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Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, or “Broken Heart Syndrome,” is a disease currently under study by doctors seeking to understand the relation between losing loved ones and the heart attack-like symptoms typical of diagnosed patients. Researchers at the Miriam Hospital have had success treating the broken hearted with aspirin, as well as other, fancier named medications to relieve them after attacks. While Broken Heart Syndrome can certainly be fatal, it is much less so than a full scale heart attack and only rarely results in death if treated immediately.

So is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Not if you wanna live, buster.

(The researchers’ report is in the April first issue of the American Journal of Cardiology. I attach no special significance to the date of the publication.)

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  1. Guess it depends how intensely you loved…
    Losing sucks, though, even if it doesn’t kill you. (says the divorced-guy-in-progress…)

  2. Sadly agreed.

    Hum… re-reading your sentence, kevin, a possible answer:
    “Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?”
    I’d say this firstly depends if you were loved back. Mutual love can bring a lot of pain when it ends, but you can consider it was worth it in the end. If you ain’t loved back, you have all the pain, and none of the joys.

  3. Love without fearing regret or loss. Those emotions only assault you if you try to hold on to what is already gone. If you love someone, truely, you can set them free and always have the love you held for them, as fresh as when it was new. It is the illusion of posession that drives us into dispair.

    As for the article, see… doctors do have a sense of humor =) My ER doc friend dressed up as the grim reaper on Haloween and they sent him home. Just proves administrations don’t have a sense of humor.

  4. I get busy for a week and what happens? You name a comic Lizard King and NO ONE brings up Jim Morrison or the Doors? COME ON!!

    I remind everyone that in “Men In Black” of K’s response to J’s stating that famous quote… and it was “Try it.” Which zings home the point exactly.

    As far as the MD dressed as Grim Reaper… now that’s funny… and unexpectedly heart attacks were up that day in the hospital…

  5. i think freyas manipulation of the dm is AWESOME i can so remember when i was young and my girlfriends(and later on my wife) would use the fact that i like sex to get ahead (heh no pun intended)in my games.although in their defence not a one has used that fact to cheat. just to merely facilitate better odds on items and treasure.

  6. My usual cure is to go listen to “Crazy” or “Bang Bang” (Nancy Sinatra’s version, not Cher’s)

  7. The stat does fail to mention that married men live longer and married women die sooner. Guys cry like babies when we get dumped, but we generally dump women for their better looking friends at the drop of the hat. Guys initiate breakups more often than girls. Getting all suicidal over a selfish hottie that dumps you is a rite of passage for guys. The truth is we suck the life out of women and always have. If only they would quit nagging us while we’re at it…

  8. Then again, they may. You may just be one of the very lucky ones, Kevin, whose relationships beat the statistics. Of course, several of my friends from high school also beat the odds this way, so who am I to say? My “representative sample” is skewed. (-: (Most of them would say that I’m skewed too, but that’s different.)

  9. Moreso, and excuse me in advance, kevin, I don’t mean this as a personnal attack at all (hell, I don’t even know you!), but you can’t base your judgment on your current actions, no more than misha can base it on his friends current behaviour.

    Sure, all is well and good, now. But can you truthfully say that you will never dump lena? Can misha’s friends say the same? You can surely hope you’ll stay happily together, and I wish you that, but… Even good people can be jerks sometimes.
    Hell, when I was in… is it high school? My best friend dumped a girl that was crazily in love with him, avenging himself on her from what his previous girlfriend (who he loved very very much) did to him. Similarly, my old scout chieftain cheated on his wife with a younger woman and almost dumped her in the end, and I can tell you they did a love mariage.

    On the other hand, C-hungers conclusions may be a little harsh, but… Something I’ve learned is that truth is always uglier than theory, and that human beings, myself included, can be very despicable people given the “right” circumstances. I just hope you’ll prove me wrong on this, I’d love it :).

  10. Well… I’d actually say you’re right, you two. Something horrible could happen that would destroy mine and Lena’s relationship the same as anyone else’s, but it’d have to be pretty significant.

    Lena and I have been married over fifteen years now, and I am in crazy-love with the girl. But in fifteen years, you see (and display) a lot of stupid. She has acted like a jerk, and so have I. But we value the relationship we have together, so we work past it. In order for something to be so bad that it drove us apart, it would have to be awful, prolonged, and deliberate. Just being a jerk one day isn’t going to run either of us off. Been there, done that.

