5 Responses to 444 – Recap: 1

  1. I watched that on Newgrounds a week ago. Would have mentioned it if you had talked about the film before now.

    I wasn’t sure how you felt about the Watchmen. The novel is great and I LOVED The movie. Really true to the book. Could watch it again. My mom liked it too (I decided she should watch it) she liked the twistyness of the plot, the character study of a group of deeply flawed heroes and the full frontal, blue nudity.

    Yea… she didn’t have to tell me that last part. I hadn’t been planning on asking. :/

    Also, the cartoon is fantastic. This is so exactly how they would have been neutered if mainstream cartooning had come after them instead of the superfriends. The Rorschach doppleganger was somewhat painful for me too look at though. I’M NUTTY??? Why would they do that to you. Oh, the inhumanity! *sobs*

    Edit: My God, Mr Green has really grown since I last posted. O_O

  2. 1st Lvl 1 adventurer: I need to level up quick
    2nd Lvl 1 adventurer: I know, I am bored with killing rats and bandits
    1st Lvl 1 adventurer: I heard that there was an invading force from Somewhereacity, why don’t we go and help with the defence? I am sure that there will be some XP in that.
    2nd Lvl 1 adventurer: I have a better idea, let us kill the KING of Somewhereacity. There will be more XP there than we know how to level up with, plus that will stop the orders behind the attack.
    1st Lvl 1 adventurer: Hmm, but won’t there be a load of guards and stuff?
    2nd Lvl 1 adventurer: Not a problem, with the XP and items that we get from killing the king, we will be able to fight our way out.
    1st Lvl 1 adventurer: We will solve that problem when we come to it.
    2nd Lvl 1 adventurer: Can’t argue with that.