Judson King of Lawrence, Kansas has fought City Hall… and won. King, now age eleven, has been fighting the man since he was eight to win the legalization of hedgehogs in his home town. (He’s a big Sonic fan.) Maybe next young Judson should start working on legalizing pot.

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  1. I like a woman who thinks on her feet.

    I have to say that it would be difficult for Mars to think on his feet in this strip, hohoho.

  2. Hedgehogs were illegal in Lawrence, Kansas?

    People could actually be arrested for possession of a hedgehog?

    People actually had hedgehogs at some point, prompting the necessity of the law?

    The more I think I know about the world, the dumber I look.

  3. I’m not sure if the law was in response to someone’s actual hedgehog, or in anticipation of hedgehogs. In any case it had to do with the potential environmental impact of a full-scale hedgehog invasion, which apparently looks like about nothing when seen through sober eyes.

    The kid’s mom was trying to dissuade her eight-year-old son from getting a hedgehog as a pet and told him that they were illegal as her ultimate trump card. Instead she inspired him to have the law changed. My mom would just have said “Because I say so.”

    I hated that.