497 – You Can’t Go Back: 04


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In a report published by the The International Journal of Press/Politics, Heather L. LaMarre, Kristen D. Landreville, and Michael A. Beam describe a survey of Ohio State University students asked about their political philosophy and the Colbert Report. Surprisingly both liberals and conservatives thought Colbert was equally funny, only for drastically different reasons.

Liberals appreciated Colbert’s comedy at face value, but conservatives didn’t seem to understand that they were being made fun of. They preferred to believe that Colbert was hiding a secret anti-lefty agenda, and only seeming to attack the right… to whom he owed his true allegiance.

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    • Maybe they have Andrew, but that isn’t what the study was about. This was only whether or not they realized that someone else was laughing at them. The problem therein being the inability to realize that you are ridiculous. (Not you you, you meaning them. Them are ridiculous.)

  1. You have no way of knowing that this comic drops a cold icy yiffing marital aid squarely athwart TWO of my raw nerves.

    Nerve number one: Furries. Now I’m a pretty cosmopolitan guy, and, really, there’s not a lot that bothers me. And intellectually, I know I shouldn’t be bothered. I mean, hot guy-on-guy action? Whatever. BBW porn? Hey, if that’s your thing, knock yourself out. Necrophilia? Ick, but I can contemplate it fearlessly. Tentacle hentai? Sorta hot, if I’m drunk. Which I am a lot, so there you go.

    But….furries skeeve me out. I don’t know why. It doesn’t make any goddamn sense. But there you have it.

    Nerve number two: so, during my vacation in the Dominican Republic with my friends a couple years ago, I had even more way too many rum and tonics than usual at the pool bar one afternoon, and had a blackout. I came out of it at dinner, with a half-eaten steak in front of me, and apparently spent the rest of dinner asking plaintively, “how did I get here? How did I get my pants on?” (Apparently, I didn’t emerge from the blackout ALL AT ONCE, but, yeah, in my memory, the day goes straight from “drinking at the pool bar” to “eating steak,” and the intervening four hours are a total mystery.)

    So you can see why this comic, with its unsavory implication that there’s a connection between the two, drives a giant furry dong right into the tremulous sphincter of my deepest fears. What are you gonna do for an encore, Kevin? Spiders? Babies? Clowns? Spiderbaby clowns?

    Your cousin

    • As creepy and weird as Furries might be, at least they’re better than Plushies.

      But, the good (and funny) thing about furries, is that before the amateur websites popped up with the host of poorly lit movies showing some dude dressed as a porpoise with his wiener hanging out banging some chick in a spotted leopard costume, the word “furry” referred to a specific type of anthropomorphized animal cartoon… anywhere between Bloom County and Omaha Cat Dancer. That way I get to hook two tropes at once and knock them against each other.

      In case you were wondering, Plushies are people who have eliminated the middle… person… and just have sex with stuffed toys.