449 – Recap: 6


I’ve started using the elliptical in the mornings before breakfast in an attempt to begin shedding a few pounds. (For wildly radical definitions of the word “few.”) I’m starting with ten minutes a day, and gradually increasing, then adding in some more exercises. Anyway, the first day I flipped on the TV while I pedaled and Good Morning America was on. Since the whole experience was timed and I had a running clock right in front of me I compared commercial time to non-commercial time during my exercise.Β 

For the ten minutes I was going, there were eight minutes and twenty seconds of commercials, leaving one minute forty seconds of Good Morning America. (I saw a segment calledΒ Recessionista Fashion, telling women what styles were going to be hot during the economic catastrophe.) 1-800-ASK-DAVE was on air two minutes and fifteen seconds during the same period.

The next day was a little better, with two minutes and twenty five seconds of Good Morning America during my ten minute, 1.7 mile trip. After that I switched to FOX and watched a little bit of Daredevil, and the ratio was almost exactly reversed. Guess it just cost less to air. It was certainly more interesting.

8 Responses to 449 – Recap: 6

  1. Imagine how much exercise you’d get in if you didn’t own a DVR and did something (crunches, push-ups, jumping jacks, run in place, whatever) during every commercial break…….hmmmmm I wonder if I can sell that idea on an infomercial.

  2. That’d be great! A machine that flipped the picture and sound off of your TV and replaced it with a drill sergeant screaming “Get off your fat ass and give me twenty, maggot!”

    Oh we’re partners now.

  3. I still think the best way to go is to hook up a stationary bike to a generator that powers the TV.

  4. @Ron – LOL, my fourth grade science teacher did exactly that. This was a loooong time ago before such things were “fashionable” – he was just one of those “off the grid” types back in the 70’s. He ran his heat/appliances off propane and the TV was hooked to a bike. If the kids wanted to watch TV, they had to peddle. He loved it – the kids, not so much. =)

    @SQLguru – the trainers on “The Biggest Loser” (yes, I admit it, I’m a big fan of that show) actually do that. They have little trainer tips and one of them is to do jumping jacks during commercials while watching the show.

  5. I get LOTS of exercise during commercial breaks… that’s when I get up to get something to eat and/or drink. I must burn, oh, 10 calories an hour. Incredible!

  6. whew that was alot of reading to catch up but im finally done. now i know exactly whats going on (was it just me or did ulrica look like brittany?)