493 – Grasshopper: 05


I am SO amazed at how much you guys have voted for me at Top Web Comics! We have gone from 342 to 84 (Edit: 72!!) in THREE DAYS! Simply incredible. By voting every day you are becoming a very real part of HOLE’s success. I cannot thank you enough!

Nicholas Adornetto walked into a Wal-Mart April 22nd and meandered over to the sporting goods section. There he found himself an adequate looking baseball bat and wandered over to electronics… where he went a bit postal on about $13,000 worth of flat screen televisions. He said he was angry at the government and at being unemployed. Now he can add “in jail” and “$13,000 further in debt” to the list.

Maybe he should have written a letter.

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  1. Wow. Using a single at-will power, she slays a landshark in a single panel? That must have been one heck of a handjob! πŸ˜€

  2. “in jail” is my backup retirement plan. Nothing major, something *not* involving computers cause I’ll need my fix. Just a minimum security jail with free room and board to live out my retirement. Granted, this is only if my 401k doesn’t get to the level I need and I run short of money……

  3. Do you know, I’m thinking about what that guy did, and I’ve decided it is almost actually worth it. Yes, a jail sentence is a jail sentence, but $13000 is just a fraction of most people’s debts these days.

    And imagine how good it must feel to total so many expensive TVs!

  4. I’ve felt like doing that since they went to digital broadcast TV.
    But it does make sense in a adverse way to shunt the TV to digital and open the analog channels to emergency services, since the digital network doesn’t work worth a damn.

  5. At the risk of almost going off-topic, my father, who works for the US Post Office, takes offense whenever anyone makes reference to “going postal.” But don’t worry. He doesn’t read webcomics, so you’re safe, Kevin!

  6. Excuse me esteemed webmistress, in my 1024×768 firefox window the new tagcloud on the right writes itself over top of the comic image.
    Yes, I know, I’m a primitive savage for using as my monitor one of those radioactive CRT devices like your grandparents used to use to watch “television.”

    • Well…poop. I’m going to check it out in Firefox on my mac and pc so I see the problem, and then, I’ll just remove it until I figure out how to fix it. Not sure anyone cares about the tag cloud anyway. Stay tuned. And thank you for telling me!

    • I just did some tweaking. Did that fix it for you? Let me know. If not, I’ll just remove it while I fix it. My stupid PC won’t boot up to check right now. Damn migrations.

      • Now the tag cloud is mostly grey but it’s otherwise unchanged… tell me how you’d like me to get a screenshot to you if you think you need one.

  7. The screen is very large. I can’t see the page from left to right instantly, and have to scroll, sometimes even to read a single line πŸ™

    • Technical issues are really for the Suggestion Box.

      Since you asked though, the size of the website was chosen to accommodate the highest percentage of user screens, while making the comic itself as large as possible. The comments section is only 800 pixels across, which is Very Small. If your monitor is bigger than 800 pixels wide, you may be experiencing a browser issue. In that case, leave a message for Lena in the Suggestion Box telling her what kind and version of browser you’re using, so she can see if she can fix the problem.

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    Methinks TWC needs to reconsider their scheme here. That’ll be 3 votes in 1 day.

    • I *think* they have set times for resets. Although, I believe you can vote twice a day. Sometimes it says “vote again in 5 hours” or “vote again in 15” or other times. Not sure how they are doing it. But, it is a bit odd. πŸ˜•