468 – Hero Soup: 05


The New Jersey Cosmetology and Hairstyling Board felt that women’s genitals had long enough escaped their inspection, and created a proposition to ban the “Brazilian,” the waxing technique made popular in both Sex in the City, and porn the world over. (For both the guys out there who still don’t know what I’m talking about, it means removing all of a woman’s pubic hair for that “baby fresh,” ten-year-old feeling.)

Two women, (of the apparently millions who have the procedure done) had complications and infections from improper Brazilianing. Despite this staggering statistic, Consumer Affairs Director David Szuchman announced that he would not support the proposal, and since he oversees the board, that in essence, was that. Presumably the defeated board members all went home grumpy, thinking only of all the bare vaginas that had slipped through their fingers.

Now I can’t stop thinking about it too.

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  1. Is it me, or does the…erm…female arcanist (or in street terms, the “hot chick in robes”) an insertion of ma’am Lena?

    Cause if it is…dang…

    On topic…so you’re going to ban an entire style of depilation because it was done improperly? So…erm, when are the razors gonna be shaved? They get ya nicks and cuts, they’re hundreds of times more dangerous than badly-done Brazilian (waxes)…

    Dang, now I can’t stop thinking about a local ad for T-Mobile.

    “Brazilian Wax….NICE!!!”

  2. Uh, Oscar? Have you read any of the “Sword Of Truth” books? That would be the Mother Confessor, Kahlan, unless I miss my guess, making the guy with the sword Richard Rahl (the Seeker), and the male arcanist the wizard Zed… And whether Kevin based the drawing on Lena or not, it’s a pretty fair representation of how she looked in the godsawful tv show (even though the books said she was a redhead if I remember correctly).
    Although, I have to agree, if that’s based on Lena, then I’m suddenly mighty envious of our good Lord Kevin…

    @Kevin: Wow… Scary crossover potential… Would her power even work on Enkidu? I mean… You have to be -able- to actually love to be affected, don’t you?

  3. Oh, wow. I only just realized how rude that came out sounding. Oscar, I apologize. I truly didn’t mean to come off sounding so condescending.

  4. @Oscar & Misha: We actually have had a representation of Lena in the comic before, though it was a while ago. That was Samantha, the warrior Bunker found and fell in love with on the Salt Wind back when it still belonged to the pirates. She did die… But that was just because Lena was making me wash dishes.

  5. The chick in today’s comic can’t possibly be based on Lena – Lena has much bigger boobies. 😛

  6. Ah, Sword of Truth, knew those folks seemed familiar….

    Now, just curious here, but do most folks here agree that the SoT books follow the general pattern of movie sequels? Which is to say, the first was awesome, the second not quite as good, and each following progressively worse?
    I don’t recall how far into the series I read, not sure I want to remember. I just recall whatever the last one I read was, was actaully pretty bad…. clunky plot, forgetable charecters, and so much deus ex machina it hurt.

  7. Oh, yeah. I barely finished book two, never could finish number three. Can’t even remember the -name- of the third book, I disliked it so thoroughly.

  8. @Misha: I can be far more condescending. So I definitely let that pass. And no, I barely see any fantasy novels, so it’s more than expected that I don’t get the reference on the first try.

    So…if Sam = Lena, does that mean Kev = either Bunker or Enkidu? I dunno, can’t be the DM, probably not Martin, Morty is pure comic relief, so it must be either the one that got hooked with the inserted webmistress or the guy who just happens to get the most of luck.

    That, or the guy with the fancy Panama Hat…

  9. @Oscar:

    You know, I don’t even know who who Kevin would be. If I had to guess, I would say a little bit of all of them. Maybe a 50/50 split between Bunker/Martin. Although, when the new book comes out soon, you will definitely be able to tell who he is in the bonus material.

  10. Um… Are we really auctioning off Kevin’s identity? Is it still “Identity Theft” if you buy it at auction?
    $5, over here…!

  11. The third sword of truth book is ( I believe ) The stone of tears. It was the only one that I read.

    I was a wheel of time fan and that book annoyed me a lot. If it was much closer then it would just be paraphrasing the wheel of time. Oh, I forgot, paraphrasing with more violence, much more sex and darker.