511 – You Can’t Go Back: 18


Whoops! The Accidental Suicide of David Carradine

I really liked David Carradine. My granddad and I used to watch Kung Fu together when I was a kid, and I grew up with plenty of awful yet playfully watchable Carradine movies. When I got a little older I found even more of David’s work to enjoy. The movies weren’t any better really, but now they had boobies in them.

Carradine did manage to make a few important films that contained deep pools of talent even if they lacked the big budgets… but I never cared for those as much. Important movies rarely seem as entertaining as shlocky sword and sorcery or martial arts fests.

David Carradine was recently found in a Bangkok hotel room hanging naked from cords around his neck and genitals. Given Carradine’s long history with autoerotic asphyxiation, you can probably guess what happened. (Or in case you can’t, autoerotic asphyxiation is generally performed by tying yourself around the neck to a higher support and lowering yourself until you cannot breathe. Next you masturbate while your brain asphyxiates. Now I like many flavors of kinky, but since you usually don’t hear about autoerotic asphyxiation unless someone has just died from it, I think I’ll sit this one out.)

I’m writing this because many folks think that David intentionally committed suicide. I think that having a dirty jerk-off in a hotel closet is a whole lot less horrible than purposefully leaving a wife and kids without a husband or dad. While some might find it unseemly, I know if it were me I’d rather people knew the truth.

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15 Responses to 511 – You Can’t Go Back: 18

  1. I thought he had been murdered, honestly. It sounded too wierd to be suicide. This makes much more sense. Thanks for telling me.

  2. *sigh* You know it’s going to be a long day when you suddenly feel yourself agree with people who would rather you stopped breathing over what’s needlessly indulgent behaviour.

  3. Well, I heard about that story a week ago, wasn’t sure if it was true, but I guess that since it has been featured on HOLE, I guess it must be.

    It is a shame that he had to go in such an ignoble way at a ripe old age.

    I find that tags for this comic interesting:
    “Tagged as: autoerotic asphyxiation, Bunker, David Carradine, Jerry the Bartender, Masturbation, Rose, The Whip”

    Could they be any more weird?

    Now, based on your comments on the voting thing, you have a cat, dog, fish, what next a goat?


      • Someone might be extremely disappointed that you did not draw Bunker in an autoerotic asphyxiation scene, I’m just sayin’. I can imagine the eager web-searcher:

        “No WAY!! There’s actually a match for ‘Bunker’, ‘heroes of lesser earth’, AND ‘autoerotic asphyxiation’?! This is a dream come– oh MAAAAAAAAAN! Not another false hope…”

  4. This is the same bar that Erias was hanging out/hiding in at the beginning of the comic? Is this a new bartender? I thought the other guy was white.

    I like the new serving wench! She’s hot!

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the creepiest thing about David Carradine is the fact that he was a modern-era, professional yellowface actor. I didn’t even know who he was (not a Kill Bill fan) until the obits came out, and I did a huge “WTF?” when I found out that he was a white man who played mystical Kung Fu Asians for his career. Google David Carradine and yellowface for an eyeful.

    Maybe some good will come out of this, such as people being a little more careful with their potentially deadly kinks. No hanging yourself, no plastic bags on the heads kids – haven’t you tried just holding your breath?! 😕

    • Slim hope as far as I can see: This kind of thing has been featured on various drama television series–when Law and Order does an episode on someone dressing up a murder as autoerotic asphyxiation (which I haven’t seen but suspect they’ve done by now since it’s been running {is it still? I don’t really care} for years) I’m pretty sure public awareness of the dangers of choking yourself to get high is about as high as it’s going to get.
      I just hope that increased acceptance of this kind of crap will lead to those with these tendencies self-culling from the genepool.

      • There was an X-Files on it too.

        The FBI reports somewhere between 500 and 1,000 American deaths a year (98% male) from autoerotic asphyxiation, so it’s not as big a killer as say, Cheetos. Plus, most families will play it off as suicide… which it kinda is, even if unintentional. In any case, it just doesn’t get a lot of press.