451 – Recap: 8



Michael Jackson sold 750,000 tickets in London for fifty shows in his “This is It” tour. This was, one supposes, to have been… well… “it.” The concerts were touted as Jackson’s final farewell concerts, and we were never to see his alien countenance on stage again.

That’s what 750,000 people thought, anyway.

But in a recent interview, AEG Live President and CEO Randy Phillips announced that Jackson might be doing “final” concerts elsewhere. Now I don’t really care, it’s been a looooooooong time since I was a fan, but it does remind me of the joke about the Sufi master trying to predict the exact moment of his death.

“Young man, come closer, for these are my final words… no, wait. here now, these are my final words. No, these are my final words…”

9 Responses to 451 – Recap: 8

  1. Hmm, so the GM is going to roll a die to determine what level they are?

    *dibs on the d100*


  2. Mountain Dew will most certainly rot your eardrums, brain, or teeth. It is such a great and versatile drink! It is not a complete day if I don’t have at least one can!

    Do the Dew, man… oh, nice Glinda too!

  3. @JELLYBEANS: Sorry, dude. I’ve got enough story lines written out for ten more years of this crap!

    @Byron: Thanks! There was exhaustive research involved. Seriously. I found out WAY more about that dress than I ever wanted to know.

  4. bands and musicians have been doing that for ages. How many farewell concerts have Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones done?