Comic #283.

Why is it that the size of the television set you want is in inverse proportion to your ability to pay for it? I mean, is a 65″ screen too much to ask for? Apparently so. Tell you what, I’ll put it on my Amazon Wish List and if somebody gets me one, I’ll draw a picture of their dog. Deal?

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  1. I don’t know about a 65″ but I’m reminded of a post Howard Taylor (creator of “Schlock Mercenary”) wrote about a similar situation. He made a careful cost/benefit analyses and realized that he simply couldn’t afford to *NOT* buy a nice, big screen TV.

    He got a “Vizio 50β€³ plasma, set me back $890 + $80 service plan + tax at Sam’s Club in Provo, Utah. I wall-mounted it at a slight angle”.

    If it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for you. Read the full post at this link.

    Hope this helps you in your quest for a big screen TV. I may not be able to buy one for you but using Howard’s arguments you might just be able to convince Lena that an off brand 50″ plasma for under a thousand bucks might just be the best purchase you would possibly make. πŸ™‚

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      TV: There isn’t too much convincing me on the big television. We just need to save up the dollars. I want a new big ass flat screen TV so bad, I can taste it!

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  4. I’m waiting for flatscreens in the, ohhhh, 42″ and up range to fall to $200 – $300, THEN I’m buying one*. I am a very patient woman, what can I say. I was TV-less for about a year when my circa 1989 32″ died, then I bought a new flat-tube 20″. I’m a little disappointed with the size of it, but the tube televisions larger than 20″, while within my budget, are just too damn heavy to carry.

    *second-hand, if need be!

  5. No need to fix anything for me Lena. Now that I understand how your spam catcher works, I’m fine with the situation. I’m glad to have helpful things to say. Nice change up from all the complaining I do on so many other webcomics. πŸ˜›

    I tried the search box and it worked. I was also able to find other numbers easily such as 238 (which was a typo on my part) or 405. However, with other numbers, like 200, 365 or 9, it doesn’t. Still some bugs I guess. That’s fine though cause I experimented with the archives. It’s not as hard as I assumed it would be. I found the comic in under a minute of searching.

    Direct links are always useful though. The king of them is Magellan, I think. He gives a link everytime there is a storyline or character that hasn’t been around for awhile. Must take a fair bit of work to manage.