480 – The Lizard King: 07


According to an article in the occasionally dubiousΒ New York Post,Β once well-paid women the city over are losing their jobs to the recession, and taking jobs as strippers, exotic dancers, and “massage girls.” Real estate workers are particularly hard hit, according to club owners. Many of these women are reporting greatly increased incomes compared to what they were making at their banking, real estate, or other professional jobs.

Now while I’m sure you all agree with me that it is grossly unfair that these women should be given cushy pole-dancing jobs while their male ex-bosses are lucky to be the new fry cooks at McDonald’s, I’d like to make a different observation. Traffic into these clubs is making a sharp increase, due to people’s need to find a place to escape… an island of fantasy amid the dark and dismal realities we all now face. I would like to observe that this comic offers just as much escapism as any Manhattan strip club, and at a much more reasonable price.

So guys, whenever you see something you like here, send me a dollar in the post. Ladies, if you’ve recently lost your jobs, come hang out naked at my house instead of a strip club, and I’ll pay you from the singles I get in the mail. Absolutely everyone wins!

11 Responses to 480 – The Lizard King: 07

  1. Yeah, I was also wondering what Lena would have to say to that. Of course, this could be the thing to make me rejoin Lloyd’s game… πŸ˜‰

  2. What? Who hates nekkid wimmins? Lena won’t mind!

    (Wait… was this something I should have discussed beforehand?)

  3. I don’t see where there should be any issues at all. But if it turns out Lena won’t get behind your new program, I’m sure I can talk Tonya into letting you keep the nekkid wimmins at our place. πŸ˜›

  4. Oh, I’m sure a few unemployed firemen would be happy to join in on the festivities at your house, Kevin, and I’m sure your wife would not mind that at all. From what I’ve seen, women go NUTS at those clubs as opposed to us men who sit and get drunk and loose all of our dollar bills.

    Houston has the best strip clubs, if anyone is asking…. πŸ™‚ Not that I’ve been in ANY of them mind you, but I was researching this project once…

    Oh, and great comic Kevin! Glad to see I’ve had an influence on you! Or were you already headed that way…. πŸ™‚

  5. Discrimination,,,,, lol. I need the dollar bills. Heck the wife just left so the extra dollars would def com in handy a few weeks and I can pay for the bankruptcy lmao.

  6. i have to agree with byron houston does have the best strip clubs ive been there. ricks cabaret is awesome

    love the peace pipe (wonder if he would share?………..)

  7. Aye, Ladies Night at the strip club is……. rowdy.

    And while the comic does indeed offer escapism, it lacks the same level of immersion, or of repeat enjoyment. Also, lack of alchol.

  8. @EcchiKitty: You read this sober?

    @Byron: I will admit that Bud and Jeff might have… leaked… a bit. but as far as heading that way? Been there and come back. Last time I lit up I sat around and watched everyone else in the room talk. My brain slowed to a complete stop and I couldn’t interact with my environment anymore. It just wasn’t any fun.

    Not that I don’t remember the bad old days when it was fun though!

  9. Run, omlette, RUN!!! *Laugh* If a lizard king called ME an omlette, stoned or not, I’d clock him. As the good little lizard looks he might.
    Depending, of course, on how lizard people see omlettes. As inexpensive food (or food that won’t put up a fight?)? Then I’d clock him. But I dunno, maybe they see omlettes as art forms. Then I’d be…flattered…I guess.
    Ah, I’d have to clock him, just to be safe. But then maybe he’d eat me.
    Problems, problems.

    @Kevin: I read this comic while sober. And I don’t have any problems at all. *Falls out of seat and twitches on floor*
    *Laughs again, at self*


  10. Yes. There is a reason that I don’t get to read Kevin’s blogs BEFORE he posts them. I’d spend 1/2 my time saying “Really? You are going to say that?” and then I would systematically be squelching everything about Kevin that attracted me in the first place.

    So, now I wait, and read, and roll my eyes. (;