452 – Recap: 9



When workmen in Shoreditch London found a strange looking device under a manhole cover, the decided that discretion was the better part of valor and called the police. The coppers came, bringing the bomb squad and evacuating the block as they explored the tense situation. The nearby Windmill Pub, in the mostΒ horrifyingΒ of consequences, had to be closed down for nearly 45 minutes, as drunks waited a block over, eagerly anticipating returning to their beers.

Explosive experts immediately recognized the device, as an older model armament… the once infamous Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. Fortunately for all concerned, the pin remained safely ensconced within the Holy Hand Grenade, and no one present, being naughty in the sight of the Lord, did snuff it.

Just to be on the safe side, Captain Barkham of the London Bomb Squad, counted to five instead of three when he removed the device.

16 Responses to 452 – Recap: 9

  1. Is it horrible that I want to make ten thousand more replicas, make one of them an actual bomb, and plant them all over the UK now?

  2. oh my god thats hilarious just for that im gonna have to pull my dvd off the rack and watch it again.i used to be a member of the s.c.a.(society for creative anachronisms) and we did an event totally dedicated to holy grail complete with cocanut shells it was a great event

  3. @Sorceress Kira: That was WAY too freakin’ funny. And yes, while they were all great, the “late entry” just about killed me.

  4. Haha. Especially the head slides at the beginning, right? Oh, that bit set me off. I didn’t stop laughing until the awards cerimony. And then Darth Vader comment set me off again.

    Anyway, my pleasure. It was just tooo good not to share.