As we approach the end of another story arc, the time for a new book approaches as well. Thinking in that direction I have decided what book three’s “extra feature” will be. (It was an extra short comic story in book one, and a ‘Playorc’ interview with Enkidu in the second.) This go-round I have decided to include the entire run of Killing Time, the comic I did for the student-run paper at the University of Florida, during my time in Gainesville. It’s a little less refined than H.O.L.E., but it holds up pretty well and ought to be fun for fans. I’ll put up some samples as we get closer to a print date.

‘Till next time, have a great weekend!

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  1. hey kevin im loving the story wish i could get into the archives but for some reason i cant so im kinda lost here but no biggie ill catch up soon enough.(i can read the commentary by you but i cant see the comic if that helps) i wanted to let yall know that i have a video on youtube called the greatest game ever(im not looking for a shameless plug) but i wanted you to check it out we have more coming soon as we write them look for slswitzer the greatest game ever and please let us know what you think .i think yall will like it as its about d&d.oh and im the one singing

  2. @Lord Clavdivs – I am not seeing a problem getting into the archives. I can click on the link and then click the sublinks. Could you explain the problem you are having a bit more so I can see if I can help? Thanks! Lena

  3. greetings lena the problem i was having seems to be solved now i can see the comics i will catch up as soon as i can thanks for attending to the situation promptly dont know what was wrong prolly something to do with my computer but were good now

  4. Gaaah the suspense is killing me… and is he just some random shlub thrown out there so she can slaughter them all???? I just don’t know! I hope he is tho. Maybe she’ll chop Enkidu’s dong off. Then he and Bunker can have a very interesting conversation:)