495 – You Can’t Go Back: 02


Thanks to you guys, Top Web Comics is now my number one source of referrals, outstripping everywhere else online I get visitors from. This is entirely because of you folks voting for HOLE every day. I cannot say thanks enough times.

This may be my favorite YouTube video ever. (It’s about squirrels, in case anyone wanted to yell at me for showing them something that was “cute” without warning.)

13 Responses to 495 – You Can’t Go Back: 02

  1. If squirrels ever apply as contestants for that Samurai Games gameshow [*] we humans are in big trouble.

    [(*) or whatever it’s called, it’s that more hardcore, athletic sports version of Takheshi’s Castle that I recently saw here in Germany. Dunno if German TV programmers bought the show idea from Japan or USA, or if it’s genuinely something a German TV producer came up with.]

  2. What’s with the new, non-sleazy outfit, Swillsberne? You’re disguised as a musketeer now? With an evil goatee? And a horrible hat? Someone call the fashion police ASAP! :mrgreen:

    • LOL, don’t worry, he’s still the same old Swill, he’s just working for a Pope now. The symbol on the front of his tabard is the symbol of Berel… he probably thinks he’s a paladin or something.

      Swill always had unkempt looking whiskers on his chin, but they were never very well cared for. I bet he has a special halfling slave just for trimming his beard now.

  3. Bushy tailed devil monkeys! I’ve actually watched those shows about people who set up those elaborate obstacle courses for squirrels. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one that the little buggers couldn’t figure out. The comic was great, as usual, and I got my vote in for the day. Glad you’re getting more traffic, this site definitely deserves it.

    @ Christina: I think the show is called Ninja Warrior. Leastways that’s the one I’ve seen on G4, the geek channel. Far as I know it’s a Japanese show that they dubbed in English, or Deutsch for you in Germany, so that we can all enjoy people falling on their heads off of crazy obstacles.

  4. So I just voted again and there was a pic of Martin arguing with a rather Punkish looking Fleece. Or so I assume. A sketch from an as yet unreleased comic, it said. Oooooooh!

  5. Hey lookee lookee I just voted. That was easy. That is awesome. Methinks it’s the same Brit couple that developed the perfect bird feeder / squirrel defense after many amazing squirrel videos. Hey kids, guess who the squirrels remind you of? Makin’ off with the PayDay and all. It’s YOU!!! 🙂 YOU WERE MADE TO BE A SLAVE:)
    have fun with that