489 – Grasshopper: 01


Because some folks have asked, I thought I’d mention the ranking button over there on the side of this page and why it could become important to this site.

When you click the button you are taken to the Top Web Comics site. This is a comics ranking site that many people use to find new web comics to read, or even as a base page to hit all their favorites. (If they don’t know how bookmarks work…) Anyway, the comics are ranked according to how many votes they get in a month, and the top 100 comics hit the site’s front page… which is really all most people ever look at anyway.

As of this writing, I am number 342, which puts me on page four and in relative obscurity. However, should I ever make it under 100, more people will start seeing us, hits will go up, ad revenue will rise, I will get invited to do podcasts and go to conventions, and I will finally be able to publish my books with Diamond Distributors, making the past three and a half years of doing this much less of a financial sink than it has been thus far. (I won’t say “worthwhile” because it’s already been that. I love doing this comic, and I especially love getting to chat with so many of you every day.)

For your part, voting with that little rank button takes between 10 and 15 seconds and is completely free… they don’t even collect any personal info beyond your IP to make sure folks don’t spam the votes. You can do it every day and it while it’s a tiny investment of time on your part, it makes a HUGE difference to me. So why not spread the love?

23 Responses to 489 – Grasshopper: 01

  1. I have never used the “top webcomics” or any other ranking site’s listings to find webcomics to read; comics like Candi (http://www.candicomics.com/) always do better on such listings than more niche works like this one. Getting your website plugged or link-exchanged through supply of guest-comics and “fan art” to more popular works in or near your niche (or with a similar sense of humour) probably would work better. A list of near-niche targets from my bookmarks (besides the OotS and True Magic) includes: http://www.darthsanddroids.net/, http://jackofallblades.com/, http://www.weregeek.com/, http://www.dumnestorsheroes.com/, and maybe http://www.legendofbill.com/… sadly, most of these aren’t especially popular so you will probably have to venture further out of niche or do (subcontract) better research.
    As positives you’ve already got a strip that (1) updates regularly, (2) doesn’t have animu style, and (3) does what it’s supposed to do pretty well. This should be a reasonably easy strip to market.
    Good luck, I’d love to see this strip have more traffic than Dominic Deegan or Ctrl+Alt+Del even though it would mean you’d probably have to put a more secure login on your comments/forums so I wouldn’t post anymore.

  2. The love shall be spread. To be honsest, I never even saw that button all squished in there until now…

    Commence love spreading!

  3. Speaking of bookmarking, what system does everyone use to bookmark their favorite webcomics….and does anyone have a good cross-browser bookmark synching tool?

    I’ve started organizing my bookmarks by update day. I’ve got folders for each day of the week and if a comic updates on that day, I have a book mark there (yes, I get duplicates — HOLE is in 5 subfolders). Then, I have three extra folders (Reading, Pending, and Dead). Reading is for comics that I’m still going through the archive, Pending is for comics that looked interesting based on banner ads, referrals, etc. and Dead are for comics that haven’t updated in a couple of months and I assume are dead (but I keep the link just in case).

    I really need a good program to synch my bookmarks with work (forced to use IE) and home (Chrome, Firefox), but I’d like to selectively pick the folders to sync (my comics links, but not my work links, etc.)

  4. I pretty much only read comics with an RSS feed these days. I have folders in my mail program that light up when one comes through, and I just hit the link there. I do bookmark (normally) comics who’s archives I’m going through in a comics folder in my browser… but that’s the closest thing I have to a “system.”

    P.S. RSS feeds are a tremendous boon to comics. For instance, one of my favorite comics is Order of the Stick. (Duh.) However, Rich is so undependable with the thing as to make it practically unreadable without an alert system of some kind. With RSS however, he can be as chaotic with his schedule as he wants and it doesn’t matter one bit. When he makes a new one, I get a ping, and I go check it out. No more checking in every morning for two weeks at a time for the next update! WOOT!

  5. My vote has been cast! πŸ™‚

    I use an online bookmark manager for all my comics (and some other stuff), http://www.murl.com. I’ve had an account there for YEARS now, since my mid-twenties when I was still very… vagrant (read: irresponsible and couch-surfing). I didn’t have my own computer, but I needed someplace to keep track of my favorites sites. I have several folders there, and named the links according to update scheduled (ex. MTWThF Heroes of Lesser Earth). And you can make it public to share with others. Feel free to check mine out: http://public.murl.com/meija

  6. My system is a page of comics links on my personal website. I don’t update it often (it still links to Chainmail Bikini), but since I do get at least a little bit of traffic, I figure it helps promote those comics I think are link-worthy.

    HOLE is at the top of that list, incidentally.

  7. Argh, ye slimy wash-bucket, yar vote be cast!

    I felt all pirate-ty for some unknown reason… and CRAP someone beat me to it already. Damn your eyes!!

    I use Google Reader and subscribe to RSS feeds. But for Mr. Hole here I’ve added a convenient link on my comic page so I can get here without having to do the Reader thing at all.

    OH, and come one, not one hand job joke amongst us? Hmmm…??

  8. I’m concerned the Lizard King arc ended rather abruptly! I still can’t work out whether King Jim was dead or just stoned off his face.

    And is Enkidu going to be a girl now for the next 600 strips until you turn him into a furry? Will Morty ever get to be a plain old dwarf again?

    If you want to get votes, ya gotta give your audience what they want. So the next strip better be called Fleece, Freya and Velvet Get It On!

  9. Hey! Look at that ranking counter go! It’s already at 142! That’s 200 places in a day! You GO, guys! Double-WOOT!

  10. Duly Voted as well. For me I am really trying on Mr. Wong Bookmarks right now – I like that I can get it from any computer with just a login and I can keep up with my marks on Mac on PC, IE, Firefox – but I don’t think they have a support for Chrome.

    HEY it’s up near 130 now… can’t wait to vote again tomorrow. We will, We will ROCK YOU! bummm bummm boom…


  11. With that kind of outfit, I am thinking. . .sorcereress? Maybe druid because of the green.

  12. Now I have this warm fuzzy feeling that whenever I’m online I vote religiously on every webcomic I read and like (provided it has a vote button).

    Wait, Freya is changing class? What to? Monk?(*) Ranger? Did I miss something?

    The way Freya is drawn in this strip looks… odd. I dunno. Her face looks very puffy and mannish.
    But I wonder where this is going. If at some point Martin’s ass is getting a well-deserved kicking, I’ll be happy. :mrgreen:

    (*) The “grasshopper” title. That is a clue, right?