report this week.

    • Hi, my name is SQLGuru. I am a computer and video game addict. I am a proud member since Atari 2600 and C=64!

        • I’ve been defeated, someone took my sarcastic joke seriously so now I guess I have to put up:
          Commodore PET and Atari 400, I’ve cycled the entire colour list through multiple times on centipede, won serious tournaments playing Doom 2, racked up 4-figure killcounts per half-hour match in the original unreal tournament, and given up videogaming to pursue my love of making computers do more and more of my work for me.

        • I recall taking computer programming in high school and spending many a class period doing nothing but playing a Star Trek game on the TRS-80. Everyone who played it would routinely hack the code to get unlimited photon torpedoes and just go around blowing up M-class planets. 🙂

  2. do any of ya’ll remember the odessey 2000? it came out in the early 70’s it had pong, tennis, squash, and jai alai. it was the first home video game system. my dad bought one (i was pretty young im in my early 40’s now) and it was the shit. we used to play it all the time. when i was in junior high (middle school now) i got the first atari with combat and air sea battle. that was the shit. after that we had most of the game systems that came out (except for the intellevision and activision systems) had a trash 80 , commodor 64 ,the apple. its amazing how far technology has gone just for home entertainment. hell how many of ya’ll remember space invaders? we also had colecovision all the nintendo’s and the genesis. i even had a job working for tengen game corp. i was a tester i got to play games that were never released and some that were. my job was to play a certain game for 8 hrs a day 5 days a week until it was played for 200 hrs total to check for bugs and errors and i was paid 9.00$ an hr (this was in 1992 in milpitas ca.) man those were good times. i often wish i still had that job

  3. System 80! The TRS 80 clone in New Zealand! I loved Star Trek. You can still have it, I found an emulator and the games on the web about six months ago. I’ll post the link when I get home. I can strongly recommend Outhouse to waste a lot of time on. Disintegrate the squatters before they use all your toilet paper!

    I wrote some machine code games, including a cool Tron-style disk game, but foolishly dumped all my floppies, never thinking about “computer emulators”. But I have the hard copy, and one day, I might get around to recompiling them.

    Lesson learned: Never, ever, throw out software. It WILL become useful again

  4. I remember playing games on commodore 64 and I’m 23! It’s still operable too, sitting at my parents, not getting much love. I also think my cousins had an atari, don’t know which, but it was pretty fun. We never did buy things brand new unless necessary, so a lot of my childhood was spent tinkering with and/or fixing old electronics and even complex machines(cars etc).

  5. I also found the iPhone version of Sims 3(iPod Touch, in my case) surprisingly good. The graphical quality’s decent, and the game plays okay for the most part. The only thing that disappoints me is, there’s no house building mode. I can move the furniture around but I can’t, to the boundaries of my knowledge, mess with the floor plans. Aside from lighting virtual caricatures of famous political figures on fire, the big draw of the game to me was designing your virtual dream mansion.

    I understand that a proper build interface might not work smoothly on the iPhone’s 3.5″ touch screen, but I bought the game hoping it’d be included. I’m not saying it’s a bad game because of that omission, I’m just a little bumed that it wasn’t included in the game.

    I’m a 90s baby. 1990. The first video game system I’ve messed with was an old NES, and the odd round of Blobbo on my mom’s system 7 powerbook.