505 – You Can’t Go Back: 12


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A few Sundays ago, newly minted Democrat Senator Arlen Specter promoted his new website, specterforthecure.com. His claim was that the new site was there to increase funding for cancer and other medical research. At first blush, the site (which has no picture of Specter, but rather a young woman with red tape over her mouth and the words, “Red tape leaves medical research gasping for breath. It’s time we let loose the winds of a cure.) looks like it might actually be a site where a person could donate money to fund such research, but a closer look shows you that this is not precisely the case, but rather a place where your money would go to influencing Congress to put more money into it. 

But that wouldn’t be exactly right either.

No, specterforthecure.com is a site wholly owned and operated by Specter’s reelection campaign committee, for the sole purpose of collecting money to reelect Arlen Specter. Now Specter has apparently had a good record of voting for medical research, and maybe he would continue to do so if reelected, but this site is a sham. A ruse. A flimflam. And lest you think that this is par for the course, something that every politician does, I give you one Sheila Krumholz, executive director down at the Center for Responsive Politics. ““When you take a quick look, the focus is on finding a cure and it makes it look like a charitable organization,” said Krumholz. She went on to say that Specter’s site was “not at all common” in political fundraising. 

Now Specter does have an “official” campaign fundraising site at specter2010.com, with his picture on it and everything, just exactly like you would do if you weren’t trying to trick anyone. 

I will give Arlen full points for his correct usage of the word “moribund” on his slimy con video though. If you can’t have a soul, it’s at least good to be literate.

20 Responses to 505 – You Can’t Go Back: 12

  1. This voting incentive is the most unrealistic yet: a member of the party in a tavern? Like that is ever going to happen.

    I have been playing Neverwinter Nights, and I am getting confused by all this armour business. It makes me feel like giving a sorceror the heavy armour and tower shield proficiency and the still spell feat. This would allow me to wear full armour, and still cast spells (I think), plus have a huge armour class. Ok, so not the higher level ones, but what do you need those ones for anyway?

  2. Roleplayer: “Role Playing?” What doth be this “Role playing” of which thou speakest? I merely tell thee that we are men of might and…
    Associate Professor Evil: Get the grat out of here! I don’t have time to wax idiotic with a bunch of morons that simply tack “eth” at the end of every word and cyber with any female toons that show their belly buttons. Shoo! Scat!

    On Specter: What do you expect, honesty? He’s a politician.

    • It isn’t about what I expect. I have know for years that Specter is a slimeball. And you’re right, politician pretty much sums it up. BUT… that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t draw attention to it when they do something slimy. Maybe if the public reacted against these people for real moral slights instead of perceived ones, we could have better politicians. (Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to dream!)

  3. Yeah, the site is pretty slimy (as it’s creator), however, it does say on the donate page:

    Please contribute to Senator Specter’s re-election Committee — Citizens for Arlen Specter.

    So the site may be misleading, but it does say in plain English where the money is going. I have a much bigger problem with politicians/business/”charities” that flat out lie about the ideas/product/service you are giving money for.

  4. I have to say something, this is so dumb. I play D&D and I would never bring a fish catcher into a DUNGEON. WTF? Why is she even buying him armor? Does your retard cat write this for you? And stop with the writings under the comic. No one reads it anyways.

    • Yes, well, hello… Dick. As always, all comments are welcome… even if some are slightly less welcome than others.

      • Seems to me like every gaming group’s got one of these. To Dick’s group: We’re sorry. But we won’t take him off your hands.

        • Apparently, Dick is a Troll at best, a man who donated money to Specter (that’s a super hero name, btw) and pays to have computers pray for him at worst

  5. This situation (in the comic) does make one question why the players haven’t found a trader going back to Zobbie’s home and kicked him onto the bus. If that’s impossible or impractical they should see about training him in level 1 PC of some class.

    Regarding Mr. Specter: I am in awe of the audacity. It has become increasingly apparent over recent years that pharmaceutical manufacturers routinely hide and downplay evidence of the negative effects and (/or) lack of effectiveness of their products. It’s also known that the patent system and FDA have been molded by congress and cohorts to support the American drug companies selling these dubious drugs for over a buck a pill, or even over ten bucks a pill. I’d say Specter asking for money to support him in shilling their agenda is a good definition of chutzpah.
    Now we get to consider the issue of him and his cronies trying to mislead folks looking to support disease research into feeding his political slush-fund as well? That’s a level of combined shamelessness that is both nauseating and awe-inducing. Objectively, I guess it was only a matter of time before politicians saw the donation-fleecing industry and decided they wanted in; they did copy the publisher’s sweepstakes scam amongst many others and donations is their shtick.
    That said, the real question is, “Can we do anything about it?” I don’t have any answers I like to that question; if someone gets Arlen Specter in trouble for fraud (hypothetically, in all likelihood an effort along those lines would be fruitless) he goes down and another politician goes into his slot in the machine who will be targeted by all the same operators and parasites he is. Arlen Specter didn’t make this website himself, his faceless horde of minions did it, and if one goes after those then they just get replaced. Every piece of this vile operation is fully replaceable and the whole is self-repairing. The “nuclear option” of revolution tends to be too violent, messy, wasteful, and fully capable of generating much worse outcomes than the current situation, so let’s not kid ourselves that it’s time for that yet.
    Trying to do something about the ignorance and tribal-warfare clashes these folks feed on is the only answer I’ve got I don’t dislike and I honestly don’t see myself making any noticeable difference in my lifetime–at least by myself.

    • Zobbie is working off a 500 gp debt to the party, incurred when they paid to get him raised. (#441)

      And maybe it ain’t much, but you’re not by yourself here.

      • But it’s a whole lot easier to get him to earn that cash back by tossing him down where he lives and earns his money instead of dragging him around to places he doesn’t know to do things he has no clue about; mind you the players don’t seem to be smart enough to figure out he’s probably not even worth having around as a meatshield.

  6. Maybe Zobbie’s going to play a bigger part soon. None of the party seem to have noticed his increased INT score since he ate the pellican.

  7. In response to Dick DoGood: I take that to be personally offensive. I consider myself to be somebody, and I read every one of Kevin’s blogs under the comic, so if you don’t feel like you have the time then don’t but please keep it to yourself. As for the comic, every gaming group needs an NPC to catch arrows and test trapped doors for them. So there’s your use for a fish catcher.

    Anyway, far as the blog goes, I never give people money anyway. I don’t honestly think they’re even looking for a cure to cancer when simply treating it is so much more lucrative. For all the times people do beat it though, I’m more than happy for them. Using a fake site to make money for a reelection campaign is pretty low, even for a politician. Just gives us great ideas for gaming campaigns though. “You come across a poster recently nailed to a tavern door. On it is written in bold lettering ‘Tired of seeing your fellows wiped out by plague? Give to the Temple of The Light that they may use your donations to find a cure.’ In small print at the bottom however, you notice a disclaimer stating that all donations go to Lord Mercurio to fund his annual hunting trip, where he may or may not find some herbs to help cure the plague.”