463 – Bringing the Hurt: 10


Bonus movie week! This video was sent to me from Carl T, a reader of HOLE and a frequentΒ commenter. All bow before hisΒ ingenuityΒ and firepower.

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  1. Wait. I’m confused. Was the cat at the end BEFORE you shot the ping pong balls at it? Or was the cat at the beginning and I just didn’t see it because he ran away too fast.


    Neat video. Although, I’d have a hard time only aiming at a sheet. I bet the cat won’t go near that room.

    Great gun.

    …and as for the strip. I am SO seeing some obscure pelican curse in their future.

  2. Check Zobbie’s speech patterns. We’re already seeing the “curse”. That was one well-spoken bird.

    @Kevin: Did Zobbie really mean he intends to take a brief, post-repast -sleepwalk-? That’s going to be fun on a ship, especially a flying one.

  3. Well, the video is no longer available at the time I post this, however it could be one of those YouTube UK censorship things.

    It looks like eating them is good for you: it puts feathers on your chest.


  4. if that’s the extent of the curse i’d say he got off lucky. we all know what happened to the “ancient mariner”. one after one by the star dogged moon……

  5. Hi


    Anyone that would say, “post-repast,” instead of, “after-dinner,” would know that the right word is, “postprandial.” Also, “dormancy,” is probably not what you were looking for. “Siesta,” is more appropriate, bearing both the connotations of, “brief,” and, “dormancy,” and appears to be suitably polysyllabic.

    So, perhaps “Postprandial siesta,” instead of “brief post-repast dormancy,” maybe?

    Other than that, pure gold!

    P.S. Check out the Visual Thesaurus at http://www.visualthesaurus.com/ for an adventure in finding synonyms. It groups words spatially for similar meanings.


  6. I never got such an eloquent curse from my DM’s… But then he’s an NPC so they always get the fun curses.

    The BFPPG was built in response to the escalating Nerf war going on at work. I took it in and set it up in a storage area and then challenged everyone to a lunchtime battle. Everyone ~grin~

    200 ping pong balls later, they gave up.

    What you don’t see is the five gallon hopper below the gun mounted to the rolling base. hehehe.

    @Kevin Many thanks for posting the vid.

  7. @Gagglenash: Thanks for keeping me honest! I can always count on the readers here for their brains and patience. (Sorry your post took a few minutes to pop up, the links always hang them.)

    @Rieve: Happy to give props where due.

  8. BFPPG. Oh my Lords. Can you make one for me? That’s awesome!

    @Kevin: Aw. The sleepwalking would’ve been fun… (Having done just that, I can say for certain… It gets interesting waking up looking down at the ship’s wake… I still don’t know how no one saw me do that, either.)

    @Lena: (-: Just wait ’til the full moon, when he turns into a pelican… πŸ™‚

    (Hoping to give the GM ideas…)

  9. AND Kevin posted my video on a Friday comic so it’ll be front and center ALL weekend. Muahahaaaa

    I tried to keep the construction cost down by just using stuff I had laying around, but pipes and fittings add up slowly. The fun part was buying 4 gross of ping pong balls to feed the beast. I found them on (sings) eeeeeeee-bayyyyyyy!!!

    Time to build it is hard to judge. The idea struck me several months ago when I was tearing apart a broken vacuum cleaner. The doodles started and the final gun looks nothing like them. Actual in shop time, I’m estimating 4-5 days.

    There is a lot more duct tape on it than I would like, I consider it a test build.

    @Kevin I love the continual edits and updates to Zobbie’s speech. Luckily it WASN’T a seagull, or all he would be able to say is … ‘Mine, mine? MINE!’

  10. Apparently it’s harder than I thought to write dialog for someone with a better vocabulary than mine. However, I reserve the right to occasionally make up words for Zobbie when the need arises!

  11. Awww come on guys, let’s all chip in to buy Kevin a thesaurus!

    (* that’s a book of words meaning the same as other words)

  12. Hi

    I’m sure that your wordular termification will be incontemplably buttckickular!

    Oh – and… uhhh… what’s another word for Thesaurus??

  13. Sorry for the late post, Kevin… I fall into comas at odd…. What am I doing? Okay…

    FREAKING cool Ping Pong Gun! Now to market it, eh? “Be the first on your block to take down 2nd graders walking in your yard!” I can just see some guy’s front door opening ever so slowly and suddenly “tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat!!” Victory over those damn grass killing 2nd graders!

    And now you know way I write dialog for stoners, Kevin… intelligent writing is, like, really hard!