476 – The Lizard King: 03


Woman Sits on Chair

Princess Inca, of Peru, (real name Claudia Pacheco) in Lima Square, sat on a chair for several minutes in front of a crowd of stunned onlookers. While no one present seemed able to identify the exact manner of Princess Inca’s sitting on the chair, one professional debunker claimed to have special knowledge. “I see ‘the chair trick’ all the time,” the crusty old bastard said. “It’s all wires and mirrors. There’s a real chair alright, but no human could sit on it like that. That’s just common sense.”

Interviewed after the illusion, Princess Inca was mysteriously forthcoming. “The secret,” she told us, “is the curtain before and after the trick. That way, no one can see you getting on and off of the chair, so they have no idea how you do it.”

Well you certainly have us entranced Princess Inca. You certainly have.

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  1. Indeed. Much better than having to settle down for the assistants, actually. Wanna know something? She’s one of the few Peruvians who actually look hot. Real thing is, Peruvian women tend to look older than they appear to, so most of the really cute girls end up being jailbait. Still, it can be worse; the ones that look roughly young but not so attractive may end up being teens.

    Funny part is when one of the people around, whom they’re interviewing (in another video, apparently a fellow illusionist) says they’re doing that to promote Peru. Rather, I think they may be promoting hot Peruvian women on those Latin-American countries that suffered the ravages of a rather peculiar talk-show host, who showed Peruvian women less attractive than drag males. So far, it seems like a good job.

    On comic topic: poor, poor DM. Soon they’ll ask for candles of invocation and summoning Efreeti. Well…bring them back. I’m still stuck a bit on 3.5.

  2. All the princess did was sit on a chair behind a curtain? What was she smoking when she thought this was noteworthy?

  3. @Seth: despite being a very BAD illusion, there are lots in that audience who will claim wholeheartily that it was a “real” levitation. (sigh) I never ceases to amaze me how stupid people can be when they WANT to be.

  4. Yeesh. What’s wrong with a little suspension of disbelief? I do it every time I go to the movies to see the latest CGI spectacle. I know it’s not real, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

    Likewise, the crowd seemed entertained, so maybe by their standards it isn’t such a bad illusion. I would have to check to be absolutely sure, but I’d be willing to bet David Copperfield never performed in Lima.

  5. @ Elfguy: Oh come on, ok so she is using the cane as support, but just imagine how strong her left hand has to be to hold her up.

    That on its own is pretty impressive.

  6. From the versions of this trick that I have seen exposed, there is a strong, but slim, platform that extends from the shaft or handle of the cane(the cane is either staked into the ground or part of a buried support platform.) that the performer sits of. They have to be light for it to work, and the draped clothing that they wear hides the platform as well as the attaching arm to the cane.