498 – You Can’t Go Back: 05



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A little bit of possibly good news from New York… at the end of January the New York legislature received a proposed budget from the Governor that would cut state funding to 76 zoos, botanical gardens, and aquariums by 9.1 million dollars. Zoos suddenly faced the very real prospect of having to divest themselves of a portion of the charges entrusted to their care as they would no longer be able to afford to keep them. The New York State Budget Office released a statement saying that the cutbacks were “regrettable but necessary,” and the stimulus package expressly forbids it’s money being used to patch up budget shortfalls. It seemed that doom was certain.

Then the Bronx Zoo released these… it’s secret weapons.


As you can tell in the extremely irritating boxes that some happy goof placed over the movies, enough signatures were collected as a result of the Bronx Zoo and the New York Aquarium’s campaign to force the New York State legislature to rethink their position and let the cute little critters stay.

In general I think this is all well and good… though it makes me uneasy not knowing who got extra budget cuts in favor of porcupines. What do YOU think?

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  1. Given that it’s New York. I would vote for some of that money that was going to the Wall Street Bailout would be the best area to cut back from in order to save these adorible little critters. ^_^

  2. Go, Morty, go! I had almost forgotten he was a cleric. “Cause Fear.” heheheh :mrgreen: I wish Morty still had his trollish regeneration powers, then Swillsberne would be in for even more of an unpleasant surprise.

    Why do I have the sneaking suspicion Swillsberne is trying to (figuratively) stab Vorpine in the back? He’s usually too smart to be that careless with information… Let’s hope his sweet-talking powers and roguish charm work on Velvet, or he’s toast.

  3. A common misconception is that when people talk of budget cuts, pepople think it means that money will be taken away from these projects. Quite the contrary. The government, despite the fact of “budget cuts”, has never actually taken money away from any project. In the budget, these projects are already guarunteed the money that they had been approved to spend last year, not once has a budget cut taken away funds that was actually approved and spent previously. The budget cuts are actually cutting additional monetary funds to be added this year to spend for projected inflation and increase of costs. They haven’t lost any money from this, just potential money that would have been added.

    • Well Glinch, while that’s technically true, it doesn’t address the problem.

      F’rinstance, let’s say I run a police department on $100 a year. I am slated to get $100 next year as well to continue running it. However, the overall budget drops by $20 and the city council thinks that rather than cut the zoo’s budget and send some penguins to a zoo in Egypt, they’re going to cut mine. Next year rolls around and I have $80 to run my $100 police department. (Happily I can just fire all the cops who covered the zoo, and then laugh over my coffee and donuts when all their penguins get stolen by Al-Fatah.)

      So you see, even though no one goes in and takes money back that they had already given out, people still lose when budgets get cut. They lose their raises, or their benefits, or their jobs. And all that porcupine is gonna do is stab you in the hand. Stupid porcupine.

      • A more common example is the police force that has 100$ to run things and says they need 20$ (for a total of 120$) in order to protect us agaist a crime wave that doesn’t exist because crime has been in a long term downtrend for decades. The police always say things are getting worse and they need more money, whether or not that is actually the case. Far from getting a cutback, all that has to happen is that the police don’t get the annual incease that they always ask for to fight the latest wave of horrible things that are happening. Just take the 20$ increase they claim to need and put that towards the zoo.

        Another example of where the justice system can cut back is the penal system. The USA also spends way to much with the incarceration of criminals. While I understand the desire for vengeance, on the part of victims, the role of the justice system should not be focused on the punitive. Now that the country is in a recession, the lowering of draconic sentencing could be looked as as a way to save money. Being “Tough on crime” has not shown itself to be the most effective tactic. No matter how much the police love to use it. Cut prison sentences, add a porton of the savngs on rehabilitation and call it good.

        The war on drugs could also be a good place to save. Recall that prohibition was tolerated until the great depression made it too costly to continue. It was then abandoned. I don’t think we would want to go back to how it was, as a general rule. Drugs may very well be in the same boat. Now, we start to hear rumblings that California might go this route. If they do, others may follow. It’s as good a place as any to cut.

        Also, don’t forget all that money the police and FBI are getting to monitor out phone calls or some other unconstitutional use of survailence. What was that again? Obama originally was against this use of police powers and then changed his mind after he realized that he didn’t need their support anymore? There was a petition? I don’t quite recall but that would probably be a good place to cut as well.

        Or, you know, we could stop using tens of trillions of dollars to bail out banks.

        • The Drug War is a Failed Joke. Legalize & Tax!

          Top Cash Crops in the United States (Average Value 2003 – 2005)

          Average Rank
          Crop Production Value ($1000s)
          1 Marijuana $35,803,591
          2 Corn $23,299,601
          3 Soybeans $17,312,200
          4 Hay $12,236,638
          5 Vegetables $11,080,733

  4. @Glinch Kinda, but not really… The cuts do affect the amount of money available to programs and services that are provided by government and contract organizations. Growth is not a guarantee and many programs are not funded by stable allotments. Cutting ten percent of a budget will not take affect till the next budget cycle, but at that point, yes those programs funds are cut ten percent. What usually happens is lobbyist and legislators scramble to find other sources of income to make up the gap to keep services and programs available. Problem is, that money has to come from somewhere, and it’s usually levy’s or taxes. The biggest problem with these great sweeping cuts is they tend to cut programs that are ‘invisible’. Things that people rely on but don’t hear about.

    As for the comic… roflmao AHHH door knobs! hehehee

  5. The budget cut reminds me of the movie Fierce Creatures. I would have put an elephant with the runs in the Gov’s office, but it looks like the videos did the job.

    It has been too long that I looked at the cleric spell lists, nice use of a simple spell.

  6. ha ha i love the use of that spell it prompted me to add that to my own arsenal of spells (im a grey elf mage in our game made lvl 13 last night woooooo i can do 6th lvl magic) im awesome now.

    the city i live in in south texas has been constantly raising our property taxes every year to reflect property values which they of course set. my house at has gone from 87k in 2002 to almost 150k in 2009(which is good in a stable market) and im paying taxes accordingly. the only problem is that my house although appraised at 150k isnt worth 115k due to market value, but i still pay for a 150k house. this is a probem that has been affecting our fair city for years and even though we change city officials its not going away. it would be ok if the funds went to a city project we could be proud of like new parks or someting like that (or even beach cleanup) but we paid for 2 stadiums(one for sports one for entertainment).i guess that both are ok but this city has never supported a sports team (weve lost most of our city teams due to lack of attendance) and were a smaller city so we dont get good acts at the arena very often and the building is square so the accoustics suck and we have 3 other places that events were held like concerts.every time this city talkes about budget cuts i know that my taxes are going up again.frankly im getting tired of it because my payscale is not.

  7. it just occurred to me that the players would already know this important information about Berel if they had BOTHERED TO LISTEN TO THE GM’S NPC story.

    The GM is giving information they should already know. They don’t so he’s trying to give them in information in another way. It’s sad that the GM has to resort to pretending that it’s a secret in order for them to listen to it.

    Stupid players. 😛