I listened to about fifteen seconds of right-wing radio this morning, and out of the hundred or so crazy statements made, there were a few that really jumped out at me. I thought I’d bring ’em up here, in my own vain attempt to achieve parity with the truth.

1. Acorn is under federal indictment: Acorn, an organization that seeks to equalize the disenfranchised, is not under federal indictment. A couple of temps they hired to sign up new voters cheated and made up names or copied them from phone books to get a check from Acorn. Notice here… Acorn was the organization getting cheated. However, because it involved voter registration, the felonious temps are being charged with voter registration fraud. (No fraudulent votes were cast because of this, the made up names and telephone lists were not informed of their new voting status.)

2. Acorn is receiving five billion dollars in taxpayer money from the economic stimulus package. Acorn is also not receiving five billion dollars from the economic stimulus package. The total amount of money that Acorn receives from the economic stimulus package is… zero. They aren’t even listed. Some senator was snarking that Acorn could get money because they work with the poor… which is true… because they work with the poor. Horrors!

3. The Democratic senators of California and Nevada are in cahoots to siphon off billions of stimulus funding to build a “fantasy train” between the Las Vegas strip and Disneyland. There is no train running between Vegas and Disneyland in the stimulus package. This is a fantasy itself of right-wing pundits. There is money set aside to improve railroad infrastructure. This is not the same thing.

Make no mistake, the right are hardly the only guys guilty of obfuscation and deception here, they were simply the only ones I happened to be exposed to just before I wrote this. I’d really love a flow-chart showing me who voted in the interests of the country versus the interests of their “side.” Because when consensus is needed, they are really not the same things.

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  1. I would love to see the link to the sites you got this from.
    I think the biggest problem that Both Sides have is that they want to make the other side out to be the BAD GUY.
    There is always a Big Bad Wolf at the door, for the Consevitives, its currently Acorn and OBAMAMANIA as they often refer to it.
    For the Liberals, it’s that Evil Shawn Hannitty or Rush Limbaugh.

    I think sometimes each side thinks if it can make the other side look like the bad guys then they will look better.

    I consider myself to be an Independant with more Conservative Leaning. I do not agree with one side or the other on all issues.

    One thing that Conservatives are currently doing that riles me up, is trying to find every little problem that the President “could” be responsible for. HE JUST GOT INTO OFFICE PEOPLE, let the man have a chance to do his job before you crucify him for things that are not entirely his responsibility.

    We did the same thing to Bush. Some of the issues he was crucified for lay directly on his shoulders, others should have been spread around a bit more, in my oppinion. One of which was the WAR. People, YOU DO KNOW that to official declare war on anyone is an act of CONGRESS don’t you. Bush started it, but Congress had to decide if we wanted to see things through or not.

    Well now that we have a Dem Congress and a Dem President, the “right” is trying to do the same thing by pinning things on OBAMA and he has only been in office for 2 months.

    Well thats enough of my Political Tyrade. Can someone get me a meatball.

    Spaghetti Monster Signing off.

  2. So….you have actually READ that multi-thousand page bill?

    Somehow I doubt that.

    (Even the people who VOTED for it never read it. It wasn’t even WRITTEN until about 12 hours before they voted on it…no WAY they could have read it.

  3. I am in the UK, so I haven’t heard about this issue, but I would like to point out that whoever’s fault it it, it is the Government’s fault.

    That is the case, and people with agendas will always try to punish the opposition using whatever means they can.

    Kevin, you must be a good listener if you can get all that from 15 seconds.

  4. @Mclear: Point #1: http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/acorn_accusations.html

    Point #2: http://www.factcheck.org/askfactcheck/does_the_stimulus_bill_include_a_52.html

    Point #3: http://mediamatters.org/items/200902180010

    @Elfguy: You don’t need to read all 1588 pages to find out if a specific item is or is not in the bill. This here is the computer age! Wanna see the package yourself? Download the final version at http://readthestimulus.org/ !

    @Alan: I also heard that Obama is seizing the single most important database of American citizens by forcing the Census Bureau to release it’s valuable information directly to the Whitehouse. The census information. The PUBLIC census information. Sigh.

    Good point though about it all being the government’s fault. Of course that hardly lets the rest of us off the hook since the American people are supposed to be responsible for the American government… (Though that obviously doesn’t include YOU! LOL!)

  5. I’m all up for the fantasy train. That concept transcends politics. It is more important than Dems, Rep, Cons, Lib, McCain, Obama, or even pants. If it is not in the stimulas plan, then no matter what Obama does, it will always pale in comparison to the failure of not making the fantasy train a reality. Fix health care.. whatever, fix the economy, yawn… YOU SCREWED ME OUT OF MY FANTASY TRAIN!!!!

  6. What’s the downside of the fantasy train idea? I don’t get it?

    It’s good for the economy – all the rich people in California have easy access to Vegas to spread their wealth around, eventually through trickle-down economics it will reach the strippers and showgirls, America’s lowliest and hardest workers.

    It’s good for the environment – rail links produce far fewer emissions per passenger than any other widely-used mechanised transportation.

    It’s good for employment – the building of the railways in the 19th century brought jobs, wealth and civilisation to large swathes of the country, why can’t the fantasy train project repeat this feat?

    It’s good for morale – anything with the word “fantasy” in the title is good for morale, as is anything associated with the words “Disney” and “Vegas.”

    It’s a win-win-win-win project!

  7. I think things work (or not work) IN SPITE OF whatever the government’s doing, and that they’ve never really been able to do more than nudge things in one direction or the other. The guys up in Washington, whether they have a D or an R in parentheses after their names, all seem like a bunch of blood-sucking leeches to me!

    Perhaps Obama really can institute some real change in American politics, but that requires a bit more compromise on the Democrats’ parts and a bit more cooperation on the Republicans’ parts, and I don’t see any of this happening so far. They’re all still acting like politics is some sort of NFL Football game where the score stands something like Democrats 38, Republicans 24 at the moment.

  8. As long as there’s a bar car, I’m all for it.

    And if there’s a strip-bar car I’m even MORE for it.

  9. Nice job of editing your post. It looks much better now, as opposed to when it was originally posted. I had some troubles figuring out the misconceptions vs the facts when I first read it.

  10. I’m registered Republican although I tend to think more Independant than anything else. I was astonished to hear an announcer on NPR mention that Obama hadn’t fixed much yet but was still a “relatively new President.” This was about a week after his inauguration. Any American who hopes President Obama fails to lead our country into prosperity is a fool who is just as narrow-minded as the politicians who only vote the party line. I didn’t vote for him but I’m behind our current President 100%.