439 – Epilogue: 1



This is my first go making a strip with Magiq, a new and pretentiously spelled comic program. There are some things I like, and others I really don’t. We’ll see how it works out.

Okay, in between this paragraph and the last I’ve had to remake the strip, because Magiq exports the image file with the same name and extension as the program file, overwriting it and then being unable to open the image it’s just made. That’s a bad design.

Not that any of this should mean anything to you, the worst case is that I keep on the way I’ve been doing things, and that’s no problem. I still have 29 days of demo left and if I can get used enough to the dumb things be able to better appreciate the smart ones, then great. If not…? No real harm done, I suppose.

4 Responses to 439 – Epilogue: 1

  1. Sounds like the program comes through the Redmond School of Design. If so, there’s probably some way to change the output name, although it will be well hidden.

  2. Didn’t the GM learn anything from his last NPC arc?

    Looks ike another few minutes of player boredom. :/