I’m trying to figure out some new fun stuff to put onto the site here for people to have and enjoy. One thing that Lena wants is a page that lists every character that has ever showed up in the strip with a blurb explaining who they are. While that sounds a lot like work, it might be an interesting project and some folks could appreciate it.

One thing that I thought might be nice is icons, both for PCs and Macs, of various people and critters from the strip, that folks could use as folder and document icons on their computers. They could come in little packs for you to download.

For D&D players I could include Character Builder files and PDFs of character sheets for the Heroes, in case anyone wanted to play them in their own games, or just look ’em over to see what they were like. (Of course those would be a kind of “snapshot” look. I wouldn’t really want to rope myself down to anything, story-wise.)

Anyway, for those of you who are into such things, I was wondering what kind of stuff you liked. Was there anything from another site that made you take notice, or do you ever care about freebies? What’s your favorite stuff?

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  1. I think the minor character idea might be a good option. The nice thing about that is, you can then use it as the foundation for a HOLE Wiki later on.

  2. Oh yeah. A HOLE wiki! That needs to go on a list.

    I think we need some devil monkey icons with some “splat” icons.

  3. All of these sound like good ideas. I vote for all of them.

    What? They’re not online yet? Get to work!

  4. A Wiki would get the readers to do much of the work needed for character IDs. I’d imagine you should check with Lena about the posibility and how much work would be needed to set one up.

  5. Awesome. Just awesome. Gotta laugh when the pc’s gotta let ’em walk or be killed by another npc.

  6. Wiki is a great idea! I’ll put that on the todo list. Maybe I need a page just for web improvement suggestions. I