482 – The Lizard King: 09


The New York Times city room has spotted the earliest known use of an emoticon in the english language. The abuser was none other than the Uncle of our Country, President Abraham Lincoln. The sideways winkey-face was written into Lincoln’s speech where he hoped people might be laughing at his jokes. 

This is no surprise to me personally, as Lincoln is by far the most 1337 of all our presidents, being the only one to ever appear in Star Trek.


12 Responses to 482 – The Lizard King: 09

  1. I disbelieve. My gut just screams hoax, probably because the internet is involved in any way, shape, or form. Also because it’s too perfect. Now if it was traced to a shithead like Jackson, that I would believe.

  2. I would say it is a typo. After all, the other side is a curved bracket as well.

  3. *Whines* I wanna see Lincoln on Star Trek.
    Oh, wait…TNG? When Data is dealing to Einstein and them? Or am I getting mixed up? THAT was great, too.


    PS~ The most 1337…? Did I miss something?