442 – Epilogue: 4


I popped the question to Lena one afternoon in Gainesville over frozen yogurts. (“Popped” may not be exactly the right word — she knew it was coming — but that was when I did the one-knee/ring thing.) I had run out to the TCBY and asked the girls there to hide Lena’s ring in the bottom of her cup. They were very excited about it. I brought it home and we sat on the sofa chatting about going to Disneyworld and quietly eating our frozen yogurts. As she reached the bottom, Lena screwed her face into a grimace and said, “What the hell is this crap in my yogurt?” Later came the knee and the happy tears and lots and lots of sex.

So it was with much amusement that I read about Reed Harris and Kaitlin Whipple, a couple from New Mexico who found themselves sharing similar, if not identical circumstances.

Reed took Kate and a couple of other friends to Wendy’s for frosties. (If you don’t know, Wendy’s is a burger joint that sells a thick ice cream milk shake called a frosty. It’s thick enough that you have to eat it with a spoon — your brain would implode if you tried to move it up a straw.) Reed had the person who prepared the shake hide his engagement ring to Kate in her frosty. The other couple knew what Reed was up to, and the excitement around the table to uncover the ring was so high that they all three challenged the unsuspecting Kate to a frosty-eating contest. Kate won hands-down, slurping her shake in record time.

Everyone waited, then stared, then started checking their own cups… all to no avail. The trip ended in the emergency room, with a keepsake X-Ray that the happy couple will undoubtedly want to show to their children. 

With a steady diet of lots of fiber and plenty of prune juice, Kate pooped out her ring soon after. 

What’s the hell is this crap in my frosty? That’s your ring dear. Congratulations.

10 Responses to 442 – Epilogue: 4

  1. Wow!!!

    Congratulations to you both! 🙂 May you be at least as happy after the event as you are now 🙂

  2. That was an episode on 2 & 1/2 Men this week (pooping an engagement ring out).

    My engagement story is a bit backwards of yours and includes no food… we were having the lots and lots of sex when I just asked the question. She said yes and without missing a beat I replied “I suppose this means I have to buy you a ring now…” I was a struggling video producer in those days and didn’t have $10 to my name. Needless to say, she did get a ring and a few years later I made up for it by getting her a really nice ring. Everything worked out it seems as 27 years later we’re still married (though we do ask why sometimes! 🙂 )

  3. It brings a feeling of joy into my heart every time I read myself in a comic. I just wonder if you think about me as you write it or if it has become so ingrained at this point that you don’t even notice it? 😀

  4. @Byron: That is the first time I think I have ever seen you mention your wife! I had kinda decided you were divorced. Glad I was wrong, and Big Gratz on the 27 years!

    @Tonya: I think of you and Ro every time. 🙂

  5. Ha. From abandonment (Sad Face…although I’m sure that Martin will run through lots of Fleece’s sisters, also Fleece, until he finds one that’s PERFECT… 😀 ) to a proposal! Congrats, guys!

    And let this be a lesson to all of us…sometimes the crap in your ice cream IS a hair or a chopped nut. And sometimes it’s the key to the rest of your life. 😀


  6. lol too funny beautiful girl going for power and money.congrats on the proposal my wife and i have been married 15 years now , we have 3 beautiful daughters and i wouldnt change a thing.it was her that asked me to get married and she did it when she knew i would be most vulnerable to saying yes,we were in the middle of having sex (what was i gonna say no?) so i guess that it was kinda conniving on her part but we’re still together and happy. hope you have many more happy years together.

  7. Sex isn’t always the best time to expect a happy answer. I broke up with my last girlfriend right after sex, when she asked why I never told her I loved her and my only response was “Cause I don’t.” Funny story, I later married her best friend. And we’re perfectly happy. We didn’t have any big engagement hooplah, we were just in bed one night and she said, “So I guess we should get married,” and I said, “Yeah, I don’t see it going an other way.” Fairly casual, but that’s why we get along so well.