466 – Hero Soup: 03


There is a company called Walker’s Snack Foods that makes a potato chip based on a type of Brunswick stew popular in British restaurants and some more… woodsy… U.S. states that contains the meat of gray squirrels. The chips are known as Cajun Squirrel and apparently are meant to taste like… well… squirrels. (I swear I am not making any judgements here. People have been eating squirrels for as long as there have been people and squirrels and I see nothing wrong with any of it. It certainly doesn’t seem to have hurt their population any.)

The curiosity in all of this is that apparently the squirrel flavored chips are exceedingly popular with real squirrels, who, one would assume, do not see the irony. Of even greater interest is exactly what would prompt Nigel and Camilla Cullum of county Buckinghamshire to feed squirrel flavored chips to actual squirrels, when the Cullums probably do see the irony.

Ah, who am I kidding? I’d have done it too.

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  1. Beware the Cannibal Squirrels! Um, wait, what? (-: Yep, cannibal squirrels. Wow. Oughta be a band name…

  2. Walkers Cajun Squirrel (and all the other novelty flavours) are suitable for vegetarians so no need to worry. No squirrel at all.

    However I did go to school with a girl who’d share her chicken sandwiches with the ducks.

  3. Although you’d kind of hope that the ducks were concentrating on the bread part of the equation. That or the next remake of The Birds knows where to go for if it needs Sinister Ducks.

    Was it just the chicken she shared, or is that just the funniest you recall? Or was it like a friend who had corned beef sandwiches every school day for his entire life, not something that would endear you to corned beef, or your family in general I’d guess…

  4. OK yesterday we’re murdering bats, today we’re eating squirrels (and turning them to cannibalism), what is this, Animal Cruelty Week?

    That pelican got off lightly!

  5. If anyone’s interested I can russle up a recipe for Vermont Squirrel Pot Pie. Ya’know, just in case… anyone’s… um… interested.

  6. Everyone knows you get mad cow disease from exposure to deadly canisters of bioweapons engineered by Starkwood in Sangala.

  7. Massive giggle.
    I’ve had a player crit miss and kill his party member… then ask how much XP he got for it.

    The XP for villagers line killed me.

  8. “The XP for villagers line killed me.”

    So … how many XP does Kevin get for killing Rieve? XD