450 – Recap: 7


A new study byΒ Timothy Salthouse and theΒ Salthouse Cognitive Aging LabΒ has shown that a normal person’s mental abilities peak at age 22, and then begin to deteriorate at age 27. Apparently previous tests were biased towards middle-agers, and thus inaccurately showed our mental decline much later in life. Brain training can increase mental agility, though not as effectively as physical exercise.Β 

The funny thing to me is, I can clearly remember just how stupid I was at age 22. My brain may have been moving faster, but all it was thinking about was girls, so the added efficiencies were of dubious value. Added to that is the fact that I am now about a bozillion times happier with myself and my life now than I was back then, even if I can’t do pull-ups any more.

I wonder if the Salthouse scientists have any data on whether people are any happier with their big ol’ brain power? Somehow I’m betting Timothy Salthouse is too old to have thought to ask.

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  1. Oh sure, NOW that you GOT the girl you’re all like, “yea, thinking about girls was/is a total waste of my mental prowess.”

    See? That is exactly the kind of thing that a guy with the twenty-two year old brain wouldn’t be doing cause that guy understood that there is NOTHING more important then girls.

    You’re getting lazy man. Don’t your realize that if you hadn’t spent all that time on the girl question you’d be all alone right now and THEN where would all your happiness be? Hmmm?

    Just remember, another study has shown that men tend to be much more content in long term relationships then women. Start going down the mentality that women are no longer worth the time of devoting every spare minute to thinking about and off she’ll go, to the only guys that appreciate her.

    The twenty-two year olds. πŸ˜›

    • Intelligence, logically, Precludes happiness.

      Only those that can’t understand how deep the pile of $#1+ they’re in can be happy. Intelligent Folks, often cursed with curosity as well, eventually discern the difference between the lies of Hollywood and the facts of how life works.

  2. Hmm, my thought when this recap thing started was ‘how biased is this?’. In fact, I have had a player come in the middle of a campaign and the players fill them in with what has happened so far.

    It is really worth letting the players do a recap occasionally, just so you can see what /they/ think the whole story is about.

    In my experience, items which I threw in for colour, suddenly take centre position in the recollections of the PCs, plot points are completely missed, stories which are irrelevant to the plot are included just because they are funny, information that is vital to the mission is thrown by the wayside along with the names of NPCs.

    I suppose it is all part of being a player, but it can be quite disheartening for the GM, which is why when I am playing I try to keep good notes of things which happen, who we are talking to, plot points, thing to investigate, and so on.

    But then, that is just me. I have alot of bits of paper with random notes, scraps or maps, and strange names.


  3. @Toma02: I spend way more time on my girl now than I did back then, but I do spend WAY less time than I used to “chasing girls.” I’ll leave it to Lena to decide whether or not I’m lazy in my marriage.

    @Goshen: Intelligence is more like a shovel. It’s just a tool. It’s what you create with it that’s the thing.

    @Alan: I write recaps for my players after every session, reminding them what they did last time and highlighting the bits that actually were important. I’m sure if they would read them it would work really well…

  4. @Toma02 Kevin is definitely NOT lazy in our marriage. I can’t believe I found someone who caters to me as much as he does. He says he thinks I do more for him – but I think he does more for me. I’m spoiled rotten. I remember my ex boyfriends words very clearly – “You’ll never find anyone else who will be willing to put up with you but me.” So glad he was a giant wrong-head.

  5. Ah, so he IS spending all his time thinking about women then, or rather *A* woman (same difference). All is well with the world then. πŸ™‚