    When you say that you can’t base a decision on your current actions, Vincent, (which I am taking to mean your current situation) I would ask you just what you’re supposed to base those decisions on? Your current situation is the constant culmination of everything that has occurred up until that point. Your past and your present. You use that to extrapolate your future. Throw that out, and no matter how canny and wise you think you’re being, you are flying blind.

    Finally, as far as that awful, prolonged, and deliberate thing popping up into your marriage? If your relationship is worth it, then you work to keep it. I never assume that something awful, prolonged, and deliberate couldn’t happen, or even that I couldn’t do it myself. Therefore, I work to ensure that it doesn’t. I care for Lena with a constant eye towards the future, towards us growing old together and maintaining a healthy marriage. I think about it, I work at it, and I try to stay on task as much as I can. And I can tell you without the slightest bit of hesitation that it’s the most worthwhile thing I do… or could even imagine doing.

    I kinda think that many relationships doom themselves by thinking that something horrible could “never” happen to them, so they don’t really guard against it. When you aren’t looking for that awful, prolonged, and deliberate thing, you aren’t going to recognize it when it shows up, and you can’t defend yourself against it.

    Another problem is folks who believe that love is enough, and will carry them through any problem. Love is great, and without it there really isn’t much point to the rest of this, but it seriously is not enough. You need work, care, and attention to make a relationship work over the long term.

    Now the upside is that if you do it right, there will never be anything in your life that can come close to being as rewarding as a well-tended relationship. Loving and being loved in return is worth more than any other thing to which you might turn your efforts. Are you going to be “despicable” at some point along the road? Is your partner? Hells yes. You are both human and stupid and occasionally an ass. But you pick each other up, dust each other off, and work it out.

    For over fifteen years now, every day I wake up I love her more.

  11. Oops did some of my personal history show through in my little rant? Yes I did indeed once dump a girl for her hotter best friend then get upset when the friend dumped me. The good news is I got lucky and ended up married to a very wonderful woman with whom I have wonderful kids, and divorce is nowhere in sight.

  12. I am the living proof of someone who thought nothing could happen to his relationship and that everything was great. Sure we had our bumps along the way but we always SEEMED to work throught them.

    Till last Thursday I come home from work and find my wife and kids..(they are actualy stepkids we had none of our own, but they are still MY kids) packed up and moved out. I had no warning and it floored me.

    I thought we were doing things right tooo…… She didn’t
    I thought calling her once or twice while I was at work was wanting to keep aware of my family and was a good thing.Since I did not see them during the day….She thought it was controling, and thats the only reason she gave me for leaving. I also found out after the fact that she had to be planning it for a while.
    She left on Thurs and moved into a new place on Sat. When she has no credit and no job. Her sister is with her, whom I had taken in with us when she had no where else to go and her disability is probably how they got the money, but you cant get an apartment in a day.

    Will this keep me from trying again? Eventualy, No.

    But I have realized even if you beleave you have a great marraige/relationship it can go south Quick. Depends on the people involed. Comunication is the key and I never could get her to comunicate with me..

    If I sound bitter I apologize as im trying hard not to be.

    Sounds like you and Lena have a great relationship with comunication, and you cant live your life as if something might happen.

    I look at the last 5 years of mine and would not trade it for the world even though the pain I feel right now is almost unbearable.

    So I fully beleave, ” It IS better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

  13. McKlear, I feel for ya. Seriously you are in “the crucible” right now. The worst part is that you loved those kids and I’m sure they miss you. The way you describe it, an ingredient is missing.

    Scenario #1: She’s just plain dumb. Found a hotter guy and / or with more money. Just. Plain. Dumb.

    Scenario #2: You really are controlling and are playing it down. Seriously it scares the shit out of people. Play nice and you may get to spend time with your family. You’re not getting her back. There are other fish in the sea. Accept it.

    Scenario #3: You’re a child molester, she was right to get away from you, and I hope she hires a hitman to kill you and you burn in Hell. If that’s not the case, I apologize. Otherwise, many tortures here await you – see you soon. Fuck You.