15 Responses to 453 – Recap: 10

  1. “Merlin’s ampallang!”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA… What makes it even funnier is wondering how many people will even know what an ampallang is, without looking it up!

  2. Ampallang… hmmm… a Canadian guitar amplifier perhaps?

    “So all the children could get high in peace….” And that’s what it’s all about…

  3. Call me naive, but I’m pretty sure Alan Moore wouldn’t have given that game his blessing..!

  4. “Merlin’s Ampallang,” eh? Makes me think that if he was badass enough to have one of those, we chose the wrong person for the job of Once and Future King…

  5. You think an ampallang is bad, look up something called a “Jacob’s Ladder” or “Frenum Ladder”. That is disturbing.

  6. *I* know what an ampallang is. I’ve even considered getting one.

    Sheesh, people, where you been? UTAH?


  7. You know, now that I think about it… Merlin seems more of the Prince Albert type. He seems like he would be well suited to keep it from catching on anything.

  8. I did not know.. Now i know both..

    And now i have strange smile because they looked funny..


  9. I think it is funny that not one person commented on the Watchmen Video Link. Apparently Martin’s catch phrase was too overpowering. LOL.